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Fishing World

March 2019

Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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favourite fish

PNG black bass are at the top of many fisho's "must catch" list. WHAT makes one fish more popular than another? Is it the fight? The eating qualities? The difficulty of catching? Or maybe a combination of the above, and more. Here at Fisho we have a fair idea of what the average Aussie fisho likes to catch. Years of magazine and website statistics paint a very clear picture of your favourite species.Southern estuary favourites such as flathead, bream and mulloway are at the top of the list. In the fresh, Aussie bass have always had a strong following and natives such as Murray cod and golden perch have surged in popularity these past few years. It’s interesting how fish species come and go in popularity; maybe it’s something…

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myths of the estuaries

Catching fish in creeks, rivers and estuaries is a business shrouded in folklore, mystery, dogma and fairy tales! There’s always an expert somewhere giving you advice, social media is full of 12 year old arm chair experts and rabid greenies ready to attack you for catching a big fish, and getting accurate advice can be difficult. The following article is about some of the myths of fishing I’ve learnt over a long period of time, and how to catch fish when conditions are not in your favour. Patience, persistence and using lessons gained from previous fishing trips are the keys to "myth busting" your fishing. You can still catch good whiting in bsy waterways such as the gold Coast broadwater, jetskis and all!You will often hear that you can’t…

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new south african marine parks

IN late 2018, South Africa’s government approved 20 new marine protected areas for designation in 2019. These are made up of 18 new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and expansion of two already existing, Aliwal Shoal and Maputaland/St Lucia. This move increases the area of South Afican adjacent waters to be protected from 0.4% to 5%. The resultant new network includes seamounts, submarine canyons, volcanic pinacles and various ecosystem types on the shelf, continental margin and abyss areas. It provides the first protection for several threatened and fragile ecosystem types, including soft coral areas. 85% of South Africa’s currently defined 136 marine ecosystems will now be represented in the country’s MPA network. It’s hoped that this will contribute to fisheries sustainability, advance marine ecotourism and help maintain resilience in ecosystems…

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fish facts: cost of food

SHOULD everyone stop catching and eating fish? Those are the sorts of questions that are guaranteed to start arguments, and these sorts of arguments have become increasingly popular in some circles in recent years as human populations and global warming continue to increase. ■…

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environment: the state of the state

AH, statistics…. always interesting, often confusing. This piece was originally going to be a straight report on the recreational and charter fishing statistics outlined in the NSW DPI’s report Performance, Data and Insights 2018 on pages 48 and 49. ■…

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rspca supports ban on game fishing

(IMAGE: SCOTT MITCHELL) THE RSPCA has publicly supported a ban on game fishing following the recent weighing of a 1431 1b marlin at Hervey Bay, Queensland.Dr Mandy Patterson, a principal scientist from RSPCA Queensland, told ABC local radio the RSPCA strongly opposes game fishing on the grounds of suffering.“The RSPCA has actually had a long standing policy opposing game fishing because of the suffering that the fish go through in the hour or two they fight for their life before being pulled onboard,” said Patterson.“This is a subset of our policy which opposes the use of animals for entertainment purposes.”The RSPCA claims its stance is backed by science showing fish feel pain and distress.The RSPCA has distanced itself from opposing other forms of fishing. ■…