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(inside) interior design review

(inside) interior design review

No. 111

The premier professional journal for today's interior architects and designers in Australia, presenting the latest in cutting-edge interior projects and insightful discussions addressing the industry's most relevant topics to date. For the sophisticated and innovative designer, (inside) chronicles the ongoing conversation of design, both globally and locally, and the creative prowess that drives it forward. Our continued support of the Australian design industry through IDEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards) and its annual programme nurtures both young and established designers, boasting their work locally and overseas.

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Place has been at the forefront of mind. It’s the theme of this issue. my The lynchpin that holds all our projects together. The driver for all our featured architects and designers. Perhaps it’s front and centre because the rest of the world feels further away than ever before. Perhaps unable to look outwards, we’re turning inwards. We reflect on our identity and ask ourselves how it translates into our design. Place is a word that’s used a lot in this industry. For me, it has always been about how a project interacts with its landscape, its context, the unspoken history that defines the soil on which it was built. It transcends aesthetics and engages in a relationship with everything around it. Nothing is built in isolation. Or it shouldn’t be. This…

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STEFANIE MARKIDIS Stefanie Markidis is an arts and culture writer working in Melbourne. With a long-standing career in magazine journalism, Stefanie has written for The Melbourne Weekly, Inpress magazine and Ramona magazine, where she was the founding creative writing editor. Having recently completed a doctorate at RMIT’s College of Design and Social Context, Stefanie brings to inside an appreciation for the conceptual and creative processes of interior design and architecture. GILLIAN SERISIER Gillian Serisier is a widely published design writer specialising in the fields of interior design, architecture and art. For the past 15 Gillian has been a contributor to notable years publications, gaining a reputation for her sharp eye. She was, most recently, co-editor of inside and is currently plotting a trip to Paris to explore the eclectic world of art and…

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the mix

SHOP RAF SIMONS X KVADRAT PHOTO CASPER SEJERSEN Drawing on his innate sense of style as well as wide-ranging interests in modern art, design, music, graphics and architecture, Belgian designer Raf Simons has developed two new bold and sure-handed fabrics in his ongoing collaboration with global textile design company Kvadrat. Constructed to resemble the texture and sheen of Astrakhan, Helia is a bouclé textile with an organic, structured design that swirls across the surface in a woven interpretation of fur. While Silas achieves exceptional volume and softness through an extraordinarily complex finishing process. READ DESIGN IN ASIA: THE NEW WAVE Featuring first-hand accounts and gorgeous images, Design in Asia: The New Wave reveals the inspirations, collaborations, challenges and opportunities of 97 young designers pushing the possibilities of furniture, product and interior design in 11 countries.…

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The allure of colour is undeniable, but its wholesale use in product design is a relatively recent development. A Century of Colour in Design explores how colour has influenced furniture, fabric, lights and decorative objects from Bauhaus to Memphis in a beautifully compact anthology. Author and Sydney-based design journalist and interiors stylist David Harrison tells the stories of 250 of the century’s most notable pieces of furniture and objects. “It’s interesting just how little importance was given to the application or integration of colour into domestic objects prior to World War I,” writes Harrison. “By the late ’30s and early ’40s, colour was starting to pervade the everyday lives of millions of people.” Few objects represent that shift better than Russel Wright’s American Modern tableware. With nature-inspired names, this ceramic…

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PROJECT MIDDLE PARK PRACTICE FLACK STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHER ANSON SMART Over cheese in the library and finishes room, Flack Studio presented the design for this two-storey Edwardian family home in Melbourne. Created for two adults and two teenagers, Middle Park is a place dedicated to family, cooking and entertaining, and was designed as a forever home not just for its current inhabitants, but future generations to come. Flack Studio redesigned the floor plan to create a spacious open kitchen where the family can entertain guests. A custom leather and curved timber banquette seat with a custom designed walnut and aged brass dining table links the new floor plan with the home’s original plan. Friends of previous Flack Studio clients, Middle Park’s family requested warmth and a focus on materiality and spatial planning, alongside spaces…

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hello to ohlo

There are a few qualities that define Ohlo Studio: exploiting the magic of light, focusing on the micro and macro of the design, and ensuring the materiality and detail are engrained throughout the entire project. Yet, for director, Jen Lowe, the most potent motif is how the practice collaborates with its clients on design that works for its user – creating spaces that aim for longevity, growing with the owner. Based in Perth, Ohlo Studio’s projects are varied – from commercial projects like an Italian ‘jewellery box’ coffee shop to a Bollywood-inspired, Bombay street-side style Indian canteen. Or in its residential designs, which span beachfront, laid-back refuges and sun-bathed family homes. Across all her designs, Lowe envisions a welcoming space for her clients. For residential projects, she adds comfort, invigoration and support…