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Macworld Australia April 2016

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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I’ve loved taking pictures since I was a kid. Back when I was about nine, I received my first camera as a gift. It used film cartridges that shot 12 images per roll, used a cube flash that was good for four shots and the film had to be taken to the local chemist to be dropped off for development and collected a week later. How times have changed. The cost of photography is almost free once you get past the initial equipment layout, if you’re an amateur snapper, and pros now operate in a market where a great deal of what was handled via a deep understanding of how cameras operate is being replaced by post-production software. Although this offers lots of opportunities, my friends making a living as professionals are…

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letter of the month

MACKEEPER ANXIETY I thoroughly enjoy the magazine and read every word, although a lot of it is much too technical for an aged person (my first exposure to a computer was in 1967 – Basic and punchcards!). After years of frustration with Windows, I drew back the blinds, saw the light and, just like Adam, ‘bit the Apple’ in 2010. I upgrade every new version, and was ‘El Capitan’ as soon as it came out and before you wrote about how to install it. Now to the purpose of this letter. This month I was dismayed to read at line three on page 36 “never be tempted to install MacKeeper”. I was aghast! I have had MacKeeper for a couple of years now and have never found a problem with it. Should…

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it’s more than just the icar

It’s now clear that Apple is going into the automotive business, and why not? It’s an area that’s ripe for innovation – a whole new way of looking at safe individual transportation, and who better to do that than the world’s leading consumer technology company? It has the money, it has the smarts, it has the design genius to do something really outstanding and, like Tesla, won’t delve into the jungle of creating a dealer network. It also has shown that it never rushes to be first, but has the patience to aim for highest possible quality. Industry observers say an Apple car may not appear on sale until 2019. Besides, while iPads, iPhones and Macs will be upgraded with more processing power, better graphics, smarter cameras, more storage and stuff…

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how apple could fix the mac app store

I think the current implementation is flawed and leads to bad experiences for both developers and customers. A few simple changes – and one not-so-simple change – could make the Mac App Store the place to shop for Mac software, instead of a place where you only find apps that meet Apple’s narrow definition of what an app should be. THE SIMPLE CHANGES The following changes should be easy for Apple to implement as none involve altering the store’s operations. They are mostly policy changes rather than complex technical changes. 1. Allow demos There are no technical reasons Apple couldn’t offer demos. The company could issue a licence that expires in a given number of days or after a given number of uses. 2. Allow refunds While you can’t get refunds on software you purchase at…

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hot stuff

WHAT’S THE STORY WITH ERROR 53? BY ANTHONY CARUANA A number of iPhone users have been hit with a significant issue. It seems that iPhones that have been exposed to two conditions are being ‘bricked’ – or rendered unresponsive and unrecoverable. The two conditions that can create the Error 53 issue are running recent versions of iOS and the Touch ID sensor being ‘tampered’ with in some way. I use the word ‘tamper’ with some reservations. In all the cases I’ve read about, the affected party’s iPhone has suffered some type of damage and been repaired by an unauthorised repairer. When the screen is replaced, the button on the front face of the iPhone is disassembled or, in some cases, replaced. According to Kyle Wiens, from, independent repairers sometimes replace the fingerprint sensor or its…

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snapping the world – the world of digital photography

It’s fair to say the integration of cameras into mobile phones earlier this century completely changed the way we considered photography. My first camera took film cartridges and used a flash cube that was good for four photos. Throw in the cost of the film and having to run it down to the chemist for development and then having to wait a few days and you can see why photos were seen as such an investment in days gone by. Today, people think nothing of snapping hundreds of pictures per day as the cost of photography has fallen, in one sense, to almost zero. And modern cameras have evolved to the point where it’s possible to take good photos with almost no real understanding about how cameras work – something that…