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Macworld Australia December 2016

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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reviewing 2016 and looking forward

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen new iPhones, updates to the Apple Watch, new operating systems for Apple computers, watches, phones and tablets, and a new MacBook Pro. That’s a lot of new products for a company many pundits say is stagnating.Putting together this month’s issue of Macworld Australia has been a lot of fun. I often receive messages from readers who say we don’t cover the Mac enough. In this issue, we have a first look at the new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar – an all-new way of interacting with your Mac and controlling apps. I suspect a new Apple keyboard will hit the market in the new year with an integrated Touch Bar.We also have a long feature story delving into macOS Sierra. Although…

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staff picks

ANTHONY CARUANA I’ve jumped ship, and use an iPad Pro for a lot of my work when I’m travelling. But I don’t feel like I need one when I’m in the office with my Mac mini. MADELEINE SWAIN I do sometimes find myself reaching up… but no, ergonomically, I’m happy that it doesn’t. ALICIA PINNOCK Using an iPad for simple day-today tasks, having a touchscreen on my Mac would make the transition between the two easier! MONIQUE BLAIR I wish my Mac had a touchscreen, so that I could play ultimate sessions of Bejeweled and Fruit Ninja in my spare time. ■…

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have your say

WHERE ARE THE LAPTOPS?I am heartily sick of hearing about Apple Watches, iPhones, earphone pods, macOS, iOS and just about everything except new Mac laptops! I know that none of this is the fault of Macworld Australia, but as a publication that supposedly reports on (and I hope to) Apple about its offerings I thought you should be aware of not just my feelings, but those of a great number who depend upon Apple’s laptops.Almost every laptop model is well out of date, even the MacBook, which is also well overpriced in Australia. I read regularly of what Apple is proposing for its laptops, but the reality of it is that Apple is now resorting to what Microsoft used to do and putting a great number of its loyal supporter…

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the apple watch series 2 – almost an excellent smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 2 corrects many of the problems I had with the original model. Despite Apple talking up the first model’s sporting credentials, without an integrated GPS or the ability to go for a swim, it was never going to get the enthusiasm of anyone but those looking for the most basic activity tracking.When first released, the Apple Watch’s user interface was clunky and slow. watchOS 3 has ironed out most of the wrinkles, including what I’ve found to be a drastic improvement in battery life. watchOS 3Before getting into the hardware, I think it’s important to note watchOS 3 is a massive improvement on its predecessors. Not only does it allow applications to run on the watch directly – the first version of watchOS rendered the Apple…

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hot stuff

APPLE’S Q4 2016 RESULTS: BETTER THAN EXPECTED WITH 45.5 MILLION iPHONES SOLD, BUT REVENUE CONTINUES TO SLIDE BY CAITLIN MCGARRYBefore Apple launched its new Macs, it rescheduled its Q4 earnings report so that Macs would dominate the headlines instead of the company’s snooze-worthy (for Apple) Q4 report.The company sold 45.5 million iPhones in the fourth quarter – also its final quarter of fiscal 2016 – though that includes just two weeks of iPhone 7 sales and only the earliest signs of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe impact. The iPhone sales were better than expected: analysts had forecast 44.8 million phones shipped in Q4, which Apple handily exceeded. Apple made a US$9 billion profit off US$46.9 billion in revenue in Q4, down year-over-year from a US$11.1 billion profit off US$51.5 billion…

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macos sierra: mixing ios with os x to make a better mac

With macOS Sierra, Apple, as with previous desktop OS versions, integrates even more features that were introduced in iOS, the operating system for the company’s mobile devices. But Sierra doesn’t just add features found in iOS, it also does more to make your Mac and your iOS devices work together. Considering that, nowadays, most people’s primary computers are iOS devices, it’s fitting that macOS Sierra does more to cater to those users’ needs.Before we dive into Sierra, let’s address the main question: should you upgrade? First, you need to determine how compatible your Mac is. The older the Mac, the more likely a feature won’t work. Apple also has information on what features are available based on region and language at Checking this first may answer the upgrade question…