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Macworld Australia February 2014

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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getting into 2014

In this column last month, I looked back at 2013 and the huge year it was for Apple. This month, before pressing on with 2014, I thought I would reminisce a little about the people who shaped this magazine over the previous 12 months. In the editorial field, we sadly said goodbye to Grace Robinson, but welcomed our resident wordsmith Madeleine Swain. Tynan McCarthy has replaced Lane Delany as Macworld Australia’s business development manager, with Lane focusing upon our favourite design magazine, Desktop. And finally to the design team. Marlo Guanlao and Davin Lim, two guys who helped make the magazine a beautiful thing to read, went onto bigger things in 2013 but we have a great replacement in Monique Blair. So, onto 2014. For readers heading back to school, university or study in the…

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staff picks

Favourite piece of audio kit? DAVE BULLARD DENON AVR-3312 This powerful AV receiver is packed with features, including the ability to stream media via AirPlay and be controlled from an iOS app. JONATHAN STEWART BOWERS & WILKINS P7 Featuring sleek black looks, divine audio and comfortable, deeply padded cans, the P7 is a quality piece. MADELEINE SWAIN SENNHEISER MM70i They don’t fit that brilliantly, but these canal earphones were a gift, sound good and I use them every day. MONIQUE BLAIR HOUSE OF MARLEY ZION I really love these in-ear headphones. With earth-friendly materials and high definition 9.2mm drivers, they look and sound fantastic!…

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have your say

WHAT A PAIN! Apple TV is a pain in the neck. I don’t want, can’t access or am not a user of most of the channels on my Apple TV. There are too many American and no Australian channels. I’m desperate for channels like iView and other local streams. Fact is we only use YouTube. Even AirPlay is of little use. It’s much preferred here to connect a Mac to the television directly over HDMI, as we have done with the Mac mini — making an Apple TV superfluous. Peter FIND SOME TIME TO SET IT UP I’ve always been a huge Apple fan. I have an iPod, iPad, 2 iPhones and an Apple TV. I have installed the Find my iPhone app on my iPad and iPhones. Recently my house was broken into and among…

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hot stuff

APPLE ANNOUNCES US$10 BILLION APP STORE SALES IN 2013, US$1 BILLION IN DECEMBER ALONE Apple announced in January that App Store sales topped US$10 billion in 2013, with December alone responsible for ‘record-breaking’ revenues that exceeded US$1 billion. According to a press release issued by the company, this pushes the total amount that company has disbursed to developers to more than US$15 billion, which indicates that the App Store has generated nearly US$21.5 billion in total revenues for the tech giant since its 2008 inception. Besides exceeding the national GDP of an alarming number of countries, App Store revenues have been accelerating almost constantly. It took nearly two years to generate the first US$3.6 billion in gross revenues – a sum that the company matched, on average, in a little over four months…

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isnap: on the misty banks

The first time the Macworld Australia team have agreed on a winner, this month’s iSnap image is a standout. Sent into us from Woody Woodhouse, this beautiful picture stars the musician, woodwind tutor and small business owner’s middle child. “I took the photo at a lovely place called Two Styx, a private property just outside the New England National Park 600 kilometres north-west of Sydney and about 1400 metres above sea level,” Woody says. “My three boys and I were fishing for trout in the dam at Two Styx. It was just after sunrise and minus 7 degrees Celsius. The figure you see holding the rod is my middle son Albie. We caught and released two beautiful rainbow trout that morning.” While Albie awaited a nibbling trout to notice his baited hook, Woody…

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heading back to school

Over 40 years ago, Alice Cooper sang ’School’s Out for Summer’. Well, summer is almost over and that means that the bell has rung to start a new school year. That used to mean a school bag loaded with lots of heavy new books and preparation for a year of reading, rote learning and being told to turn to a specific page or exercise by a teacher reminiscent of Severus Snape. But, as ANTHONY CARUANA explains, times are changing. Today, the start of school means it’s time to load up your Mac or iPad with a bunch of new apps. Primary school teacher Tanya Barlow is the ICT coordinator at Warranwood Primary School, in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. When it comes to apps for students, she looks for "apps that allow students to practise…