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Macworld Australia July 2015

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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watching the clutter

You’d think with all the technology I’m surrounded by I’d be able to do a better job of being productive. The trouble is, I sometimes spend so much time looking for the technology-based solution that I may have been quicker doing this ye oldefashioned waye. I’ve been using Apple’s two latest pieces of kit – the Apple Watch and MacBook. Both are exceptionally well-made pieces of equipment. And barely a day passes when someone doesn’t randomly stop me to ask about one or the other while I’m out. What I’ve been wondering is, ‘Am I more productive than I was before?’ And I think the answer is probably not. I really like both devices, but I’m looking for more. With the MacBook, the one port idea is very elegant. But my trusty…

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staff picks

ANTHONY CARUANA The new iOS needs to be a little less about apps and more about actions. I hate having to move between apps for simple workflows like integrating Twitter, Facebook and Contacts profiles. MADELEINE SWAIN Waterproof. That’s all. That bit in Gulliver’s Travels where Jack Black went through the Bermuda Triangle and his iPhone still worked? Total lie. JAMUNA RAJ Customisable widgets! I want my screen to look pretty. MONIQUE BLAIR I want PayPass integrated into it like in the US. Maybe for a bit of fun though, a retinal scanner as well!…

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letter of the month

CRASHPLAN HAS CRASHED I am writing to let you know that the seeding service offered by Code 42’s CrashPlan cloud backup service is no longer available to its Australian and New Zealand customers. After reading your article about off-site backups etc, I decided to give the Trial version of CrashPlan a go. I was three-quarters of the way through the trial period and decided to subscribe to the Home Plan and obtain one of the seeding drives to use for my initial backup. During the trial period, I was using a local HD and not Code 42’s servers. I could not log onto my account over the weekend, as the program had been upgraded and was having problems running on Macs, so I contacted the company on Monday 25 May to subscribe and obtain…

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have your say

SCROLL BARS In reply to the heartfelt plea from Pat in the June Macworld regarding restoring the Scroll Bars… you can! In System Preferences: General: in the second paragraph is all about the Scroll Bars. This is on Yosemite, 10.10.2 From Jinty Kubale This is one of the great things about Macworld Australia – the community of users helping each other. Remember, you can all be part of that by either sharing help though your letters and emails, on our Facebook page or through our online forums at STARTING A NEW BUSINESS I am wondering if you could provide some information in regards to a specific app for iPad – if one actually exists! I am currently establishing a health services business and aim to use my iPad for all business data, accounting and appointments. I ask…

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hot stuff

APPLE MUSIC TAKES OVER FROM iTUNES AND SPOTIFY Apple’s long-awaited new streaming-music service, Apple Music, isn’t just a shot at Spotify, which has 60 million active users. The new app challenges the way people get songs from Apple itself, which has long placed a high premium on its iTunes digital download storefront and emphasised how that platform revolutionised the music industry. Apple’s new service, unveiled during the WWDC 2015 keynote, takes iTunes to the next level by making 30 million of the expansive catalogue’s songs streamable. That’s millions of songs on demand, right alongside the music you already own. You can comb through the iTunes catalogue to find tracks you like or want to save for later. Then there’s ‘For You’, a recommendation tool that serves up songs and artists based on…

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Walking along Melbourne’s Hosier Lane while celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary, Rod Petsef and his wife happened upon a young woman tagging the wall in the heart of the city at a place where street artists and their fans congregate. Petsef’s been using Macs since 1994 when he bought his first Macintosh PPC 2 MHz and he has been a Macworld Australia reader since then. “I came along two artists spray painting their patch of wall. I immediately saw the colours used in her design matched her hair. Click! The two artists showed me their sketchbooks and their designs. They told me designs don’t last long on Hosier Lane, but it was worth it.” Petsef, an American who now lives in New Zealand with his wife and children, shot a range of images,…