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Macworld Australia November 2015

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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apple 4.0

As I write this, the fourth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death has just passed. When his illness was first revealed there was great concern in the business and technology world at how Apple might persist without its, arguably, most influential founder.Clearly, the company has not just survived, but has flourished. New products, booming revenues and a burgeoning share price suggest Apple is well into a period of growth. That had me thinking: if Apple were software what version would we be on?Clearly, the Jobs/Wozniak era of the 70s and early 80s was Version 1.0. But then Jobs was out of the company and the next version of Apple was born.Apple 2.0 was not a great release. It became bloated, suffered from a lack of clear direction and was almost withdrawn…

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staff picks

ANTHONY CARUANAElectronic door locks so I can check if I’ve locked up when I go out rather than worrying about whether I remembered to lock the door. MADELEINE SWAINSome WeMo gadgets are sounding good, so I can turn off all the lights and equipment the children left on without having to get out of bed…JAMUNA RAJA GoPro camera. It’ll be a timely gift for my travels! MONIQUE BLAIRThe new Apple TV so I can test out apps on TV with tvOS! ■…

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letter of the month

GOODBYE TO MY FAVOURITE BIG CATWell it’s finally happened. After six happy years of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, I’ve finally been forced to update. I don’t consider myself someone who’s particularly resistant to change; in fact, I’m usually one of the early adopters of new technology. But I’m self-employed, and my income is directly proportionate to my productivity on the computer, so I tend to shy away from anything that may compromise that. When I hear things like ‘major upgrade’ and ‘some compatibility issues’ or, worse still, ‘a great new way of doing things’, I am more than a little hesitant to partake.My main computer is an early 2008 Mac Pro with 3GHz dual quad core processors, 32Gb of RAM and a solid-state hard drive. The computer may be…

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hot stuff

APPLE’S LEADERS PAY TRIBUTE TO STEVE JOBSMonday 5 October marked the fourth year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death. He would’ve been 60 this year.To commemorate Jobs’ life and legacy, several Apple executives, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, penned personal remembrances that were posted on AppleWeb, Cupertino’s internal news website.“He was unselfish in the face of his own mortality,” wrote Cook, recalling his last days with the iconic Apple co-founder. Cook shared how he had offered Jobs a portion of his own liver for a donor liver transplant, but Jobs refused.“Even when his outlook was bleak and he had every right to accept help, he refused, rather than put a friend’s health at risk,” Cook continued. “He put his compassion for me above his own needs, and I will never forget…

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busy bee

Larry Hermann is a regular contributor to iSnap and his submission this month, titled Busy Bee, captivated us, as spring is well and truly upon us.Hermann says, “I’ve enjoyed photography as a hobby for years, but since the iPhones have come about I’ve found I’ve always got a camera on me, so opportunities just seem to be more so for random pics. The bees I was watching as I was just walking down the street and the lovely violet colour of those flowers caught my eye. I like nature and have taken many pics of flowers and trees over the years.”The photo was shot on an iPhone 6 and wasn’t edited at all – it’s straight from the camera.“This pic is exactly as it remains on the camera roll on…

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flying high: travels with your mac

Passport. MacBook. iPhone. iPad. If you’re anything like me, this is how your packing list begins. It could be yet another business trip, a well-earned overseas holiday or even a long weekend away. But it’s a safe bet that for Macworld Australia readers, a clutch of Apple tech is always your travelling companion.In this month’s feature, we’ve pulled together a stack of real-world tips for travelling with your Mac and assorted iDevices that’ll get you ready to roam.Now all you need to do is book your ticket…PREP YOUR TECH TRAVEL KITOne of those fancy business class or first class amenity kit bags, emptied of its moisturisers and what-nots, makes a perfectly-sized pouch for odds and ends such as USB cables, adapter plugs, SD cards and a thumb-drive.Bulkier items such as…