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Macworld Australia October 2015

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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star date: 46254.7

One of the fun things about my work is getting to play with lots of interesting gadgets. About 15 years ago, I remember reading about the house Bill Gates was building in Seattle with his then new wife Melinda.A major feature of that home was automation. When guests arrived at the house, they’d be presented with a pin that would activate various devices as they moved around the house, according to their personal preferences. At the time it was practically science fiction.Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with some home automation gear and a new app on my iPhone. In my home I’ve been using various devices from WeMo – Belkin’s new home automation product range. Being able to control lights and other devices has made it easy…

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letter of the month

COSTLY GADGETSMost of Macworld Australia I find is great reading, and I particularly enjoyed the recent article on Siri.However, the Gadget Guide seems to feature only the top end of the price range. A kickstand case for iPhone 6 at $64.99, an Adonit stylus at $129.99, and a Tabletop Radio at $449 are all highly priced. Google the products or their equivalents and you will find a range of products at a range of prices. I know you have to pay for quality, but how much?A recent purchase of a charging stand for an iPhone 4s cost me $6, including postage from China. Paid for by PayPal, delivered within five days from order, and a happy customer thank you. Not so good, a charger for my MacBook Air set me…

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hot stuff

WHAT DO ALL THE NEW APPLE PRODUCT RELEASES MEAN?A heavily refreshed Apple TV, an iPhone where the only thing that has changed is everything (except the outside!) and a completely new iPad – what does it all mean?SOFTWARE IS THE SECRET SAUCEThe various Apple execs that took the stage at Apple’s September event went to great pains to tell us about faster processors, new ways to deal with noise in high-resolution images and all sorts of other very technical details.While the speeds and feeds are interesting – it’s the software that makes it all useful.Apple announced, either loudly or subtly, no fewer than four different operating system releases. WATCH OS2Watch OS2 was released on 16 September Pacific Time (17 September in our patch of the planet).The big ticket change here…

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sunrise at blackwattle bay

“The view of Sydney from here is unfamiliar to many Sydneysiders, but is very striking,” says Zurrer. “It is a wide, uninterrupted vista crowned by Sydney Tower. On a clear morning the bay is calm like a lake and the sky is clear blue, with golden sunlight breaking up and silhouetting the skyline. I am born and bred Sydney, so I am biased, but I believe Sydney is the most photogenic city in the world. On this particular morning I felt the balance was just right, so I put my new iPhone 6 to work.”Zurrer has been a keen photographer for 30 years, finding peace and quiet behind the camera. Although he has invested in DSLR cameras and lenses, spending a lot of his time tinkering and finessing large files…

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automate your life

Star date: 46254.7. Captain Jean-Luc Picard walks into his quarters. “Lights – 35 percent, tea: Earl Grey, hot,” he says to no one. A few seconds later all of the captain’s requests are fulfilled.Welcome to the world of home automation.When Star Trek: The Next Generation was being made in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the sorts of applications and hardware that were common in that fiction were fanciful compared to what we could do at the time. Voice control, artificial intelligence, fast processors and storage – what was hard to imagine in a large computer system is almost here today and we carry it on our iPhones.So, like the original series of Star Trek that foreshadowed the mobile phone, the crew of the Enterprise D demonstrated what we’d be…

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mac gems

TRIPMODEUTILITYUS$7.99Ever since it became possible to tether a computer to a cell modem, it’s also been possible to blow through one’s monthly or service-plan limit and either run out of mobile data, be throttled to a trickle or face expensive overuse fees. TripMode is the first easy-to-use OS X utility to help with that problem.When installed, TripMode ( appears in your system menu bar and monitors for network changes in Yosemite. Whenever you join a new Wi-Fi network or connect to a Personal Hotspot, TripMode activates and blocks all system-level and application network usage. The utility was built as an access whitelist, so all network usage is blocked until you allow it.You can check boxes next to any activity you want to approve from TripMode’s drop-down menu. As new services…