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Macworld Australia October 2016

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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september song

Most iPhone releases are focused on the new features we’ll be getting, but the iPhone 7 had a very different focus. The iPhone 7 coverage was all about what was lost – the 3.5mm headphone jack. As I write this editorial, it is just over a day since the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 were announced – such are the vagaries of the print publishing business. But with all the leaks and speculation of the last few weeks, there were few surprises. As I said in an online post, there are some challenges the combination of wireless and Lightning-connected headphones will pose. Wireless headphones are not permitted on aircraft and charging your iPhone while using wired headphones isn’t possible. But, already I see at least one accessory manufacturer has…

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staff picks

ANTHONY CARUANA The iPhone looks OK, but the new Apple Watch ticks the boxes when it comes to all the first model’s shortcomings. Looks like a more compelling buy than the first model. MADELEINE SWAIN I’d love to get a new phone (the Smithsonian wants mine back), but don’t see myself with a spare $679 for an SE, never mind over $1000 for a 7. ALICIA PINNOCK The Apple Watch 2 has been developed further for more intuitive use, so I’ll definitely be clutching one soon. I don’t know if I could get over the iPhone 7 having no headphone jack! MONIQUE BLAIR Longest battery life ever in an iPhone and twice as fast as the iPhone 6 – I will definitely be camping outside the doors of Apple for the iPhone 7!…

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REVIEWS ACROSS INTERNATIONAL APP STORES I was browsing for GIS software, and on the ESRI website found a reference to Explorer for ArcGIS – Explorer for ArcGIS | ArcGIS. Following the link for download at the Mac App Store I came to Explorer for ArcGIS on the Mac App Store. This had three negative customer reviews, though the webpage states there are 33 ratings. I opened App Store, and searched unsuccessfully for QGIS. From curiosity I then searched for ‘esri arcgis’, which brought up Explorer for ArcGIS. No customer reviews! I switched to the US App Store, and found there are eight customer reviews for the current version. I tested this in the iOS iTunes App Store, and found (for ESRI ArcGIS) that the same situation applies – customer reviews in the US store are not…

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how my apple watch’s heart rate monitoring saved my life

The ‘but’ began on a Tuesday morning, after I started walking from the parking lot to the front door of my office building. I began feeling short of breath. No matter how deeply I inhaled, it felt like my lungs weren’t filling up completely. At first, the feeling just seemed odd – nothing serious, just… weird. By the time I climbed the flight of stairs to my floor, the feeling had grown worse. Along with the shortness of breath, I could feel my heart racing in my chest. Stopping to talk to a colleague on the way to my office, the mere act of speaking left me practically gasping for air. I cut the conversation short and continued to my office. Sitting still made me feel better, but not great. It was…

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hot stuff

iPHONE 7 AND 7 PLUS SHIPPED ON 16 SEPTEMBER SANS HEADPHONE JACK BY CAITLIN MCGARRY The rumours were true: Apple’s next-generation iPhones, the 7 and 7 Plus, traded the headphone jack for Lightning EarPods. What this means for you: now there’s one port instead of two. The company is including Lightning-connected EarPods with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple is also including a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter in the box to avoid causing too much outrage over supporting non-Lightning headphones, or you can buy one separately for $12. So why that lack of a jack? “It’s been with us for a really long time,” Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller said during Apple’s iPhone presentation at the September event. “It comes down to courage – courage to move on, do something new that…

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three reasons to run your own mac server

Running a server isn’t as scary as you’d think. Here are three reasons why you should consider it, too. Servers don’t need to be mysterious or scary – after all, a server is just a computer that serves up information (and/ or services) that can be accessed by other computers. Sure, it can get more complex than that, but it can also be a fairly simple and invaluable tool. I run a Mac mini server on my home network for a handful of reasons that are fairly mundane, but all of which help at least provide some peace of mind, especially when I’m not in the house. THE PORTAL One of the primary uses of my Mac mini is as a portal into my home network. When I’m away from the house, or on…