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Macworld Australia September 2017

Australian Macworld is the longest-running Mac magazine outside the USA. We bring you the latest news, reviews, help and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and everything else from Apple. Plus you'll find photography, lifestyle and the latest gadgets. It's the full package for Mac fans.

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hoping for a small mac mini revival

A funny thing happened to the Mac mini last week ( ). The single Mac model that’s the most long in the tooth surpassed 1,000 days without an update ( ). But this shouldn’t be too surprising to Mac mini fans: that update, in October 2014, was 723 days after the previous Mac mini update, in October 2012. The quad-core Mac mini released in 2012 (and discontinued in 2014) still stands as the fastest Mac mini ever made, since the 2014 models maxed out at two processor cores.What I’m saying is, the Mac mini hasn’t been loved by Apple for a long time. And yet it lingers as an active Apple product ( ), with no promise of a future update like the one Apple gave the…

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the future of the finder

This is the last installment of the Hey Apple, Fix This column, and as such, I wanted to cover one of the most important features on the Mac: the Finder. This file manager, browser, and user interface layer is the tool that people use to launch applications, work with and manage files and folders, and control pretty much everything their computer does.The early Mac was revolutionary, bringing the desktop metaphor to everyday computers. It wasn’t the first computer to use this type of interface, but it was the first one that was widely adopted. Instead of controlling a computer by typing lines of text commands, it used the WIMP interface: windows, icons, menus, and pointer. (And even before text commands, computers were controlled by punch cards, tapes, and other ways…

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with an impressive lineup of macs, it’s time to return to the desktop

The desktop is back. Okay, sure, technically the desktop never left. But over the last decade, we’ve increasingly focused on mobile devices: tablets, smartphones, even laptop computers, which make up the bulk of Apple’s—and probably other PC makers—sales ( ).But this year, one message you could have easily taken away from Apple’s WWDC keynote is that there’s still plenty of love for not just the Mac platform, but the desktop computer specifically. Having just purchased a new iMac of my own, I can personally vouch for it: sometimes, there’s no replacement for a desktop.THE FULL DESKTOP PRESSThere hasn’t been much talk since that keynote of Apple’s commitment to the Mac. It’d be hard to argue against it, given that the company not only announced revisions to an existing desktop…

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google backup and sync: works best for those already tied into google’s ecosystem

Google’s new Backup and Sync ( , 15GB free; larger storage options available for a fee) software tries to leverage Google’s existing Google Drive and Google Photos products by adding a file-backup option. It has a lot of limitations, but two key advantages. First, it’s simple. Second, it works with Google’s free storage tier and all its paid tiers for Google Drive, which is reasonably affordable ( ).Simplicity in file backups helps ensure that people actually back up their files. Nearly every day, I hear a tale of heartbreak about someone who erased photos or a drive or had a hardware failure and had made no other copy. (The best time to back up is starting right now!) I typically steer people to an online hosted backup service…

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transmit 5: file transfer utility expands support for cloud services

File-transfer programs seem like a vestige of the internet that once was. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the oldest of the internet’s standards, and it’s still in broad use. But our need to shift files around among servers we control or those run by others hasn’t decreased a bit. So many companies offer cloud-based storage and sync that you may be drowning in a multiplicity of options. For that, Panic’s updated Transmit 5 ( ) can help clear the fog away.Transmit lets you connect your Mac via several internet file-exchange protocols and to most cloud-storage services. You can copy files either to and from your Mac or between servers or services you bring up in side-by-side windows. It also offers a modestly featured synchronization option, and an…

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lifecraft: retooled mac journal app embraces cloud sync, ios support

Best known for creative Mac software like iScrapbook ( ), Labelist ( ), and PrintLife ( ), Chronos has spread its wings with Lifecraft ( ), a digital journal app that works on mobile devices as well. While not as full-featured as the excellent Day One ( ), several compelling features make Lifecraft worth a look.TELL YOUR STORYRising like a phoenix from the ashes of the company’s former Daylife app ( ), Lifecraft would be considered a “reboot” of sorts. The developer’s second crack at Mac journaling addresses grievances I had with the previous release, while enhancing the eye-catching user interface in unique ways. Lifecraft borrows what worked in the former Daylife app for Mac and adds a few compelling features like emotion tracking…