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Photo Review

June - August 2021

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.

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knowing why

It's a safe bet that if you're reading the editorial page in a photography magazine, you are, at the very least, mildly interested in the subject of picture taking. In fact, truth be told, you're likely more than mildly interested. Chances are you've been making photographs for some time now, and even though you may not think of yourself as a real, proper photographer, you do know that it's something you love to do. Also more than likely it's something you want to get better at. And therein lies the rub. Back in the days of analogue photography, 'getting better' often meant learning to master the technology itself. If you were serious about your photography, you not only had to understand the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, you needed to have…

6 min
vital ocean time

You’ve built up a strong international reputation for surfing and other coastal photography over nearly 20 years. What have you been working on lately? I’ve moved away from the regular surfing stuff to a certain extent because it’s such a flooded market. There’s an incredible amount of content out there for clients to choose from. My main surf-related work at the moment is for Coastlines, a New Zealand wetsuit brand. I’ve been working for them for five years, and they purchased The Surfboard Warehouse a couple of years ago. Normally that would involve about four international trips a year to wherever they want me to go and a handful around NZ. I travel with two or three of their team riders and a videographer for maybe a couple of weeks to get…

8 min

Trevor Paglen has long been concerned with the vast, largely invisible edifice of secrecy and surveillance erected by both governments and huge trans-national corporations. It is a concern that has shaped his work as a visual artist for the last decade and which was evident from at least as early as 2006 when he and investigative journalist Adam Clay Thompson authored Torture Taxi, a book focussed on the CIA’s clandestine “extraordinary rendition” program. ‘I had been doing this work around military secrecy in the mid 2000s,’ Trevor said. ‘And then when Edward Snowden came along, because I was good friends with Laura Poitras [the independent filmmaker whose film about Snowden, Citizenfour, won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2015], we started having a lot of conversations about the infrastructure that…

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bagging backyard birds

Last year’s AussieBirdCount – an annual event, which is held each October – was particularly well subscribed, probably because many keen photographers were prevented from travelling to distant places for vacations. Interest in bird photography has blossomed. Scientifically, this was welcomed by Australia’s leading ecologists and other scientists who have been calling for data and photographs documenting how birds are responding to climatic and environmental disturbances. This article has been prepared to help Photo Review readers participate in these important conservation initiatives. Bird photography is a genre that will challenge your shooting skills but also provide stimulus and satisfaction – and occasionally excitement. Before you get started, we recommend downloading the Ethical Birding Guidelines from the BirdLife Australia website ( It’s free and in PDF format and provides useful guidelines on…

4 min
the early riser

Every photographic journey begins in its own way. Some start with a hand me down camera from a doting parent, or after ending up as designated photographer on a gap year backpacking adventure overseas with friends.For’s Amaury Tréguer it started with an early morning training regime on the sands of Bondi back in 2011. ‘Every morning, I was waking up at 5.30am to train down the beach with a few friends,’ Amaury says. ‘I kept on being amazed by the sensational and ever-changing sunrises.’ So, he started taking pictures with his phone. ‘After a few months, I got hooked and started to move on from my phone to a compact camera and then quite rapidly I was taking a full-on SLR down the beach. I never intended to become a photographer…

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defining colours

Colour perception – and the interpretation of colour – is highly subjective. It’s affected by physiological factors like your age, whether you have some degree of colour ‘blindness’ and even how tired you are. Environmental factors that can also play a role include light levels, the presence of other colours in the area and the colour of the illuminating light. Many of these factors were considered almost a century ago in Paris, when a branch of the International Standards Organisation (which also oversees the ISO standards for measuring sensitivity) set up the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE) to standardise colour measurement. In 1931, the CIE released a colour matching system that specifies each colour on the basis of its wavelength. The CIE 1931 system specifies which combinations of light will appear to…