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Photo Review

December 2020 - February 2021

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.

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finding focus

In 2020 getting exercise has been more important than ever for maintaining good mental health. Between the fires, COVID-19 and an exceptionally turbulent year in world politics, paddling out for a wave or jumping on the push bike, have become essential activities for your editor's well being. And of course there's photography too. While I sometimes have a GoPro with me when I'm surfing, up until fairly recently the only picture-taking device that came along on bike rides was the mobile phone. The phone's fine for snapshots, but we photographers will always feel that, good as phone cameras are these days, they'll never be as satisfying as a proper camera. Some months ago I updated my bike-rack bag to something more suitable for a camera. The DSLR doesn't go on every ride…

6 min.
friends in high places

I first came across your photography when your shot of a black cockatoo with a gumnut in its claw was shared on Facebook. I found it especially beautiful and compelling. Thank you. That’s why I love taking shots of birds. Mainly because their personality comes through the photo. This is one of my most well-known and popular photos, and one of my own favourites too. I felt a connection that day like the cockatoo was posing for me. This photo is actually hanging in the Australian Embassy in the United States to remind them of back home. ‘Australian birds are especially intelligent, not only for hunting, but also communicating.’ Do you consider yourself a professional bird photographer? By profession, I’m an architect with my own business in Perth. I always had a good camera…

9 min.

‘I became a chronically truant juvenile delinquent at a very early age,’ says Greg Semu. Fortunately, an understanding art teacher noticed how excited this sometime-student became when he was given a camera. ‘They gave us black and white film and taught us how to process the negative and develop the print, all with the alchemy of chemicals, wet baths and the magic universe of darkrooms. So I would just come to school and grab a camera and a roll of film, have lunch with the boys and then leave school and just roam the streets or ride the trains and busses from west side and central districts to downtown inner city and South Auckland. Unlike most of my comrades of ethnically diverse backgrounds who stayed within their suburbanised ‘safety’ limits, I…

7 min.
eyre peninsula

Why visit South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula has plenty to attract photographers and videographers. It’s a great place for landscape photography and a birder’s delight. With unspoiled beaches, National parks and protected areas, the region also contains some fascinating landforms plus a rich Indigenous history. Foodies will be delighted to discover Eyre Peninsula's east coast is a major seafood hub that provides more than 65% of the nation's seafood. Expect to find restaurants offering green-lipped abalone, scallops, prawns, oysters and tuna for visitors to enjoy. Those interested in settler history should look out for the Mt Laura Homestead Museum in the centre of Whyalla, which provides glimpses of what life was like in the early years of the 20th century. The Whyalla Maritime Museum is also worth visiting to see the first warship ever…

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motorsport to matrimony

“Motorsport and photography are my two great passions. I was very lucky to be able to live and breathe both as a profession.” Manuel Goria arrived in Australia in 2004 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and a long standing love of fast cars and photography. Following his passion for motor sport, he began taking pictures at local car races and within a couple of years his skills had earned him a position shooting at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. By the time he celebrated a decade living in Australia he’d become a team photographer in Formula E for Dragon Racing, Renault, Venturi NIO and Techeetah. In 2016 he took out the Western Australian Sport photographer of the year. ‘How lucky was I?’ Manuel says. ‘Motorsport and photography are my two great passions.…

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evf damage

Pointing your camera directly at the sun can burn out pixels in its sensor, inflicting permanent damage. If you’re using a mirrorless camera, the screen in the EVF will also be damaged, again because pixels are destroyed. Damage to the EVF screen won’t show up in your photos, although damage to the camera’s sensor will – and it may be larger and more visible than dust spots. Dust spots can be removed but sensor damage cannot be repaired; the only solution is an expensive replacement.…