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Slam has been at the forefront of Australian skateboarding for nearly three decades and is the country’s leading and longest serving and skateboarding publication. Experience Slam Magazine on PC Desktop, Mac, iPad, iPhone and via all Android capable devices. Created by skateboarders for skateboarders.

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There are no age boundaries in skateboarding. We share our local skateparks and street spots with skateboarders of all ages. The older generation can school up younger shredders on style, technique and the do’s and don’ts in skateboarding. On the other hand, younger skaters bring a spark to each session – spurring older cats to push themselves to keep tré flipping well into their 30s, 40s and possibly 50s. In my formative years on a board, I naturally gravitated to a crew of older skateboarders who were more than a few years my senior. I was the apprentice. I learnt the ropes from a group of guys who were light years ahead of me and my skate mates from school. In hindsight, I must’ve been an irritating little shit. When I was…

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andrew allen

AUSTRALIAN BAND: The Church. AUSSIE SLANG OR SAYING: I’ve been saying “chat” kinda regularly lately. AUSTRALIAN SKATEBOARDER: Matt Mumford. He hooked me up on Legacy when I was 18. He’s a legend, an epic human and ripping skateboarder. Thanks again, Mumford! AUSTRALIAN VIDEO PART: Chima’s [Ferguson] in Propeller. PLACE THAT YOU’VE SKATED HERE: Waterloo. THING TO DO WHEN YOU’RE NOT SKATING HERE: Definitely going to the beach. I saw a grouper snorkelling last time I went to Gordons Bay. AUSTRALIAN CITY: I guess Sydney because I’ve spent the most time there. Plus it’s got the beaches. AUSTRALIAN BEACH: Bells Beach. Though I’ve never been (laughs). FAVOURITE AUSSIE BEER: Coopers green. AUSTRALIAN FOOD: A meat pie, I suppose. CREW TO TRAVEL OZ WITH: Rhino [Ryan Wilson] and Moey [Jason Morey]. MEMORY OF A TRIP IN OZ: The first time I went to…

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make your own skateboard graphic

An awe-inspiring Cons Project held recently on the Gold Coast saw a group of promising artists create their very own graphic and press the print to wood. The owner and seminal director of design at Pass~Port Skateboards, Trent Evans, offered a wealth of creative knowledge alongside legendary Aussie artists, Sonny Day and Gimiks Born. Over one weekend the creative crew of 15 participants managed to design their own graphic using many different mediums, and then transfer the unique designs to planks – one board to shred and one for their wall. I’m baffled on how they managed to bring this to fruition within 48 hours and produce such high-quality designs. The future of Australian skateboard art is in good hands. Big ups to Converse for putting on such an impressive and innovative…

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sba debacle

How long did you work at SbA and what did your job involve? Just over 10 years. I started in 2004. At the beginning it was only myself and one other person, so we did everything in-house to get SbA off the ground. As things grew it was more focused on creating and managing a team that could deliver on the various government and partner objectives. The aim was to create as many opportunities for skateboarders as possible. How difficult was it working under the umbrella of Skate Australia with a board whose background was roller skating? According to the ASC [Australian Sports Commission], an effective board has a proper understanding of, and a competence to deal with, the current and emerging issues of the business and can effectively review and…

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10 things

If you haven’t noticed, the ’90s are back in a big way. Your pants are two sizes too big, you’ve dusted off your parents’ VHS camera and your favourite skater is Sean Sheffey. Great, right? So great. But, the 2015 version of 1993 is a bit different to the real thing. I was there the first time ’round and there are a few major differences we would do well to remember. 1. THE INTERNET EXISTS NOW The Internet wasn’t around in the ’90s, or it was only for scientists or something, so we found out everything from videos and magazines. Oh, and you’d hear about stuff at the skate shop. That is, if you lived somewhere with a skate shop. It was cool because you’d get these crazy quantum leaps in skateboarding,…

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