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Slam Skateboarding 213

Slam has been at the forefront of Australian skateboarding for nearly three decades and is the country’s leading and longest serving and skateboarding publication. Experience Slam Magazine on PC Desktop, Mac, iPad, iPhone and via all Android capable devices. Created by skateboarders for skateboarders.

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Welcome to our summer edition. The heat has hit, and the southern states that were slammed by what felt like an exceedingly long winter have finally been offered some respite.In line with our pursuit to showcase the best skateboarding in each major Australian city [Sydney – Slam 210, and Melbourne – Slam 211], we’re heading north for this issue to the capital of Queensland, where it’s always warm in sunny Brisbane.I’m originally from Brissy, so I hold a special place in my heart for the city. I spent the majority of my late teenage years skating all over the CBD and a splay of spots in the outer suburbs. Red Tile plaza was the thriving hub back in those days, and the likes of Aaron Jenkin, Nick Collerson and Scotty…

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thank you brian anderson

As you are all aware by now, Brian Anderson is gay. He publicly announced his sexual orientation to the world in October 2016 via a video interview conducted by Vice Sports, which featured testimonials from some of BA’s closest colleagues and friends. The interview definitely attracted attention beyond skateboarding, but it also proved that skateboarding can unanimously congratulate and celebrate Brian’s homosexuality.I’m from Sydney, and like any Sydneysider, I’m no stranger to homosexuality. Whether you like it or not, homosexuality is a key ingredient to Sydney’s overall vibrancy, diversity and livelihood. We’re famous for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and our city rightfully celebrates and respects its homosexual residents. Along with the rest of the community, Sydney skateboarders are, for the most part, completely down with homosexuality.Although BA’s announcement…

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postcards from phnom penh

Little homie takes a seat.Fred Gall ollies in.Kong Sopheakdalin, 50-50.Ong Sakhanine.At the entrance of Wat Botum park in Phnom Penh, street vendors are barbecuing meat, frying noodles and stocking eskies with cans of beer, readying themselves for the evening’s customers. It’s a humid 32 degrees in Cambodia’s bustling capital, and motorbikes zoom past with friendly honks and splutters of smoke. Across the road, the city’s local shredders are gathering at the country’s first and only skate shop, aptly named ‘The Skateshop Phnom Penh’. It looks just like any decent board supplier in Australia, with decks hanging from the walls; trucks, wheels and hardware neatly displayed beneath the glass counter; and a flat-screen TV showing skate vids in a constant loop. The shop homies are steadily rocking up, sipping cold drinks,…

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women in skateboarding

“Having a women’s section in contests is definitely beneficial. More opportunities for women to compete, communicate and get involved with the guys as well.” – Nikki-rose Quinlan“The ladies skate scene is rad because it’s still a bit raw. You’re pretty much not going to make money from it, but we’re still out there trying to do a couple of grinds and have a good time anyways.” – Izy Mutu“Pretty much everyone is interested in female skateboarding except for skateboarding.” – April Caslick“Instead of walking up to a girl skater and saying, ‘You’re good for a girl’ [and] then expecting them to be thrilled, when realistically you gave them the shittest compliment ever, just treat them like a skateboarder.” – Kat WilliamsSkateboarding has always had an alternative culture to mainstream ‘sports’…

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EMERICA MADE CHAPTER TWO GIVEAWAY Emerica has a long history of superior skateboarding videos with befitting soundtracks and a high level of quality control. Made Chapter Two, yet again, sees the brand strengthen its cinematic legacy and push the ever-increasing bar for street skateboarding worldwide. It’s a bloody banger, and the B-sides are equally amazing – look ’em up.In celebration of the release of Made Chapter Two, we’ve got a special prize pack up for grabs. We’re giving you the chance to take home a pair of limited edition Made Chapter Two Figueroa kicks, a limited Baker x Emerica deck, plus a hoody, tee, cap, and the film on DVD. To get your hands on this glorious box of goodness, tell us in roughly 25 words or less, who has…

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brisbane skateboarding

Brisbane; Brissy; Brisvegas – whatever you want to call it – there’s something rather attractive about this big city of ours. Despite the fast-paced hustle and bustle, lack of parking and crowded spaces, I find myself inherently drawn to Queensland’s quirky concrete jungle; and free Wi-Fi.Brissy was once a mecca for Australian skateboarding, producing some of the best skateboarders, filmers and photographers; most of whom have since moved on to bigger stages, assumed a life beyond skateboarding or simply bowed out. The city boasted spots that would arouse the interests of even the most loyal interstate patriots. Red Tile, King George Square, Footbridge and Bankers were all treasured gems that are now somewhat defunct.Brisbane has not been blessed with longstanding, non-bust, uncapped plazas like our interstate counterparts. You can barely…