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It’s late February – a balmy Friday arvo in Melbourne – and a group of Alex Lawton’s closest friends are gathered around the corner from the apartment complex where he often knocks the week off swilling beers and grilling a barbecue. This afternoon isn’t much different, except that everyone in the loop has their own agenda: to surprise our new Skater of the Year. We wait until word comes through that Alex has ducked out to a convenience store down the road, and I swiftly sneak in and post up in Quade Baker’s bedroom. Soon the squad of Alex’s homies saunters down the street and gathers beneath the front balcony. As Alex emerges, cheers erupt and calls of SOTY are hurled up as I sneak out to hand over the cup…

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the skate shoe for any personality

To introduce our newest model the 255, JORDAN TAYLOR chose the not-so-subtle palette of Clear Sky and Laser Blue, with highlights of Solar Flare Orange, to reflect the unique set of characters that inhabit the far corners of his mind. Jordan finds the 255 is a go-to skate shoe that’s ready to roll right out of the box, wherever the day may take him. Featuring an updated heel fit, tongue construction and redesigned foxing tape, the 255 retains the same dependable support, durability and grip from its predecessors. The 255 is reassuringly utilitarian for whichever role you want to assume.…

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notes of a filmmaker

My journey into filmmaking began 15 years ago when my wonderful parents bought me a Panasonic 3-Chip video camcorder. From there, I got really into making skate edits and uploading them to file sharing sites. For context, this was an era when DVDs were all the rage and even the concept of YouTube would have been mind-blowing. I bought my first VX a few years later from a disgruntled wedding videographer. It was a thing of beauty and, accompanied with a big Century fisheye lens, the footage turned to gold. Everyone around me was getting really good and I really enjoyed filming, editing and working towards something grand. I soon made my first feature, a video called Positive Energy. The premiere was at Federation Square in a 300-capacity cinema, and attracted around…

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aussie faves franky villani

Place to stay while in Sydney: I’m not sure. I was never really aware of where I was at any given time [laughs]. Trick to try at Waterloo: My favourite trick is definitely the Waterloo Grind – a back 180 to fakie front crook. Australian skate brands: My favourite Australian brands are probably Pass~Port and Sunday. I ride for Sunday bearings now after we figured out some minor complications [laughs]. Australian animal: Definitely the koala. It stood out to me seeing it face-to-face. I think it might be my spirit animal [laughs]. I got a koala tattoo while I was here by Stipo [Nik Stipanovic]. But the penguin is still my favourite animal. Australian beer: Victoria Bitter was definitely the go-to beer. Australian food: Maybe the meat pies, and Gaytimes! Australian band: I’m not sure, but I think Tame Impala is from Oz.…

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alex lawton

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN FOR SLAM TO CELEBRATE THE AUSTRALIAN SOTY FOR THE YEAR GONE BY. As 2017 recedes into the rearview mirror, there’s no doubt that it was a memorable one for Australian skateboarding. With an abundance of mind-altering footage spilling forth from a whole bunch of Australian shredders, the task of crowning a single SOTY was as difficult as ever. But, in the interest of keeping Australian skateboarding free and democratic, we gave the people their say and collated the votes. The people have spoken. It’s Alex Lawton, the 28-year-old ripper from Brisbane, who came out on top. And in all fairness, you couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of SOTY this year than him. The dude dropped some crazy footage, travelled the world with his homies,…

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jack o’grady

In 2017, Jack ‘Squish’ O’Grady got his P-plates, a fake ID and a chocolate cake with his photo on it. When you’re 17 years old, it doesn’t get much better than that. But it did get better: the cake had a message written in the icing, informing him that he was now part of the Pass~Port team. “Are you sure?” he asked Trent Evans, the owner of Pass~Port. “Of course, mate,” Trent laughed. When O’Grady got his first Slam cover (Issue 216), his reaction was similarly disbelieving. “What’s that?” he asked when he was handed an iPad displaying the digital version of his cutty five-o transfer under the Slam masthead. “It’s you on the cover of Slam,” Cameron Sparkes had to tell him. To ensure this sinks in, we’ll be very clear:…