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Slam Skateboarding 221

Slam has been at the forefront of Australian skateboarding for nearly three decades and is the country’s leading and longest serving and skateboarding publication. Experience Slam Magazine on PC Desktop, Mac, iPad, iPhone and via all Android capable devices. Created by skateboarders for skateboarders.

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6 min
zion wright

How old were you the first time you came to Australia? I was thinking about that earlier. I’m pretty sure I was 16 on Kyle’s SOTY trip. Or no, I was 17 and then I came back for the Manly contest, the [Vans] Park Series they had, and I was 18 there. And then you came back for Jamie Foy’s SOTY trip too. Yeah, Jamie’s SOTY trip was my third time and this trip is my fourth time. I love it out here. It’s amazing. It’s got the beaches, the spots, the beautiful women. It’s got it all. And I heard recently that you went on a trip in the US with a bunch of Aussie Nike guys. Yeah, so Mike Sinclair organised a trip to North Carolina and he had the Aussie Nike team…

5 min
ishod wair

So you’ve been out to Australia a few times by now? Do you like it out here? Yeah, I think this is the fourth. Australia is one of my favourite places. It’s just so fucking far. It’s far as hell out here, but it’s dope, I fuck with it. Have you got a lot of friends out here by now? That one dude, Jarrad [Carlin] is sick. But he’s actually not Australian, he’s from New Zealand. And that dude Robert Pace, I met him recently. I really fuck with that dude, he’s cool. I met him in The States kinda recently. He fucks with older BMWs and shit. I think he has a 318iS but it’s built, like a race car, it’s sick. He does work with his dad, and he’s been doing…

1 min
tyrone sutherland

“Take Palmy’s consistency, add Stipo’s raw power, throw in some of Burman’s rail balance, but with a splash of ginger: then you have yourself Tyrone Sutherland – another high quality export from The Shire.”– George Kousoulis “From laying bricks to landing on them, Tyrone is always on fire. He’s a natural talent with a massive bag of tricks so he’s always a pleasure to watch. All you gotta do is get him out of his mate’s garage and you know he’s going home with a bunch of clips!”– Billy Lukins 18 YEARS OLD LIVES IN SYLVANIA NSW RIDES FOR LODOWN AND NEW BALANCE…

12 min
rvca greenhorns

As you look upon the photos throughout this feature, you’ll notice a combination of distinguished legends and young trailblazers. These young men took a nine-day coastal trip from Sydney to Brisbane, which consisted of raw skateboarding and constant shit talk, inevitably muddled with some good old-fashioned “male bonding” over a couple of beers (just for good measure). So why would these people, in particular, be chosen to collectively represent this brand? And would it even work? To give you some insight and provide the method to my madness, I encourage you to read on as I introduce you to my newest creation for RVCA Australia and explain why our recent maiden voyage has given me hope for things to come. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the centrepiece of…

1 min
bryce blows out the candles

Thirty years of Slam! That’s almost as long as I have been skating. I still recall going to the newsagent and purchasing copies of the mag when it contained skaters wearing pads and blasting off jump ramps. Over the past 30 years, I’ve shot a bunch of photos for Slam, and it’s not so much the tricks you remember, but the people. I recall shooting Bryce Golder’s first ever photo in the mag over 13 years ago. It was a hardflip for his Focus section. I haven’t seen Bryce do a hardflip for quite a while, but he’s still one of my favourite skaters. Little did we know back then that Bryce would swap sides of the lens and now be shooting photos for Slam. I was stoked to get him…

14 min
30 classic covers

At the close of 1988, the first issue of Slam hit the shelves of newsagents around Australia. To give you an idea of the times, Crocodile Dundee 2 was playing in cinemas, Bob Hawke was our beer-swilling Prime Minister and it would be another decade before people really even started using the Internet. Since 1988, Slam has published 221 issues, plus around a dozen Photo Annuals. Chima Ferguson and Jake Duncombe have earned the cover spot seven times each and Dane Burman has had eight of the bastards. Six men have taken the helm at Slam for various periods: Mike Perry, Andrew Currie (twice), Mike O’Meally, Dave Adair, Jake Frost and Trent Fahey, who’s been the editor since 2011. In looking back on the past 30 years of print, we picked…