Slam Skateboarding 222 Autumn 2019

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What does it take to win Slam Skater of the Year? All 15 of our SOTYs have been ahead of the pack in the year they respectively took the title. Cale Nuske was a technical powerhouse in 2004; Shane Cross was a prodigy who effortlessly prevailed in 2005; Shane’s best mate, Jake Duncombe, backed him up proper in 2006; Chima Ferguson was way ahead of his years in 2007; Lewis Marnell was untouchable in 2008; Andrew Brophy took the trophy in 2009 (yep, we ran that as a cover line…); Dane Burman dominated in 2010; Shane O’Neill set foot on his path to stardom in 2011; Nick Boserio reigned at lightning pace in 2012; Tommy Fynn took the win in 2013; Jack Fardell went hell for leather in 2014; Gabriel…

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geoff campbell’s decade of vx

Geoff Campbell is TM at Nike SB and one of Australian skateboarding’s most respected filmers. Geoff’s latest full-length VX production, Duncan’s @ Three, comes as part of a DVD box set that includes a whole smorgasbord of Geoff’s other videos and web archives. Altogether, the footage represents a decade of his life spent skating and hanging out with friends on the streets of Melbourne. Stacking it away Filming Duncan’s @ Three spanned a few years, 2015 to 2018, but it wasn’t like I was out there rigorously filming for it. I was always pretty busy working on Nike projects, and that became my fulltime job, so that took priority. Sometimes I might not have even taken the VX out of the house for a month. It was kind of like, if no…

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philosophical with tony alva

Tony Alva is one of skateboarding’s legends. There’s no doubt about that. But by his own admission, he was also a massive egomaniac, an alcoholic and a womaniser. At 61-years-old, Alva has been through a lot and turned some positive corners along the way. So when TA came to Sydney for the House of Vans in early 2019, we caught up for a chat about how he’s survived 50 years of skateboarding. Futuristic boards, beautiful skateparks I started at 10, riding clay wheels and a hand-shaped piece of wood with roller skate trucks on it – whatever I could get. I think I had as much fun riding that shit back in the day as I do now riding these futuristic boards and all these beautiful skateparks. That’s why I still surf and…

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win a mike lawry prize pack

One of Brisbane’s finest, Mike Lawry, just became the first Aussie to go pro for Alien Workshop through Project Distribution. Mike has been busy filming for his pro part to coincide with the release of the new wood, which was designed by OG Workshop artist and co-founder, Mike Hill. The two boards, ‘Know Tomorrow’ and ‘M.L. Awol’ have that classic early-2000s Workshop aesthetic and will be in a limited run of 50 in each graphic. They’re going to be available mid-April, coinciding with a pro-party at Parliament Skate Shop in Brissy city on April 12. We’re also giving away a big fat prize back, which includes both boards and gear from some of Mike’s sponsors at Project Distribution. To enter, mail your entry to … scrap that, scope @slamskateboarding on…

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slam awards

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jack o’grady

Our fifteenth Skater of the Year to make the grade is a 19-year-old, all-terrain-vehicle out of Sydney’s Shire, Jack O’Grady, aka, Squish. He skates flat-out with a go-for-broke attitude on every hit and huck. Every Slam SOTY before him has gone on to have a career in skateboarding, and with the way Jack O’Grady is fast-tracking his way to the top, he’s sure to join the list of legends before him and solidify his name internationally as one of Australia’s finest. I caught up with the young fella to chat about the SOTY surprise, graffing with Grant Taylor, giving Macca’s the flick for a low carb diet, his cluelessness when it comes to geography, filming for the Pass ~ Port video and doing mad doughies in his 4X4. Squish is on…