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Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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It’s a funny gig being a magazine editor in the modern world of digital. The digital world moves quickly. Emails, texts, social media messages, DM’s ... exchanging photos and words on an electric screen wearing only your underpants (or is that just me?). There’s an uncivilised element to it all, which I just detest. This issue, I was hellbent on reinventing the lost art of faceto- face conversation. And I’m glad I did. Not only did I learn a lot about myself putting this issue together, but I hope you all find these interviews intimate and sharing. This magazine isn’t a collection of Instagram posts stitched together by the time continuum we know as the internet. I spent a day with Keely Andrew and her mum, Narelle. Picking the surfing brains of…

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a surfer’s perspective

“I’d say I surf pretty differently, but it’s not always because I’m going for broke or going as big as possible when I’m freesurfing. It might be different because I’m just cruising and going fast and straight, or just working on one particular turn or body position. Obviously when freesurfing you don’t have the constraints of a clock and judges, so you’re freed up. But to be honest, I don’t get the same drive or excitement to pull off something sick, as I do when I have a contest jersey on.” – Julian Wilson…

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the family

INSTAGRAM @surfinglife TWITTER @surfinglife Craig Braithwaite I was just outta school and living across the road from the beach, and had been surfing straightsloppy- handers for about three months. I didn’t really understand what good banks were. And then one morning the swell was up, and the banks had organised themselves. I was working in a bar (hated it) at the time and had the morning shift. I surfed for three-hours, came home had breaky and couldn’t bring myself to get dressed for work. I rang work and told them my brother had an overdose and I had to be up the hospital. I went back and surfed for another two hours until I couldn’t lift my arms and was sunburned bright red. It was at that point, I knew I had a big…

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holy mountain!

“This was the third or fourth day after it started rumbling and shaking,” says Mikala Jones, of this incredible POV shot taken recently on Bali’s east coast. Not just incredible due to the stunning morning light or Mikala’s obvious clear path to glory, but incredible because front and centre sits Bali’s highest peak, Mount Agung. “This was basically the last day you could see Agung before it went cloudy for two weeks, and reports started that it might erupt.” In case you’ve been lost at sea, Mount Agung threw Australian school holiday plans into disarray in September and October when a string of 1000-tremor days prompted fears that the 3031m behemoth could blow its stack for the first time since 1963, causing authorities to immediately classify the situation as critical. When…

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mitch parko and one mad moment!

Let’s go surf under the big sand squirter boat, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Mitch Parkinson has a head full of ideas. Some are great, and some are not so great. Where his latest idea ranks, we’ll leave that up to you, our beloved viewing audience! The back-story here is Tom Tate, the little sausage-fingered Mayor of the Gold Coast who nearly always puts the almighty dollar ahead of people and the environment, is getting a little fidgety about the upcoming Commonwealth Games. To keep our beaches wide and magnificent, Tom stumped up $13.9 million and paid a Danish shipping company to dredge offshore sand, and pump it back into the inshore. Local surfers affectionately refer to the Danish vessel as the HMAS Sand Squirter. Tom is worried about beach erosion toppling…

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gold fever 24 july - 9 augest. 2020

Surfing is in the Olympics, finally. Yay! Gold medals, kids with dreams, massive credibility, huge sponsorships, government investment, worldwide coverage, global respect, a key to unlock (finally) the massive global uptake of surfing. The last vestiges of surfing’s counter-cultural past (those dole-bludging, drug-taking surfie scum!) washed away in the flood of team uniforms, podiums, teary athletes festooned with medals. The next surf boom unleashed, not just in coastal nations but landlocked ones as well, now that wavepools have become a reality. Does this prospect thrill, or chill you to the bone? Depends which side of the fence you are looking at it from, I suppose. Me? Apart from the tingly ecstasy of seeing Kelly on the podium in between Bulgarian weightlifters, I feel like I’m hog-tied and naked in the deep freeze.…