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Surfing Life #340 SURF TRAVEL

Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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This photo, or rather what this photo represents, is my holy grail. Sailing a wide open, wild ocean in search of waves. Dropping anchor here, and fishing for dinner there. The whole time, one single primary objective fuels me. Finding the perfect wave and surfing it until I can surf no more. The ocean lures me and captures my imagination like nothing else I’ve stumbled across in my 40 years of existence. My daughter asks me to walk to the beach with her all the time. We go there; she collects shells at the shoreline and walks the dunes tirelessly in search of washed up treasures to take back to the house. Mean while, I literally stand there like a lobotomised patient from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and stare…

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up ahead

Travelling offers you everything you can imagine, not all good, sometimes even bad, but always memorable. There are so many ways you could describe the high and lows of surf travel. From the time you stumbled upon your first really big score, to the time you never even took your board out of its co ver... or the time your boards didn’t even arrive. We asked Mikey Wright for his most memorable travel, both good and bad. GOOD “My best trip of recent years was a huge score at P-Pass,” Mikey remembers with fondness. P-Pass or Pohnpei is in the Caroline Islands and features a Chopes-like righthander. It’s the most rare and super fickle wave ever, where it might only break solidly and proper a couple times a year. “I was down there with Matt…

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the family

LIGHTER TOUCH Print is great; it’s tactile, indulgent and beautiful. But printing can be toxic and environmentally unfriendly. What are we doing about it? Well, we only print what we need and we are committed to reducing our print order to achieve optimal efficiency between supply and sales. We print on paper sourced from sustainable forestry, we use inks that are environmentally responsible, and we offer paper-free digital editions designed for all devices. We’re not solving the problems, we’re very much part of the problem because paper comes from trees, but we’re doing our best to minimise our impact. We think print is important because in the world of surfing, surf magazines have the credibility, authority and timelessness that no digital pixel can replace. It’s a beautiful counterbalance to the crazy digital world we…

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dusty payne’s near death wipeout

Dusty Payne is one tough, country music loving hombre. He very nearly didn’t become a pro surfer. He had his sights set on being an NFL running back. The hardest, most physically demanding position in American football. But a knee injury derailed his NFL dreams, so surfing it was. Dusty attacks the ocean with the same fearlessness he used to attack gridiron defences. He gets hit, he gets back up. He goes again. That’s who he is. And he’s been hit a lot lately. Another knee reconstruction, a back surgery, and dealing with the depression which follows being long-term injured and laid up and unable to do the things in life you love. Dusty and his younger sister Molly grew up together with Coco and Mason Ho. They were a tightknit foursome who…

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The surf industry is made up of many businesses that sell a wide range of surf goods and services, but they all sell, in the first instance, surf culture. It is due to the existence of surf culture that there is a marketplace in which surf brands are able to compete. Their individual success depends not just on their competitiveness within this ecosystem, but the health of the ecosystem itself, which ultimately depends on the appeal of, and attraction to surf culture by the general public. The main actors are the big surfwear brands, who wield influence over the direction and sustainability of the other surf businesses, largely through their domination (and in many cases, ownership) of the retail space. This is the lens through which we should be analysing the…

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portugal old world, new waves

As far as surf and travel destinations go, Portugal’s got it all. The south-westernmost country in Europe sports a wave-drenched 600 kilometres of coastline, catching the smallest of summer swells as well as getting absolutely flogged in the wintertime (think: Nazare). There are beachies and reefs and bombies and pointbreaks; spots with plenty of Croc-wearing German surf-scenesters; and many without another waxhead for miles. A few paces back from almost any beach and you’ll find some of the best – and better priced – food in all the world. Culture, history, art, great wine, cold beer and tarts, so many tarts... Portugal, a country older than most, is a relative newcomer to the surf scene, but it is one that’s dripping with enticements. For a long time, before men from Europe dared…