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Surfing Life #341 TECHNIQUE

Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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Waves, they bring our tribe together. They mystify, they exhilarate, they frustrate. They provide release, they feed our stoke, they calm and they mesmerise. They take us around the planet; we search for them and we yearn for them. As surfers, we are really nothing without them. They bring us together, for better or for worse…and in any form; they are the playful antagonists of our passion as we try to tame them. Waves started my love affair with surfing. I remember watching them as a young kid while my dad went fishing on the rock shelves around home. Captivated, I wasn’t a surfer then, but little did I know that a fascination with the ocean would eventually take me across the country of my birth and plant me halfway around the…

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up ahead

It’s a privilege to sit and chat with influential people. Sometimes they’re famous, most times they’re more knowledgeable than us, and often they give a glimpse into what’s up ahead… lines on the industry’s horizon. This issue, we caught up with Occy to find out what’s up with Wave Pools, and whether he thinks we’ll see the WSL run dual tours; in the pool and in the ocean. Wowee, wave pools, they’re all the rage at the moment aren’t they? Surf Lakes is the name of the pool I’m involved with and we’re hoping that it’s going to be the first one in Australia. Obviously it’s not the first one in the world, they’re popping up everywhere and they’ve been around for a while. I competed in my first one back in the…

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the family

QUESTION: IF YOU WERE DOOMED TO SURF ONLY ONE WAVE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Most surf mag editors start out as editorial rookies; all keen but mostly a little bit green in the art of editorial warfare. After a few years in the trenches most emerge tough, resilient, and connected leaders, and use that valuable foundation of experience to springboard themselves to bigger and better things. Look at the list of surf mag editors, it reads like a chronology of eminent Australian surf writers, Nick Carroll, Shaun Doherty, Tim Baker, Derek Reilly, Chris Binns, to name just a few. Of these, all but one served time at Surfing Life. Your newest editor, Brad Bricknell, is much like most of those before him; a fresh new foot…

2 min.

What more can be said about Mick Fanning that hasn’t already been plastered across the internet and splashed across the pages of magazines the world over? Probably not much at all…and the media coverage and outpouring of support for Australia’s most famous surfer are a true testament to the popularity of the man that was born inland, in Penrith, NSW. Mick’s career and life quickly became public property after the infamous shark incident in Jeffreys Bay; it was one of those turning points that punctuated not only his career, but also impacted his life in a big way. In many ways it was a turning point. One of those moments that put life in perspective. Not many have endured what Mick has on a personal level – the loss of two brothers, a…

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the great wa shark dilemma

By the time you read this it might seem like old news, but the ramifications round the WSL cancelling the 2018 Margaret River Pro due to safety concerns might linger on for some time to come. Discussion is still rife around whether the decision was right or wrong after two shark attacks happened on the same day, some 15km’s from the main event site. The age-old morale debate around liability and safety-first resurfaced, while others say it’s the ocean, and surfers, especially in WA, are acutely aware of how alive it is over there. And with all the safety measures already in place by the WSL (jet ski’s, drones, sonar boats et al), many are saying the event should have continued – heck, it did after a large white cruised right through the…

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when jet-skis attack

Jet-skis — are they acceptable in crowded, urban lineups? Or have they gone too far in modern day surfing. Recently, a couple of cyclones of note brought pumping swells into Queensland and Western Australia and the jet-skis swarmed. Experienced drivers, the not so experienced, people running water safety, photographers and of course a few pretenders were all involved in the mayhem. So here’s the crux of what went down. The internet lit up with keyboard warriors complaining about the jet-skis getting all the waves. Many were saying that it was only 6ft and it could have been paddled. There were guys paddling and they were complaining about not getting many, if any, waves. The funny thing is the only people who weren’t complaining were the boys being whipped in and the…