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Surfing Life #346 Waves

Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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ed’s words

There’s just something about watching an empty wave break. Deep down I think we’re all creatives, caressing the aquatic canvases we ride with our own interpretative dance. I can’t recall the number of waves I’ve mind surfed over my years of fascination with the ocean, but I do know that my imagination takes me to places I haven’t been on a wave, almost every single time. In our imagination anything is possible, and no two waves are the same. Big, small, hollow, fat, peaky, offshore or onshore, it doesn’t really matter. It just means that endless outcomes are probable; that our individual interpretation of how to tango with a wave is unique. And riding waves means different things for different people. Some ride waves for a living, while others ride waves to…

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up ahead

To say that Russell Bierke is an animal would not belittle the south coast big wave charger in any way. In fact, in big wave circles, it’s probably the ultimate compliment when considering the ticker the 21-year-old surfer has. He won the Red Bull Cape Fear Challenge at the death-defying Cape Solander at only eighteen years of age, survived a knockout at 40 ft Nazaré and joined the WSL Big Wave Tour as a rookie in 2018. He may be young and he may be the quietest wild man out there, but his track record speaks for itself. Russ Bierke is more than qualified to talk to us about what’s up ahead in big wave surfing. What does the future of big wave surfing look like? The future of big wave surfing really…

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the family

ON THE COVER: WE DIDN'T WANT ANOTHER EMPTY BARREL FOR OUR WAVES COVER THIS YEAR. Surfing allows us to interpret each wave we ride with our own particular style and approach… And we really loved how Coco Ho danced over this section with her trademark style and grace. Action, wave and light; three ingredients that combined perfectly for photographer TREVOR MORAN. SHOUT OUT Big shout out to Will Clark, winner of our subscription prize. Will was lucky enough to head off to Pitstop Hill in the Mentawais and he scored plenty of sick waves. This issue we are giving away another trip, this time to the Banyaks. Check out our last two pages for what we are giving away as a prize for this issue.…

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here’s to pego

Lee was photo editor for this mag through the ‘90s and into the early 2000s. ‘Pego’, or ‘Sultan’ as he was known, had incredible rapport with Surfing Life’s contributing photographers, and the care he took with their work was astonishing. It was Pego’s willingness to get on the phone and connect with photographers, and the genuine admiration – almost adoration – he had for these artists, that persuaded many of the world’s best surf photographers to send their work to Surfing Life ahead of other titles. Below is what a few of the best in the game posted on social media following news of his passing. Pego was never happier than putting a few carousels together for Surfing Life’s semi-regular Friday slide nights through the ‘90s. He’d spend hours beforehand, getting the…

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surfing life

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graduation day

Mark the date in your calendar: 5th of April 2019, the day Reef Heazlewood came of age. The day the surfing world finally saw what many already knew; Reef Heazlewood is the real deal. The day a young Sunshine Coast surfer graduated to the big league, and took down the world #2. But to grasp how poignant the moment really was, we need to look in the rear-view mirror for a dash of context. It was Hawaii, November 2018, and the QS warrior is doing time on the rock. It was a junky early season, plagued by cross-shore winds that sent many an aspiring pro surfer underground. But not Reef, he decided to show the world what he had, what he’d been working on for years – an air game that…