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The Art of HealingThe Art of Healing

The Art of Healing September - November 2016 (56)

The Art of Healing supports a holistic approach to wellness with a focus on the individual, and provides solutions that assists readers to lead a more responsible, conscious, and mindful life. Our aim is to deliver reliable information on how to attain and sustain optimal wellness, using the most natural means possible incorporating the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of wellbeing.

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the world’s one hope

Is oppression as old as the moss around ponds? The moss around ponds is not avoidable. Perhaps everything I see is natural, and I am sick and want to remove what cannot be removed? I have read songs of the Egyptians, of their men who built the pyramids. They complained of their loads and asked when oppression would cease. That’s four thousand years ago. Oppression, it would seem, is like the moss and unavoidable.When a child is about to be run down by a car, one pulls it on to the pavement. Not just the kindly man does that, to whom they put up monuments. Anuyone pulls the child away from the car. But here many have been run down, and many pass by and do nothing. Is that because…

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Thank you to the following people for their contributions and help in putting this issue together: Jen SchraderElise AssimJoy AimeeAlice O’Leary RandallLynn ReederDr Nirala JacobiTherese WadeBrian NunanMichelle CraineTulsi MortonPaul Majewski and to the following organisations: hhiexpo.com.aumeditationevents.com.auaustralia21.org DISCLAIMER: All material provided in this magazine should be used as a guide only. Information provided should not be construed or used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. We would suggest that a healthcare professional should be consulted before adopting any opinions or suggestions contained in this magazine. Whilst every care is taken to compile and check articles contained herein for accuracy, the Publisher, Editor, authors, their servants and agents will not be held responsible or liable for any published errors, omissions or inaccuracies, or for any consequences arising therefrom. In…

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editor’s note

Seek discipline and find your libertyIn writing this note every quarter, it is always pressing on me which issue to bring up to discuss. What issue is most important. And I guess, in and of itself, this is the issue that is at the top of the list for all of us. What to do first. What should take priority. Whether it be at work or at home … let alone what decisions to make first when it comes to opening up your computer! And I would guess that most of us decide to do a bit of each and/ or attempt to do many things at the same time – makes me tired just writing about it!So hence we are pulled from pillar to post – and back again.…

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beauty and ageing

FRANCIEN KRIEG Francien Krieg is an artist who lives in Holland. Her art is motivated by her desire to create a discussion about how convention has distorted our perception of beauty. Krieg paints mainly older women who she believes are symbols of beauty but also represent something much deeper.Francien’s fascination for the human body started when she became aware of the strangeness of her own body when she took a shower. She took a good look at herself and thought - “what a strange object is this?!” This experience stimulated her to paint her own body.“Your own body is familiar and strange at the same time. For me it is bizarre that on one hand I feel comfortable in my body, while on the other hand I have no awareness…

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five all-natural remedies for treating toothaches

Tooth aches can be an enormous pain in the "mouth". While toothaches generally will not disappear completely without receiving proper dental treatment, there are a few home remedies that can help ease your pain in the meantime. Clove OilTo treat a toothache, drip two drops of clove oil onto a cotton ball, and apply it to the throbbing tooth. Let it sit for about 10-15 seconds, and then remove the cotton ball, and re-apply as needed.Peppermint Tea BagsTo treat an aching tooth, place a peppermint tea bag in the refrigerator or freezer until cold, and then apply the cooled tea bag directly on the area in pain for 20 minutes.Salt Water CleansesTo treat an aching tooth, swish a small amount of water or saline solution in your mouth for 30…

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ancient plant knowledge used to develop medicinal compounds

KNOWLEDGE from the world’s oldest continuous culture will be used to develop medicinal compounds from plants found in the Australian outback. The Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre, jointly established by the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, will apply Aboriginal knowledge of outback plants and their traditional medicinal uses.This will complement the centre’s existing ecological strengths to help identify compounds with potential commercial application in medicine, veterinary science and agriculture.Initial research will focus on compounds that inhibit insect attacks on plant crops; veterinary products that have antibiotic, anti-parasitic and anti-cancer properties; and topical human anti-melanoma treatment.Centre Co-Director Professor Philip Weinstein from the University of Adelaide said the centre’s expertise in arid zone plant biology and ecology, its experience in screening for bioactive compounds, capabilities in chemistry and understanding…