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Tracks is Australia's leading surfing magazine. For over 40 years Tracks has tapped into the minds of cheeky grommets and grizzled gurus alike, and remains the voice of hardcore surfing in Australia today. Every month it takes you to the most exotic surfing locations, fills you in on what's happening on the pro-circuit as well as at your local beaches. Tracks is the surfer's bible.

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coming in hot

I recently travelled to the North Shore of Hawaii for a late season surf mission. No contest coverage, no chasing pro surfers around, no surfless days leg-roped to a computer and living vicariously through the surfing experiences of others. Just me, a five board quiver and the freedom to roam the island at my own leisure. Affordable accommodation was limited but after scouring the net, a room had come up at Ken Bradshaw’s rentals right on Sunset. For those of you not familiar with Ken, he is a celebrated big wave rider who is still credited with towing into one of the largest recorded waves ever ridden, at Outside Log Cabins back in 1998. Despite his Texas origins Ken remains one of the North Shore’s most mythologised figures, known for, amongst…

3 min.
marked file

Lachie Rombouts - Kirra What board would you ride to thread Kirra’s innards during a cyclone swell for the first time? A 6’0” perhaps? Maybe a 6’2” if things got serious? Not South Coast surfer Lachie Rombouts. When he hit the Princes Highway for the 12-hour trip north to intercept the TC Oma swell at the Gold Coast wave, he was packing a little more foam and fibreglass. A 10’4 Misfit Surfboards rhino chaser, and a 9’0” Keyo Surfboards Gunfish to be exact. Not exactly standard fare for 6-8-foot tubes but looking at this photo of Lachie styling through a forehand layback on his Keyo, perhaps he knows something we don’t. “It was my first time surfing solid Kirra,” recalls Lachie of the swell. “I was riding a 9’0” long, 4’ 1/2”…

5 min.

From The Vault. Ant Corrigan, 3rd Ramp Bondi, 1977. – Photo: Dave Sparkes Ant Corrigan was one of Australia’s hottest young surfers. Meanwhile Dave Sparkes (now an accomplished artist) was in the nascent phase of a career as a photographer/writer. He recalls the context vividly. “We were 15, and I shot it on a Pentax Spotmatic with a $49.95 Tamron 400mm, which I bought after mowing many lawns at $5 a pop.” Follow. @pulsesurf - Get deep in 90s surf footage! Read –A Surfer’s Guide to Property Investment By Paul Glossop Tired of being pushed out of the coastal town you grew up in? Don’t get mad get equity. Find out how to stay salty and improve the property portfolio. Not The News: Gold Coast Surfer Hospitalised After Boardie Rash Severs Testicles. It was the perfect storm. Water temps…

2 min.
beneath oma’s spin

With a swell of this magnitude, one can behold the whole of SE QLD in maps, and choose from a few of the most significant bends in the coast – DI, Noosa, the tips of Moreton and Straddie, and Kirra (The Pass wasn’t breaking, I checked it). The size and period meant that only a point lengthy enough to be discerned from space was capable of providing enough refractive space to produce a worthy and manageable ride. According to lore, Kirra likes a SE swell the best. Snapper was breaking hundreds of metres wide and reforming wobbly double ups in the corner at Greenmount. Rainbow was a frothy lagoon with dry-hair paddle outs on offer. The power grew across the Cooloongatta beach bank, which, though not quite linking up to Kirra,…

6 min.
norse hollows

Bryce Young and I met in his native Angourie in the latter part of 2017, a couple of memorable sessions were shared in the beautiful Clarence Valley right-handers, followed by a delightful dinner chez Young. The idea of a trip to my neck of the woods, some 17,000 km north and 20 degrees cooler, was mooted. Bryce seemed keen on the idea of lonely windswept rights (and the odd left) similar to his own, on the northern European fringe. At this point I should mention that, due to Bryce’s somewhat elusive nature and clear eschewing of the corporate surf industry, I knew little of his near-freakish ability on boards of all varieties and in all mediums. However, after meeting in Oz and seeing his surfing first hand, I was left in…

8 min.
cervezas with dane

It’s been almost a year since Dane Reynolds went on a surf trip. Life will do that to you. Newborn twins and a growing family will do that to you – even if you’re one of the best surfers on the planet. He’s surfed a bit at home during the 11-month sabbatical from ‘professional’ surfing, but he is mega hungry to surf some lengthy, world-class waves in boardshorts. Almost as hungry as the surfing world is to see him caught on camera again for a full-length feature. Many of us can relate; well to the family responsibilities and no-surf-for-long-periods part anyway. We’re in East Oaxaca, Mexico, hoping to score the famous points between Barra de la Cruz and Punta Conejo and to test out 10 of the most eclectic surfboards…