Quilts and More Winter 2022

Quilts and More promises simple, fresh, and fun projects. Make easy quilts, bags, pillows, and pincushions using clearly written instructions.Every digital issue includes the pattern pieces found in the corresponding print version. To access pattern pieces, simply click on the underlined text in Cut Fabrics sections.

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from the editor

Do you have a particular tradition that always starts off the holiday season in your household? For me it’s watching the 1992 musical The Muppet Christmas Carol. (Don’t laugh! It’s actually a faithful adaptation of the Charles Dickens novella published in 1843.) While others are fighting Black Friday shopping crowds, I’m singing along as I put up my decorations. I’ve watched the movie dozens of times now, but some things stand out to me more as an adult than as a kid. One of those things is a line in the song “It Feels Like Christmas,” which is about how the holiday season is a time of sharing kindness: “The message, if we hear it / Is make it last all year.” It’s a simple sentiment, but it’s not always easy…

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stuff we love

1. GINGHER 5" KNIFE EDGE SEWING SCISSORS Every quilter needs a reliable scissors, and this pair can be used for sewing projects, embroidery, appliqué, and more. Associate editor Diane Tomlinson says: “I bought this pair of scissors more than 10 years ago, and they are my go-to scissors for cutting cotton and wool. I use them daily, and they are still very sharp and dependable.” $29.98; fatquartershop.com 2. MAGIC 2-IN-1 SEAM RIPPER The seam ripper from Taylor Seville has both small and large seam rippers with long-lasting blades. Editor Doris Brunnette says: “Seam ripper caps are one of those things I cannot keep track of, which is why I love that the blades retract into the handle so there is no need for a protective cap.” $11.48; fatquartershop.com 3. SEWING-THEME STICKERS Decorate your sewing machine, computer,…

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sewing toolbox: zippers

1. COIL Best for all-purpose sewing and medium to lightweight materials. Popular and readily available, polyester or nylon coil zippers are lightweight and flexible, which makes them work well for many types of projects. Coil zippers can be cut to desired length using scissors. 2. INVISIBLE Best for pillow backs and garment sewing. The teeth of invisible zippers are on the back of the tape, allowing them to be hidden on the final project. Their unobtrusive nature makes them ideal for side zippers in women’s dresses or for double-sided pillow covers. 3. METAL Best for heavy-duty sewing and thick materials. Metal zippers are extra durable, so they’re good options for bag and clothing projects that use canvas and leather. Because of the metal components, they are heavier than polyester or nylon coil zippers. 4. DOUBLE-HEADED Best for…

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quilt as desired

DESIGN #1: Straight lines achieved with quilting rulers highlight the block’s piecing. Stitch an X in the center square and parallel lines ¼ " from the long edges of the inner rectangles, stitching in the ditch to travel without breaking your thread. Next, use a water-soluble pen to mark points ¼ " and ½ " from the inner corners of each triangle-square and lines ¼ " apart that are parallel to the short edges of the remaining rectangles. Quilt lines connecting the corners of the triangle-squares to the marks. Finish block by quilting the marked parallel lines. PRO TIP FROM HANDI QUILTER: Take advantage of any lines and marks on your quilting rulers to keep lines evenly spaced and straight. DESIGN #2: After stitching a rulerwork foundation, use free-motion quilting to fill in unquilted spaces…

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skill builder: place mats

SKILLS YOU’LL PRACTICE SEWING BIAS EDGES QUILTING-AS-YOU-GO BINDING MATERIALS FOR TWO PLACE MATS Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width. ¼ yard each gold, light blue, teal, and green prints (tumblers) ¼ yard house print (border) ⅜ yard solid teal (binding) 2—18½ ×24½" rectangles backing fabric 2—18½ ×24½" pieces batting Air-soluble fabric pen FABRICS are from the Little Town collection by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics (artgalleryfabrics.com). CUT FABRICS From gold print, cut: 2—5½ ×8½" rectangles From each light blue, teal, and green print, cut: 4—5½ ×8½" rectangles From house print, cut: 4—2½ ×18½" border strips From solid teal, cut: 4—2½ ×42" binding strips ASSEMBLE PLACE MATS Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. 1) On wrong side of each print 5½ ×8½" rectangle, use fabric pen to mark 2" in from both bottom corners (Photo 1). Draw a…

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random acts of “quiltiness”

As we approach the holiday season, we’re looking for ways to show love and kindness to others. Our staff came up with the idea of doing a Random Act of “Quiltiness” (like a Random Act of Kindness) as a way to use our sewing talents to show others we care! Doing something kind for others isn’t a totally selfless act, though. Helping another person not only makes them feel good, but also is good for you. When doing a kind act for others, your brain gets a wonderful burst of endorphins, a hormone that contributes to happy feelings. It’s a win/win! Here are 12 ideas for spreading cheer to others this season.…