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May 2019 MIRA JACOB On having tricky conversations with relatives on page 32. I FEEL MOST JOYFUL WHEN… I am drawing. MY INSTANT MOOD BOOSTER IS… Stevie Wonder’s voice. It’s the sound of love. MIA LEVITIN Delves into the psychology and secrets of sexual fantasies on page 46. I FEEL MOST JOYFUL WHEN… playing Bananagrams (a word game) with my son. MY INSTANT MOOD BOOSTER IS… dancing to early 1990s hip-hop and R&B. NATHALIE WHITTLE Talks family life and former bandmates with Gary Barlow on page 56. I FEEL MOST JOYFUL WHEN… I’m with my friends. MY INSTANT MOOD BOOSTER IS… putting a date in my diary for a weekend away. Red is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which regulates the UK’s magazine and newspaper industry). We abide by the Editors’ Code Of Practice…

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reasons to be joyful

I am incredibly lucky to have a sunny disposition. My glass is always half full and I’m unerringly positive (except when it comes to my kids, at which point I always fear the worst and have no sense of perspective!). But, in spite of my naturally buoyant nature, I believe happiness is a discipline – it takes work. You can find the chinks of light anywhere, as Matt Haig wrote so eloquently a few issues ago, but you have to be looking for them in the first place. So, our inaugural ‘joy’ issue is dedicated to recognising the meaningful moments in the everyday and being grateful for what we have now. On page 40 we ask experts to share their personal happiness strategies, from setting smaller, more achievable goals, to…

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say it, write it, share it.

RAISING AWARENESS In our March issue, we featured a piece about perimenopause – the rarely-discussed hormonal change in women’s bodies that can happen up to a decade before the menopause starts. Dr Anna wrote to tell us what she thought. ‘What a brilliant article on perimenopause. As a GP, I see many women with the symptoms you describe,’ she wrote. ‘Many women find their symptoms quite debilitating and also feel out of control, but I have also found that there has been a lot of fear and suspicion surrounding HRT (since The Million Women Study, when a connection was made with breast cancer). During my training, I learnt about women’s health but had no idea of the extent to which menopause symptoms could affect women. Somewhat naively, I had assumed that periods slowed,…

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time to smile

IT’S A WRAP A perfect shapeshifter from day to night, acting as both chic watch and elegant bracelet. It’s a little modern, a little casual, but completely desirable. BORROWED FROM THE BOYS Chunky faces and thick straps make for a statement-worthy timepiece to add some edge to ruffle blouses or pretty dresses, but also bring gravitas to the everyday. MIX YOUR METALS No matter your style or metal of choice, these watches will add a sense of classic polish to any outfit. Effortless, timeless and forever pieces. INTO THE BLUE Modern and sleek, Rado’s metallic blue hues are a fresh take on a heritage design. Ideal if you have a sportier sensibility or just like to go against the grain. DRESS, GANNI AT SELFRIDGES. BLAZER, BLAZÉ MILANO. JACKET, THEORY AT HARRODS. TOP, KELLY LOVE…

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postcards from…

GEORGIA Clashing prints, bold shades and handicraft finishes enhance an eclectic trip. POSITANO Clean lines paired with neutral accessories promise easy daytime sophistication. FEZ Choose sunbaked hues, natural details and floaty silhouettes for a Moroccan adventure. SOUTHWOLD Toughen up pretty floral prints with practical macs and nautical plimsolls. COMPILED BY: ALISHA MOTION. PHOTOGRAPHY: GETTY, ALAMY, REX FEATURES, LUCKY IF SHARP…

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fashion conscious

The words ‘sustainable fashion’ used to send shivers down the spines of even the most discerning shoppers; there was nothing to bridge the gap between responsibility and style. Thankfully, established brands are catching on, creating beautiful lines that embrace sustainability, such as H&M’s Conscious Collection, Mother of Pearl’s No Frills, Sézane’s Committed and Arket’s recycled nylon swimsuits. Now, there are new designers weaving sustainability into their brand’s DNA. ACE & JIG Ace & Jig creates its fabrics in India. Its supplier sources the cotton locally, colours yarns with azo-free dyes and weaves the fabrics on wooden hand looms. It employs 90% female tailors and staff receive free childcare and organic produce grown on site. BAR AND NATALIE PERRY This collection from Bar uses melted-down coins and broken or unwanted jewellery, while Natalie Perry uses…