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SciFi Now Issue 155

Written by fans for fans SciFiNow is the first new science fiction, horror, cult TV and fantasy magazine in the last 12 years – a high quality title that celebrates the explosion of new scifi TV shows, films and culture, past present and future. From Doctor Who to Buck Rogers. Star Wars to American Horror Story,D81 Buffy to Battlestar Galactica. SciFi Now loves them all, and there’s no better magazine if you want in-depth interviews, lavish features, trustworthy reviews and detailed scifi TV listings. The future is Now.

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The year is well and truly underway and the big guns are coming thick and fast. As the film industry basks in awards season (the Oscar nominations had just been announced at the time of writing and we’re so thrilled to see Black Panther in the Best Picture race, although the snubbing of Toni Collette’s performance in Hereditary will never be forgiven), 2019 is already delivering on some of its most exciting movies and TV shows and they don’t get much more thrilling than the likes of Us and Captain Marvel. Jordan Peele created a bona fide phenomenon with Get Out and the writer-director is back, just two years later, with another horror movie that looks set to thrill, terrify and provoke. We talk to the man himself and stars Lupita…

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the circus is coming to town

DISNEY’S LIVE-ACTION remakes team is heading even further back into the past than ever for Dumbo, which is based on a film that was first released in 1941. The new version of the story is coming from director Tim Burton, and like with all Tim Burton films he’s putting his own spin on it. However, one very important thing is staying the same: Dumbo still doesn’t speak. “I’m not going to be the guy who writes the first line for Dumbo,” laughs Ehren Kruger, who penned the film’s script. “He’s never had one. He doesn’t need one.” “IT WAS ALWAYS A BEAUTIFUL STORY BECAUSE OF ITS SIMPLICITY” EHREN KRUGER But the story, though still set in the past, is being updated slightly. “It’s interesting that we’re telling a story that involves circuses…

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dead but delicious

Well before it became a TV series, or even a cult vampire film, the idea for upcoming comedy What We Do In The Shadows started life (so to speak) as a stand-up skit. “We played some vampire characters twice,” explains co-creator, co-writer and executive producer Jemaine Clement. “One was in a stand up night, where I think the skits were something like, one of us got up and started telling vampire jokes… I was like, ‘I flew in from Transylvania. Boy, are my arms tired,’ and stuff like that. Classic joke, it still works.” Dressed as a vampire, Taika Waititi (director, executive producer and the other co-creator) would stand up and start heckling him. “I’m like: ‘My old vampire rival. Everything I’ve done for 200 years, you come and you heckle me,’”…

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five things with madeleine mantock

1 IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC Charmed is back, and this time it’s following a new set of magical sisters, Macy, Mel and Maggie, as they get to grips with their powers in the university town of Hilltowne. Madeleine Mantock’s character Macy is the eldest, and a brilliant scientist working in the university’s lab. “From the offset she’s independent,” says Mantock. “She’s a loner, or lonely, but is functioning well that way. One of my favourite things about her is she’s not only having to wrap her head around being a witch, which she seems to take to quite well, but that she’s having to open up to having sisters and being a family and negotiating her own feelings and other people’s as well.” 2 SISTER ACT Macy jumps into her half-sisters’ lives…

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casting call

Untitled Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle sequel EXPECTED RELEASE December 2019 The Jumanji players are back in the game. ROLES UNNAMED MALE: Male, 60+ years old, any ethnicity. A big name for the poster who’s up for pushing the envelope. UNNAMED FEMALE: Female, 20-30 years old. Looking for an up-and-coming comedy star. Must have a GSOH. UNNAMED MALE: Male, 70+ years old, beloved veteran, preferably someone who is too old for this shit. CONTACT therockrocks@sevenbucks.com REPLIES Danny DeVito, Awkwafina, Danny Glover Dune EXPECTED RELEASE TBA The long-awaited reboot directed by Arrival’s Denis Villeneuve. ROLES BARON HARKONNEN: Male, 50-70 years old, Caucasian. A full-on villain who is setting out to make Paul Atreides’ life hell. BARON HARKONNEN’S NEPHEW: Male, 40+ years old, any ethnicity. A big, brutish guy. REVEREND MOTHER: Cinematic treasure wanted for galactic Truthsayer. Steely wisdom required. CONTACT d.villeneuve@hellyesdune.com REPLIES Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Charlotte Rampling The Witches EXPECTED RELEASE TBA Based on…

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do you know who your children are?

IMAGINE SEEING SOMEONE close to you, someone you know better than you know yourself, and suddenly becoming convinced that they are… not them. That’s the terror at the heart of Lee Cronin’s debut feature The Hole In The Ground, which follows single mother Sarah (the stunning Seána Kerslake) as she begins to believe that her young son Chris (James Quinn Markey) has been replaced by a changeling, a double that’s perfect in every way. As Sarah questions whether she’s losing her mind, the evidence seems to mount that this child who looks like her boy is a malicious stranger. We caught up with Cronin ahead of the film’s Sundance screening to find out more. HOW DID THIS IDEA COME ABOUT? It wasn’t a lightbulb moment, which you sometimes have, it was very much a…