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To pack well is to know yourself. What kind of traveler are you? Do you want to challenge yourself to just one small carry-on backpack, or do you want to find out what that kitchen sink really weighs? (I once took 10 pairs of shoes on a cruise ship. I could have used more.) Knowing what kind of adventure you’re in for helps, and that’s where we come in. Within these pages, we make the case for liveaboards—a uniquely rewarding form of travel tailored to divers, one that combines dive shop, hotel and restaurant into so much more than the sum of its parts. In this issue, you’ll find every type of dive adventure, from ultra-ultra-luxe to a bargain experience not unlike camping, all united by their setting on the…

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why liveaboard?

For divers looking to get the most out of their trips, there’s nothing like liveaboard travel. Count our editors among the divers who can’t get enough of the liveaboard life. “Why liveaboards? Because what could be grander than life on a boat! (Any boat!) The chance to make the sea your home, above and below, is too good to be true—and impossible to pass up.” —MARY FRANCES EMMONS, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “Liveaboards allow you to reach remote dive sites that would be impractical or impossible to visit during a day trip because they don’t need to return to shore at the end of the day.” —ROBBY MYERS, ASSOCIATE GEAR EDITOR “You’ll disembark any liveaboard yacht with a couple dozen more dives under your belt, a few more friends to your name and an even stronger love for…

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bon voyage

The easiest thing to do before a liveaboard trip is overpack. Savvy divers will tell you to take whatever you think you need, and cut it in half. Then, cut that in half. Sounds drastic, but a big reason why that advice rings true is that you really don’t need lots of spare clothes on board. Eat, sleep, dive, repeat is exactly what you’ll be doing. But when you cut your supplies in half, be sure to leave these items safely intact. GEAR It helps to have travel-friendly dive gear (see page 60 for the latest and greatest) for your basic kit. You should also bear in mind what type of diving your destination calls for: Do you need a reef hook? Should you pack sturdier fins for fighting current? Are gloves and…

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count the costs

A liveaboard dive trip may cost a bit more up front than a land-based diving package, but you’ll likely get a lot more bottom time for your vacation dollars. When you’re planning a liveaboard trip, it’s important to look beyond the listed price to make sure you know the total cost. That’s because almost all liveaboards have additional fees, either added to the bill or paid on board, that raise the final price tag—and often for good reason. “Liveaboard trips can have a number of additional fees, from marine park and port fees to nitrox and fuel surcharges,” says Jenny Collister, president of Reef & Rainforest, Dive & Adventure Travel. “We always separate these fees out for our customers so they know what to expect, especially when there are fees they…

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the comeback kid

I always say that no matter how incredible a work trip might be, I’d rather be spending that time with my wife and kids, just staying in watching a movie. But after popping open a bottle of red wine on Roatan Aggressor’s sun deck following four incredible dives, I realize I may have found an exception Be a pal—don’t mention that to my wife. This excursion—a wine-appreciation week with Aggressor Adventures CEO and fellow wine enthusiast Wayne Brown—hit the trifecta of my favorite hobbies: boating, diving and wine tasting. One slight issue, though: I hadn’t been diving in a few years, aside from a couple of dips in our local Florida freshwater springs. With a noncertified wife and kids, diving had taken a back seat to family time in recent years. The rust…