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4,832 divers can’t be wrong

“Do your homework.” For our 27th Readers Choice survey, which covers all things dive and powers the awards unveiled throughout this issue (page 32), nearly 80 percent of almost 5,000 survey respondents took the chance to answer the question: “What advice would you give the traveling diver?” And nearly all 3,799 of those divers emphasized the same point: Making time to do your research up front is the best way to end up on the dive vacation of your dreams. You hold in your hands a great place to start. The Readers Choice Awards rate destinations in 13 categories from Big Animals to Macro to Best Value, and give feedback on everything from the quality of an operator’s dive boats to the resorts with the best restaurants to the most luxe liveaboards.…

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enter to win!

Two lucky participants in this year's Readers Choice survey took away more than the satisfaction of being heard: They were selected from the pool of readers who offered travel advice as winners of a weeklong liveaboard trip aboard the Oman Aggressor (aggressor.com) and a Cressi AC10V Master Cromo regulator (cressi.com). For an invitation to participate in our 2021 Readers Choice survey and a chance to win prizes, sign up for our e-newsletter at scubadiv.in/enews Scuba Diving (ISSN 1060-9563) is published 11 times per year (J/F, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, S/O, Nov, World's Best Special and Dec) by PADI Worldwide, 30151 Tomas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. Vol. 28, No. 10, World's Best Special 2019. Periodicals postage paid in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and additional offices. Annual subscription rate: U.S. $21.97;…

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world's best 2019

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personal best

This issue’s special theme is “world’s best”—the best dive locations and resorts. “Best” is always subjective, of course, but I find it useful to keep up with what’s trending in our sport each year. As a PADI Club member and diver, I’m sure what’s best in diving interests you too. But there’s another “best” that deserves attention—being the best you. That’s a huge topic, so to avoid the Maslow-and-metaphysics manhole, let’s stick to diving—doing the best dives and becoming the best divers we can be. Two points: First, it’s not for me or anyone else to tell you what “best” means. What’s important to you as a diver, why you love diving and your idea of top-drawer diving are uniquely and wonderfully you. Some of us love cave diving, but it scares…

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4 reasons to choose a travel specialist

1 PERSONAL “One of the great benefits of working with an agent is the personal relationship you form,” says Jenny Collister, president of Reef & Rainforest. “A good agent will have a database with your airline preferences and what type of accommodation and diving you prefer. They will remember your feedback from previous trips and use that to perfect your next trip. Once the trust has been built, you simply let your agent know when you want to go away and they will put together the perfect trip.” 2 FOCUSED Dive travel specialists are avid divers who have visited and dived the places they represent. Using their experience, they can match your wish list to the right vacation for you, from figuring out whether your skill level is adequate for the conditions at…

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beat the burn: a guide to reef-safe sunscreens

Since Hawaii and Palau have begun banning sunscreens containing synthetic ingredients that might harm coral reefs, sales of reef-safe sunscreen are on the rise. It’s a smart choice to protect our oceans and bodies, but which sunscreen should you choose? Over the past year, we’ve delved into ingredients, read research, and tested a range of reef-safe sunscreens in the harsh sun of New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. The results are in—here’s your ultimate guide to reef-safe sunscreen. MOOGOO MooGoo (moogoousa.com) produces sunscreens that are ideal for sensitive skin. You can read about every ingredient on its website, including what it is and why it’s used. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: NANO ZINC SPF RATING: 40 PRICE: $19.90 (4.2 OZ.) MooGoo states that the sunscreen uses nano zinc, but in a way that ensures the zinc particles are not so…