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Trusted for gear reviews, cutting-edge training information, underwater photo & video tips, travel information, and much more. Whether you are a sport diver, an old pro, or a new diver looking for lessons, Scuba Diving has something for you.

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discover the joy and thrill of liveaboard diving

It began in 1984 at Georgetown, Grand Cayman and continues around the globe in Maldives as the finishing touches are put on the latest dive yacht. The “Ultimate in LiveAboards®” is an expanding mission taken quite seriously by the Aggressor Fleet®. Wayne B. Brown, Chairman & CEO and Wayne Hasson, President are always searching for new adventures, such as Bimini, Bahamas and enhancing favorites like Hawaii. During “Dive With The Owners Weeks,” they share their love for the ocean through presentations and dives with guests. LiveAboard Excellence® Around the Globe. Warm, freshwater rinse showers on the sprawling dive platform, in-place nitrox fills, a smiling staff member with a platter of warm cookies: pampered service and deluxe accommodations at sea are standard on Aggressor Fleet® yachts. From bow to stern, our liveaboards are…

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The motto of Bonnier Corp., the media company that publishes Sport Diver and Scuba Diving, is “We live our brands every day.” For us, most days are a blur of meeting deadlines and planning the next issue. But sometimes, that planning leads to something special — as is the case with the magazine you’re holding in your hands. In 2017, we decided to produce Sport Diver as a quarterly publication. Each of the issues will be devoted to its subject matter: New Diver, Liveaboard, World’s Best Diving & Resorts, and Gear Guide. In New Diver, we hope to inspire nondivers and new divers alike, and to showcase every aspect of the sport we love, from travel to training and gear. We hope you find it useful, whether you’re planning to…

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our open-water journey

Editor-in-Chief Patricia Wuest Year Certified: 1993 Where: Ginnie Springs, Fla. Dream Dive: Raja Ampat, Indonesia Digital Editor Becca Hurley Year Certified: 2006 Where: Ginnie Springs and Tampa Bay, Fla. Dream Dive: Red Sea Managing Editor, Scuba Diving Andy Zunz Year Certified: 2016 Where: Ponce de Leon Springs, Fla. Dream Dive: Maldives Deputy Editor, Scuba Diving Mary Frances Emmons Year Certified: 2006 Where: Lake Denton and Boynton Beach, Fla. Dream Dive: Polar diving ScubaLab Director Roger Roy Year Certified: 1976 Where: Boynton Beach, Fla. Dream Dive: Antarctica Assistant Editor Robby Myers Year Certified: 2014 Where: Half Moon Beach, Mitchell, Ind., and Grand Cayman Dream Dive: Great Lakes…

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my ultimate dive buddy

GIVE THEM A WEEK THEY WILL REMEMBER FOREVER “My kid’s a diver!” Shouting these words from a mountaintop has been a dream for 11 long years. The day my daughter, Hailey, was born, I began fantasizing about sharing with her my deep passion for the ocean. I couldn’t imagine a better dive buddy — swimming along, hand in hand, discovering the secrets of the sea. Through her toddler years, some dads in my circle of friends lamented that their adventurous pastimes would have to take a backseat to parenting. “What a cop out,” I thought. The plan was simple: Make travel and diving irresistible to her. I started early, with each bedtime story focused on fantastical sea creatures, miraculous mermaids and amazing underwater adventures. As she grew, we watched every kid friendly dive-related movie I…

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beauty spots

When your instructor hands over a fresh C-card, it might be the end of your scuba diving course, but it’s only the beginning for so much more. Once you’re a fully certified Open Water Diver, thousands of possibilities arise. And no one gets certified so they can just practice skills in a swimming pool. Now is the time to get out a pen and paper, pull up a map of the world and start making your scuba diving bucket list to help fill out your logbook with the most amazing experiences the underwater world has to offer. Divers are free to explore historic shipwrecks, get up close and personal with apex predators, find Nemo, venture into caverns and browse underwater museums. There’s something for everyone out there. Here are 15…

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take a test dive

Many people know they will love scuba diving before they ever dip a fin in the water, but if that’s not you, no worries. You can give it a “test dive” with PADI Discover Scuba Diving. Discover Scuba Diving is a professionally supervised underwater experience that lets you find out firsthand what scuba diving is all about, usually in half a day or less and under the close super vision of a professional. Discover Scuba Diving has two options: pool-only, and local dive environment. In the pool-only experience, a PADI pro gives you a safety briefing, introduces you to underwater breathing and teaches you some easy techniques for making yourself float and equalizing your ears (so they don’t hurt under water). Then, with the pro supervising the entire time, you experience the…