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belize aggressor iii and belize aggressor iv

The world’s second-largest barrier reef, running 600 miles along the coast of Belize as well as southern Mexico, is everything you’d expect it to be. Coral atolls rising from an endless horizon of flat turquoise. Sheer walls covered in corals and sponges. Schools of jacks so big you get lost inside. Plus, this Caribbean locale, with warm, clear water, is easily accessible to divers of every skill level. Belize has long been touted by divers, and the best of it lies offshore. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef averages 20 miles from the Belize coast, making liveaboard diving the smartest option for exploring these spread-out atolls and wall dives. Most of the sites on weekly itineraries of Belize Aggressor III and Belize Aggressor IV are walls, including Half Moon Caye Wall and Long Caye…

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cruise control

From the moment you set foot on a liveaboard, you can sit back and relax because the crew takes care of everything — from serving freshly brewed coffee at sunrise to crafting an after-dinner cocktail while the sun sinks into the sea. And of course, they help make the diving fall-into-the-ocean easy. So whether you’re considering your first liveaboard trip or your 21st, we created this Liveaboard issue to give you all the tools — and a good dose of inspiration — to make your dream come true. QUESTION FOR SPORT DIVER? Need an answer about anything dive-related? Email editor@sportdiver.com.…

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polynesian paradise

LIVEABOARD: Undersea Hunter YEAR: 1998 LOCATION: Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia Although this vessel has become legendary for dive trips in Cocos Island, my trip was in the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. The vessel had been serving as a platform for filmmaker Howard Hall and his crew, and when their project wrapped, my friend Steve Drogin chartered it for a month. He invited me to join him exploring the islands and atolls, and I jumped at the chance. Being in such a remote locale, while having first-class service both from a diving-support standpoint and comfort, spoiled me forever. Great diving with friends, great food and real adventure were the ingredients in a recipe I wanted to have again and again. BRIANSKERRY.COM TURN TO PAGE 10 FOR MORE PHOTO-PRO MEMORIES…

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cayman aggressor iv

This trio of islands 480 miles south of Miami delivers wrecks, coral reefs and sheer-wall diving — but unlike other wall-diving destinations, the drop-offs here start as shallow as 20 feet. With this super accessible starting point, newer divers, as well as families, or couples with different levels of comfort and certification, can all enjoy the same site together. Some of these stretches, including Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall, are known the world over for their sheerness and colorful growth. Moreover, the Cayman Islands are renowned for visibility that exceeds 100 feet on most days, and is some of the clearest water in the Caribbean. Conditions like these not only make it easier to nail the perfect shot every time, they’re also ideal for building confidence in newer divers, as well…

8 min.
maiden voyage

PHOTO PRO: Rodney Bursiel LIVEABOARD: Solmar V YEAR: 2014 LOCATION: Guadalupe and Socorro Islands, Mexico Have you ever had a moment that not only changed your life but transformed your very soul? I thought I had, until my adventure in the waters of the Socorro Islands. I was looking for a new photography outlet, so in 2014 I decided to get back into underwater photography after a 25-year hiatus. I went cage diving to photograph great white sharks. It was there that my passion for photography was revitalized; as soon as I returned, I booked a trip to the Socorro Islands, where I was hoping to have a humpback whale encounter. Not only did we dive with a mama, her baby and her escort, but we also experienced the struggle of nature when two…

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aqua cat

For experienced divers who want it all in a Caribbean getaway, as well as new divers who don’t know yet which type of diving is their favorite, the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas are a perfect match. All Star Liveaboards bases their five-star vessel Aqua Cat in this destination for its wealth of topographical and marine-life diversity, which includes walls, a blue hole, a drift dive, shark dives, wrecks and more. Divers also regularly encounter reef sharks, nurse sharks, grouper, sea turtles and rays. The Aqua Cat, offering the largest cabins of any scuba liveaboard in the Caribbean, is also a prime pick for those getting certified — whether you need to complete your checkout dives or if you’ve never had a scuba lesson. Another standout of Aqua Cat is the…