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be the change

MARY FRANCES EMMONS joined Sport Diver in 2009 and Scuba Diving in 2012, serving as features, senior and deputy editor. A diver since 2006, she was named editor-in-chief in 2018. Cousteau. Doubilet. Earle. There are no bigger names in diving. The staff members of Scuba Diving all are fanboys and fangirls for the legends who share their most memorable dives in this issue (“The Dive of Your Life,” page 44)—you might be one also. But what is it that really makes Sylvia Earle, David Doubilet and the descendants of Jacques-Yves Cousteau important, not just to scuba divers but to our planet? Many divers already are convinced of the ocean’s peril—we see the changes firsthand all too often and in all too many places. What these pioneers have done—and still are doing every day—is…

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scuba diving

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“These are kids who never get invited to parties, sleepovers, dances or even to just hang out. When they discover that they can do this, they feel confident to take on other challenges.” WILD AND WONDERFUL Known locally as “Salvador Dalí” sponges, the Petrosia lignosa of northern Sulawesi, like this one captured by Imran Ahmad off Gorontalo, are nothing short of mind-bending. So far, these uncommon beauties have been found only off the vertical walls of Indonesia—another reason to pick a flight and pack your bags.…

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marv tuttle

YEAR DIVE CERTIFIED: 1971 AGE WHEN CERTIFIED: 21 DIVE CERTIFICATION LEVEL: NASDS and NAUI open-water disabled certifications WORDS TO LIVE BY: “You get out of it what you put into it.” First certified at 21, after he returned home from the Vietnam War, Marv Tuttle had been out of the water for years when a 1998 motorcycle accident seemed to end his diving for good. But that was just the beginning. Tuttle, who is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s first wheelchair-using volunteer diver, is participant coordinator for the aquarium’s Days of Discovery, which for nearly 20 years have given kids 8 to 14 who have disabilities a chance to try a modified form of scuba diving. For exposing kids to the joys of the underwater world and helping to build the next generation of ocean advocates, Tuttle is our…

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the diadema dilemma

One of humans’ closest living invertebrate relatives is the ink-black prickly sea urchin—beautiful to look at, but tough on toes. The long-spined sea urchin species Diadema antillarum is an important herbivore in the Caribbean because it removes macroalgae, makes room for the expansion of existing coral colonies and allows for growth of the next generation of corals. “Diadema sea urchins are especially important in the Caribbean relative to other coral reefs around the world because of the generally lower level of herbivore species diversity in the Caribbean,” says Dr. Max Bodmer, scientific research manager at Tela Marine Research Center in Tela, Honduras. “For example, there are two to three different types of Diadema in the Indo-Pacific, compared to only one in the Caribbean. “In the early 1980s, an unknown waterborne bacterial pathogen spread…

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mycedium elephantotus (elephant nose coral)

Are you looking for a great macro photography subject, and a simple coral to identify? Mycedium is a great place to start. There are only a handful of Mycedium species, and they all share one thing in common. Mycedium elephantotus has the largest corallite size, with a very distinct nose-like shape. What’s unique about Mycedium is that its corallites always face toward the exterior of the colony. Mycedium corals all start growing from a center point, spreading outward in a plating shape. These colonies are attached to the substrate from the center of the colony, and the edges of the plate grow above the surface of the substrate. When the edges of the colony come into contact with another coral, sponge or rocks, they will curve around, looking for open space to…