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just do it

Certification changed my life. The first time I submerged in scuba gear — during my training at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando, Florida — the angel choir in my head burst into song. Never mind that what I suddenly had a crystal-clear view of was mostly bobby pins and hair ties on the bottom of the enormous indoor pool — I circled and circled like the happiest goldfish in the world, and basically refused to get out. I’ve been refusing ever since, and that angel choir is still singing every time I submerge. When the chance came a few years later to leave a 20-year newspaper career and go to work for a dive magazine, I never looked back. We hope this issue will inspire you to get…

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what advice would you give a diver in training?

Andy Zunz Senior Editor “Learn to dive and plan a trip with a friend or family member — these memories are best when shared.” Becca Hurley Digital Editor “Make sure you try on your new gear before diving. Being comfortable in your gear leaves one less thing to worry about during a training course.” Mary Frances Emmons Editor-in-Chief “Never be afraid to say you don’t understand or to ask for help — divers are eager to share what they love, and you might just make a new buddy.” Robby Myers Associate Gear Editor “Training isn’t just for certification. Take some time to practice every now and then to keep your skills sharp.” Roger Roy ScubaLab Director “Don’t settle for any gear that seems ‘almost right’ for you; your perfect gear is out there.” QUESTION FOR SPORT DIVER? Need an answer about anything dive-related? Email editor@sportdiver.com.…

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new diver

EDITORIAL Mary Frances Emmons editor-in-chief Andy Zunz senior editor Roger Roy scubalab director Victoria Cocchiaro art director Becca Hurley digital editor Robby Myers associate gear editor Dave Carriere associate editor T.L. Favors copy editor CONTRIBUTORS Brent Durand, Chloe Mei Espinosa, David Espinosa, Kristen Favorito, Travis Marshall, Brooke Morton SALES Glenn Sandridge vice president, managing director glenn.sandridge@bonniercorp.com David Benz associate publisher 850-261-1355; david.benz@bonniercorp.com Jeff Mondle associate publisher 760-419-5898; jeff.mondle@bonniercorp.com Linda Sue Dingel territory manager 407-913-4945; lindasue.dingel@bonniercorp.com Charles Negron account manager 407-571-4935; charles.negron@bonniercorp.com Jeff Roberge detroit advertising director Lauren Brown advertising sales manager 407-571-4914; lauren.brown@bonniercorp.com BONNIER MEDIA Gregory D. Gatto executive vice president Tara Bisciello financial director Shawn Bean editorial director Dave Weaver creative director Stephanie Pancratz editorial operations director Cindy Martin copy chief Haley Bischof group marketing director Kelly Sheldon senior marketing manager Franki Giordano marketing manager Annie Darby marketing project manager Rina Viray Murray production director Kelly Weekley associate production director Stephanie Northcutt production manager Rick Andrews production artist Mike Staley digital strategy director Mark MacKenzie digital content director Jackie Fry custom…

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lesson plan: the abcs of open water diver training

Whether you’ve decided to get your scuba certification because you’ve done a “try dive” or you just want to get certified because it looks fun, the good news is, making the decision to get certified is the hard part. The bad news is — well, there isn’t any bad news! Getting a PADI certification is super fun; there are a number of ways to start on the journey that will someday take you to the depths and beyond. Before you get started by signing up at padi.com, you might have a few questions about what’s involved in getting a scuba certification. In its simplest terms, a PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three parts: academics, confined water and open water. ACADEMICS: In the academic portion you learn what to do at the…

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myth busters

MYTH 1: THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE IN THE COLD WATERS WHERE I LIVE. Some of North America’s best diving is in the chilly waters of the West Coast, where the colors are breathtaking. Even states hundreds of miles from the ocean — such as Missouri or Utah — have unique sites that are the envy of any logbook. MYTH 2: SCUBA DIVING IS TOO EXPENSIVE. You should buy a mask and snorkel to start, but additional gear can wait until you discover the types of diving you want to do. (See page 26 for what gear you need to start and what gear can be added as you progress, depending on the types of diving you come to love best.) MYTH 3: WHAT ABOUT SHARKS?! Yes, there are sharks in the ocean.…

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5 steps to reactivate

Getting back in the water after a long hiatus can seem daunting. A great way to boost your confidence and brush up on important skills is to sign up for a refresher/ReActivate Course before returning to the water. In as little as half a day, a certified professional will take you through the five steps below, and you’ll be prepared to dive, dive, dive! Predive Assessment This course is completely customizable based on your needs. During a predive interview your instructor will have you complete and review a knowledge assessment. Next, you’ll review your dive history and a list of skills to determine your comfort level and needs before practicing in the water. Equipment Preparation Whether you are diving with new or unfamiliar equipment, or just can’t remember in what order it all goes…