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Since its launch in 1882, Shooting Times & Country Magazine has been at the forefront of the shooting scene. The magazine is the clear first choice for shooting sportsmen, with editorial covering all disciplines, including gameshooting, rough shooting, pigeon shooting, wildfowling and deer stalking. Additionally the magazine has a strong focus on the training and use of gundogs in the field and, because it is a weekly publication, the magazine keeps readers firmly up-to-date with the latest news in their world.

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rural riches

A fortnight ago, on my way to decoy pigeon in the Cotswolds, I stopped in to visit Stephen Booth, who is a keeper on a classic Oxfordshire shoot. Stephen is a keen Shooting Times reader and has some favourite old covers pinned up in his shed, which is a treasure trove of rural curiosities, from old traps to antique cartridges. He is a modest man but his reputation as a brilliant keeper precedes him and I was pleased that he’d noted we have many more women writing in the magazine, which he thinks is a great thing. Over tea, we discussed various rural programmes that were once on TV, from Tack’s Game to Clarissa and The Countryman, which, of course, features Shooting Times contributor Tohnny Scott. It would be a great…

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carcasses could be left on hill if prices continue to fall

Estates may come under pressure to shoot deer and leave their carcasses to rot after venison prices fell even further. The price of venison was already depressed before the COVID-19 outbreak, with industry insiders blaming large-scale culls in Europe for low prices in the UK. However, the almost continent-wide shutdown of the restaurant trade has caused venison prices to slide even further, with stalkers reporting receiving less than £1 a kilo for red deer venison, half of what dealers were paying before Christmas 2019. “The crisis has seen an upswing in mail order and other routes to market, such as click and collect” Along with fees paid by visiting stalkers, the price of venison is normally used by estates to offset the cost of culling deer. The price decline, combined with political pressure to…

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fighting fund for shooting

BASC has announced that it is launching a seven-figure fighting fund to take on legal challenges to shooting. In an interview with Shooting Times’ digital editor, BASC chair Eoghan Cameron said: “As campaigners shift increasingly toward use of the law to try and disrupt shooting, BASC has become involved in a number of legal actions, including challenges to the General Licence in Wales and to the release of birds on and around protected sites in England.” He explained: “The fund, the first of its kind, will set BASC on a new path to promoting and protecting shooting, our community and the countryside. It will allow us to further our aims and lead from the front when presented with opportunities and when facing down any legal challenges. “We are already fighting legal cases in…

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sea lice link to salmon farms

The suspected role of sea lice from salmon farms in killing wild fish has been confirmed by a new study. Two Irish scientists examined the effect of sea lice attacks on salmon returning to 10 rivers, including five ‘control’ rivers where no farming took place. The scientists looked at grilse and found a clear link between salmon farming on the approaches to rivers and lower numbers of fish returning to the river in years when lice numbers were high. A spokesman for the SGA Fishing Group, which represents Scotland’s gillies and fishing guides, told Shooting Times: “The evidence is building when it comes to the negative impacts of sea lice infestation on wild salmon survival. The evidence is also very apparent that the most significant factor in sea lice infestation in our…

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to do this week

Take advantage of early mornings and light evenings for some daytime foxing. Smart foxes can learn that they are likely to be hunted at night and can switch to daytime hunting. A quiet stakeout in an upwind position during daylight can catch out a wary animal and give you a shot. Fieldsports enthusiasts are the eyes and ears of the countryside and a key thing to watch out for during the summer months is ‘sewage fungus’. This slimy brown coating on stream beds looks like very fine hair and can indicate a pollution problem upstream. If you think you have noticed this or any other sign of pollution, your local rivers trust should be able to advise on what to do.…

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defra likely to pursue hunting trophy ban

DEFRA plans to ‘push ahead’ with a ban on hunting trophy imports, according to reports. The proposal for a ban, which met with criticism from shooting groups, hunters and conservationists, was contained in the Conservative’s election manifesto but no legislation has been put before parliament. However, it seems that the Government intends to forge ahead with the plan. “Changes will have a negative effect on wildlife populations and human livelihoods” An article on the trade in lion parts in the Independent carried a quote from a DEFRA spokesperson, who said: “There is a clear manifesto commitment to ban the import of hunting trophies from endangered animals and we continue to work to end this shocking trade.” The quote provoked an angry response from the president of the CIC, who, in a letter to DEFRA…