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Soaps' Greatest Love Stories

Soaps' Greatest Love Stories

Soaps' Greatest Love Stories

Relive the romances of your favorite supercouples with this must-have bookazine, Soaps' Greatest Love Stories! This beautiful keepsake is full-size and chock-full of photo-filled flashbacks to the beginnings of some of the most popular love stories in daytime history.

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once upon a time

Hold onto your hearts… In the pages that follow, Soaps In Depth is going to revisit some of the most romantic love stories daytime has ever told. Included are the origins of such-long running couples as THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ S’ Victor and Nikki, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ John and Marlena, and GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Luke and Laura. There are unlikely pairs like ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Todd and Blair, duos that have defied the odds to reunite repeatedly a la THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Ridge and Brooke, and pairs such as ANOTHER WORLD’s Mac and Rachel who only death could truly part. Do you think your pulse can take it? Then draw a deep breath, turn the page and get ready to fall in love over and over again.…

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john & marlena

Whether at any given time Marlena Evans knew John Black by that name — or believed that he was her “late” husband, Roman Brady, or Forrest Alamain, The Pawn or even a priest — there was one thing that she knew for sure. She loved him and vice versa, with a passion hat tat with every kiss, very every glance threatened to consume them. Mystery Man When John arrived in Salem in 1986, his face Hospital, resident psychiatrist Marlena attempted to help him regain his memory — in essence, himself — through hypnosis. Though at one point she feared he was her tormentor, Stefano DiMera, back from the dead like a devil in disguise, she eventually came to the conclusion that he was actually Roman, the husband she thought was lost to…

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nick & sharon

When Nick Newman returned home from boarding school in Switzerland, he didn’t exactly have a career map that he planned to follow. Reconnect with his family, go to Genoa City U — that was about it. But everything changed the moment he met Sharon Collins, who was as sweet as she was beautiful. Although they were only teens at the time, their deep connection to each other would launch an epic love story that would span decades, and prove that there is such a thing as soul mates. Young Love The beginning of Nick and Sharon’s love story was not all hearts and roses, though. In fact, when they met, she was involved with Matt Clark. Yet there was something about Nick. Wanting to explore it, Sharon broke off her relationship with…

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jason & sam

Some couples can reminisce about how they knew it was love the moment they met. Maybe their eyes locked across a crowded room, or one of them spilled coffee on the other. That definitely was not the case, however, for Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, who first crossed paths back in 2003 in a holding room at the Port Charles police department, where both were accused of aiding and abetting Sonny Corinthos. “They’re hoping to get something out of it,” Jason suspected. “Your testimony against me.” The cops would not get what they were looking for that day. Sam and Jason, on the other hand, would get more than they could ever have bargained for. The Opposite Of Love The sparks which flew between Jason and Sam were not of the romantic sort…

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ridge & brooke

In a starched shirt, vest and bowtie, Brooke Logan politely passed hors d’oeuvres among the wealthy partygoers at the Forrester mansion. Little did the blonde from the San Fernando Valley realize that helping out with her mother’s catering business that fateful day would bring her face to face with her “destiny” in the form of the distinguished fashion family’s handsome elder son, Ridge. They merely exchanged pleasantries, but th the air was charged with chemistry. Neither seemed willing nor able to take their eyes off the other. Though Ridge was already engaged to marry publishing heiress Caroline Spencer, it wasn’t unlike the Beverly Hills playboy to take a fancy to some other beauty — or further still, take her to bed! Yet there was something about Brooke — a young woman whose…

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recipe for love

Killer Chemistry When the couple in question gazes at one another, we have to screen away, we were seduced, too! When the couple in question gazes at one another, we have to see the sparks flying — like they did any time AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Simon Frasier and Katie Peretti looked at one another. No wonder she wound up making him her first lover! A TV screen away, we were seduced, too! Three Little Words Even before they are said, these three words change everything — they even change two people into one couple: “I love you.” And the most dynamic of duos, like the ones included in this book, can say it over and over again to one another, and make it sound each time like it’s the first time. Occasionally,…