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Sporting Shooter November 2018

Sporting Shooter is the magazine for those who love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. It’s at the very heart of the sport, put together by keen hunters who understand what readers want in the way of information and entertainment related to their activity. Sporting Shooter contains a mix of hunting stories, firearm test reports, technical advice, reloading data, product reviews and lots more.

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don’t push the envelope

Two gauges, but only one gives you the capability to accurately measure case head expansion.… BUT relied until now on a Frankford Arsenal 6-inch digital micrometer to do most measuring tasks associated with handloading. Now like many who reload, I work my way up to maximum recommended book loads in half or full grain increments until my chronograph indicates a marked reduction in increase in velocity from one load to the next higher. I'd attempt to confirm I was “pushing said envelope” by measuring case head expansion, as those in the know (Uncle Nick) say that if your case head expands by 0.0005 inch, then your load is too hot and you should back off at least a grain in most standard cartridges.Now while my 6-inch mike indicated more than…

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win a weatherby vanguard

I am extremely pleased to announce that we will be re-introducing the popular Hunter’s Gallery Photo Competition in Sporting Shooter Magazine. Yes, Tasco Australia, agents for Weatherby rifles and Fiocchi ammunition, are giving away a Weatherby Vanguard rifle every issue for the best judged hunting photo we receive and publish in the magazine. Thankyou to Tasco.The main condition of entry is that you need to include a Fiocchi ammunition box, clearly visible, in the photograph. Please note that photo-shopping in a box is unacceptable, making such an entry invalid. The comp starts in the January 2019 issue, so you have time to grab some Fiocchi ammo from your local gunshop and start shooting and snapping. The comp runs every issue for 12 months and check out Tony’s introduction to Fiocchi…

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bowhunting the basalt

Steve’s stag ambushed near camp.IN this drought Toomba was an oasis of springs, swamps and creeks welling up out of the volcanic rock. This provided lifesaving water and grass to livestock and wildlife alike. Despite the conditions our guide Brad assured us we would see plenty of game, and when chital were immediately spotted from camp we believed him. With six days ahead of us Steve, Ross and I had an easy afternoon gearing up, checking our bows on the target and getting the lay of the land.1 Finally, a stag!“The razor sharp arrow zipped clean through his chest.”2 The boar taken on the last morning3A lily browsing boar’s day is about to go downhill …fast.DAY 1 Waking at 4am in the pre-dawn darkness we enjoyed a brief hour of…

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letter of the month

Bemoaning The Lack of .25 Calibre Air RiflesQ Whatever happened to the .25 calibre air rifle? Why isn’t any of the airgun distributors listing any sporters in .25 any longer? What was the last .25 calibre air rifle you reviewed in Sporting Shooter? I have every issue of the magazine since it started, so I can look it up and sob into my beer while I read it.– Leonard KearneyA The last 25 calibre air rifle I reviewed in Sporting Shooter was the Webley & Scott Patriot sometime during the first 6 months of 2008. Indeed .25 calibre air rifles enjoyed a resurgence of interest after World War II but slid into obsolescence, eclipsed by the rapid trend towards smaller, flatter-shooting and less expensive pellets. Before that I played with…

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that’s gotta hurt

1 Wan sporting his trophy scope cut.2 Shaun and Wan with a thumper boar.WHILE the American President wants to ban the sale of shredded cheese to make America grate again and accepts all the accolades for a proposed historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-um. I’m doing my bit for Australian-Chinese relations; and without the chance of a Nobel Peace Prize, but a carton of Miller’s Chill would be nice.Today, my good mate Shaun and his Chinese brother-in-Law Wan, who is currently over here on a three month visa, would be joining 'the old girl' Dash (my main dog) and I on a hunt. I first met Wan about five years ago and he was lucky (or unlucky) enough to come out on a typical 'Hall' unscripted, unorganized, uncensored and…

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barrett fieldcraft .270 winchester

2 The Fieldcraft mountain rifle in .270 is capable of consistent MoA accuracy. The compact Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12x40 scope is a good match.KIMBER, Remington, Winchester, Savage, Ultra Light Arms and several other makers have been competing against each other in the arena of light weight mountain rifles for a number of years now. But no one expected the arrival of a new boy on the block, particularly one carrying the famous Barrett name. The company is famous for their massive bolt-action and semi-automatic weapons chambered in .50BMG and .416 Barrett that earned a fearsome reputation for scoring long range kills on ISIL terrorists in the hands of U.S Army snipers. The company also produces Tactical AR rifles, the 240LW Lightweight machinegun and Sovereign double-barrel shotguns.The Fieldcraft may appear to represent…