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Sporting Shooter January 2019

Sporting Shooter is the magazine for those who love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. It’s at the very heart of the sport, put together by keen hunters who understand what readers want in the way of information and entertainment related to their activity. Sporting Shooter contains a mix of hunting stories, firearm test reports, technical advice, reloading data, product reviews and lots more.

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what works?

1 The Osprey folder is so good, I made a leather case for it.2 The Osprey 3-inch folder, a good quality bargain.3 Ted’s caping knife, a valued gift.DO-IT-ALL cartridge? .308 Winchester. I know I have several others and I have not hunted much with it, but if I was limited to one – that's it.RIFLES? I love my Brno Model 2 .22 and its Leupold 3-9x33 EFR scope. With it, I feel I could eye-shoot most game up to deer off a rest. Then I really like my Bergara sporter, my Sauer 202 and my .303 No4 Sporter.CLOTHING? Ridigeline of old used to be a struggle with quality and detail issues. No more, it'll do me for 99 percent of all my hunting. For casual wear when a hunt is…

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a walk on the mild side

A nicely timbered stag comes into drink. He pauses at the dam wall to survey the area for threats.SOME may scoff at the performance of the .32-20 Winchester Centre Fire (AKA .32 WCF) cartridge in these modern times, but back in its day it was considered a pretty good choice for small and mid-sized game for the pot. It proved itself a great provider for North American pioneers in the latter stages of the 1800s and continued to be used worldwide well into the first half of the twentieth century, including Australia. Destroying very little meat, the loading had hunters declaring: “Heck folks – you can eat right up to the hole!”1 Another pretty stag in charge of his group. One of his smaller outliers would provide some venison.William Lyman…

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ask the gun editor

This deer was an on-the-spot, one-shot kill at 225 yards with a 100gn Barnes TSX from Ruger .257 Roberts.Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850.LETTER OF THE MONTHImpressed By BarnesQ I have become quite a fan of Barnes projectiles for hunting. They consistently impress me with their ability to produce clean one-shot kills. Please answer a couple of questions for me. Using a heavy-barrel Ruger MkII Varminter in .25-06 calibre, can you recommend a load for the Barnes 100gn TTSX BT projectile? Also, a load for the Winchester Model 70 in .308 calibre for pigs, goats and another load for deer? Finally, could you recommend a couple,of…

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dreamtime buff

LINING up a bull water buffalo 50 metres distant does tend to focus the mind. You are staring at an animal weighing over 1700lbs. There are quite a few YouTube videos showing them charging hunters.1 Bruce oswald’s trophy buff, in seeming peaceful repose, having been efficiently dispatched with a Blaser .308.The hunt started with an acknowledgement to the traditional owners of the land – the Gadji people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia.We acknowledge the Elders of this scared land: past, present and future. We are grateful to them for the permission to hunt on their land. May the spirit of the Elders guide our hunt.This is traditional land. You cannot get on it to hunt without permission of the Traditional Owners. It reminds any hunter of two…

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franchi’s stylish new horizon

LUIGI Franchi has been making guns in Brescia Italy since 1868. In the world of fine side-by-side game guns, the Imperiale Monte Carlo Extra, a bar-action sidelock was a famous ejector gun of the postwar era. Modern over-unders such as the Franchi Model 2003 were variations of "Dickson's" round trigger-plate action which have trigger and lock components mounted directly atop the trigger plate rather than inside the frame or coupled to sideplates, thus rendering the frame amply strong for magnum loads and/or continuous clay-target shooting.Today, Franchi offers a wide selection of shotguns, with a wide range of over-unders, side-by-sides, pumps and semi-autos. The Brand-new Horizon bolt action is the company's first-ever centrefire sporting rifle and represents a tremendous departure from Franchi's traditional baseline.Franchi's Italian designers and technicians have worked for…

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enfield-ed rabbits

I’D always wondered how an old Indian-built Royal Enfield would tackle the great Australian bush. I’d read heaps of articles on how it has conquered the rough roads scattered throughout the length and breadth of the mighty Himalayan mountains. Some-how I thought that I’d like to see it firsthand. Just one big 500CC single cylinder thumper with 27-Horsepower on tap and an 800 acre test track. THE local farmer’s daughter was a pretty keen hunterand was happy to show me around the farm. So I thought why not take advantage of the offer and put my mighty Enfield to the test.2 A rabbit near entrance of burrow.She had a few areas whwhere we may bag a few bunnies for the pot and for her dad's hungry working dogs. By now…