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Sporting Shooter February 2019

Sporting Shooter is the magazine for those who love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. It’s at the very heart of the sport, put together by keen hunters who understand what readers want in the way of information and entertainment related to their activity. Sporting Shooter contains a mix of hunting stories, firearm test reports, technical advice, reloading data, product reviews and lots more.

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pearls spring from chaos

ROBERT Borsak MLC called me half an hour before this hit the keyboard to discuss the upshot of the Victorian Election with me. I was a bit doom and gloom, but Robert told me that Victoria was doing pretty well for hunters and shooters under what had been touted widely as a socialist-leaning Labor administration. The fact that Labor came back with a resounding win and kicked the LNP into the political wilderness. Luckily, the Greens ended up in that same wilderness, due mostly to poorly selected candidates. With all the hand wringing under a Labor Government the l'il ol' ADA has been racking up really meaningful wins for Victorian hunters, under the able stewardship of Barry Howlett, who is a really good bloke, by the bye. More (hunting) access has…

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a back-country stag to remember

SAMBAR hunting is often a frustrating, emotionally exhausting and physically demanding past time. Although nowhere near as steep as other hunting climes, the Australian Alps hold their own unique challenges. These ancient mountains contain ants that can kill, spiders that can kill, snakes that can kill and God knows what else that can kill. (black panthers? - Ed) Sudden weather changes catch lackadaisical, semi prepared hunters out, as well as unreliable water sources that harbour Guardia and other charming bacteria… Getting into “back country” is a difficult proposition requiring planning, fitness and a close eye on the weather, particularly in the prime months of August and September. The prospect of heading into the Australian Alps and unsuccessfully hunting Sambar is the reality that most people are faced with, myself included. Blank…

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the ideal deer bullet

Q For years I’ve been using bullets such as the Remington Core-Lokt, Hornady Interlock, and Winchester Power Point for deer. I know that they are just as effective on deer – size game today as they were decades ago when they were first introduced. But these standard cup-and-core bullets have not been improved either; they are no better killers now than they were many years ago. Today, we have an excellent selection of premium-grade bullets capable of holding together and penetrating deeply into very large game animals. But which perform best? In other words, what do you consider the ideal deer bullet? – Larry Richards A The ideal deer bullet must have of minute – of-angle capability as modern manufactured bullets have no excuse for not doing so and have a high…

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technical advice from the guru

Problem With Oversize Chambers Q My Winchester Model 70 in .338 Win. Mag. has a chamber problem with case neck-to-shoulder-splits that can’t be fixed. I’ve been wondering whether the affected area might be fixed by re-cutting with a .300 Win. Mag. reamer and then by necking the cases up to .338? Would this produce a viable cartridge (.300-.338 Mag) using 180-225gn bullets. Also, the 8x57mm fired cases I sent you which turned out to have near-maximum specs has now progressed to “smoking” on firing. Would rechambering to 8mm-06 be worthwhile, or would it compete with my .338 when using 160-180gn bullets? What do you think of my proposed “remedies.” – Roger Real A I think the solution you suggested to fix the problem with a faulty chamber in your .338 is not practical;…

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nate’s first

MY SON Nate and I woke up, packed and loaded our gear into the Prado ready for a morning hunt. By 6 am we were on the road and the excitement was building. We headed off on the short drive to a neighbouring property that held plenty of feral animals including pigs, goats, foxes, rabbits and the odd cat. Over the previous few days we had bagged 11 rabbits and three foxes in the easy access gully which has a mixture of steep rocky areas, open grassland and some good tree cover. We followed the farm track which looped around the gully up to a spot on a ridge line that gave amazing views down the valley. As soon as we hopped out of the Prado, we spotted a fox up…

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sauer 100 classic xt silver ceratech

SAUER has introduced a new "stainless/synthetic" rifle that's an entirely different design to the previous Sauer 101. The new Sauer Model 100 has a strong, smooth action, a case-head encircling bolt face which locks directly into the receiver and a unique new bedding system. The Model 100's neo-classical style ERGO MAX black polymer stock is slim and trim, with a straight comb, schnabel fore-end tip and ambidextrous palm swellings on the grip. At first glance, the stock bears some resemblance to that of the Model 101, but actually is quite different. The fore-end is slimmer and trimmer, and the front sling swivel stud is more conventionally placed than the 101's. The molded-in checkering pattern on fore-end and grip is not a diamond pattern, but affords just as firm a grasp. In Australia,…