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Sporting Shooter March 2021

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Sporting Shooter is the magazine for those who love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. It’s at the very heart of the sport, put together by keen hunters who understand what readers want in the way of information and entertainment related to their activity. Sporting Shooter contains a mix of hunting stories, firearm test reports, technical advice, reloading data, product reviews and lots more.

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3 min.
the horse pest

THERE exists a conflict between supporters of wild horses being allowed to roam and exist unmolested in Australia's alpine national parks and surrounds and park managers and private landholders in general who wish to aerially cull them back to at least manageable numbers due to the damage they do to fragile alpine ecosystems. Deer and dogs have been targeted, but feral horses seem to be immune. Recently I hunted private property adjoining Kosciusko National Park, where fallow and sambar had been in healthy numbers for sustainable recreational hunting and which property owners encouraged. Where a small fallow mob would routinely appear at a lush paddock morning and evening, we saw only two young does over a weekend. In abundance, however, were mobs of feral horses, prolific in the middle of the day.…

9 min.
different methods of hunting fallow deer

FALLOW deer (dama dama) are arguably the most plentiful and widely distributed species in Australia. In addition to Tasmania, they’re hunted in five states on the mainland. A mature buck stands about 90cm at the shoulder and weighs from 48 to 90kg. It has a rather long tail (about 30cm) and the most common variety is the colour of a grey kangaroo with a black stripe running down the back and tail. The typical fallow shows a white rump patch and is light-hued underneath. There are more colour variations in fallow than any other species of deer. It is likely that originally, there were only three main colours: the black, or melanistic, the white (widespread in Tasmania) and the typical grey which has white spots in summer changing to a uniform…

12 min.
ask the gun editor

Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850. LETTER OF THE MONTH .270 Weatherby Magnum A Top Choice Q Over the years I have read a number of your reports/articles dealing with the.270 Weatherby Magnum. I recently received my project rifle, a push-feed Model 70 Winchester from Jimmy Kent (Buffalo Gunsmithing Toowoomba) fitted with a 26” stainless steel Bartlein barrel with a 1:9 twist (for 150gn projectiles). I intend using 150gn projectiles to hunt red deer. We will have to see how fussy this rifle is with regard to flat base and boattail bullets. I am thinking of using Hornady SST, Barnes TSX, Sierra spitzer or Speer Grand Slam. I have…

2 min.
hunting season

SPENDING time consuming content on the internet usually sees me watching videos from Europe or North America. So much about the way they hunt is rooted deep in the continuity of their cultures, but their changing of seasons is much more abrupt than what most of us are used to in Australia. For this reason, when I see people talking about ‘hunting season’ in the northern hemisphere, it makes me think about what this might mean in our context. For me, the first thought I have when I consider ‘hunting season’, is the weather cooling slightly, and the sound of fallow bucks croaking in the hills. The change in temperature makes being outside more comfortable, the action from the animals is much more exciting, and as it cools down further, handling…

8 min.
shotgunning rabbits

DI had a phone call from a friend and local farmer the other night with a request to take care of his rabbit problem, that according to him, was reaching the annoying stage. Which shotgun and what ammunition to use was the immediate thought that came to mind after I told Peter I would be out the following night to do what I could. When hunting rabbits with a shotgun there are many different scenarios that the hunter can encounter, and it can be a bit of pot luck getting the right combination of shotgun and ammo. What type of terrain you will be hunting over, have the rabbits already been given a tickle up? These are just a couple of the questions you subconsciously ask yourself when deciding which combination…

8 min.
impala plus combo kit

A major Turkish gunmaker, Istanbul Silah ve Sanayi uses the latest in fully-automated and robotic CNC machinery to produce a handsome range of very fine straight-pull Impala shotguns. Offered in nine different versions they feature machined aluminium receivers and synthetic stocks in traditional pistol-grip stock configurations with a choice of finishes - Black with 500 or 720mm barrel, Synthetic Camo with 500mm barrel and Xtrafinish pattern; Green or Desert Cerakote with 60mm barrel, cantilever mount and comb riser; Synthetic or Camo with 720mm barrel and PIC rail; Silver Emerald 720mm barrel; and Walnut with 720mm barrel. All receivers are drilled and tapped to enable scope use with a slug barrel and 720mm barrels have a high vent rib. A wide range of accessories includes spare barrels, comb raisers, a part pull…