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Sporting Shooter April 2021

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Sporting Shooter is the magazine for those who love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. It’s at the very heart of the sport, put together by keen hunters who understand what readers want in the way of information and entertainment related to their activity. Sporting Shooter contains a mix of hunting stories, firearm test reports, technical advice, reloading data, product reviews and lots more.

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2 min.
media backs duck hunting ban

REPORTER Richard Willingham asserted, "A study of Victorian duck shooters has found that only one in five were able to correctly answer questions about identifying protected bird species, raising pressure on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to ban duck hunting ahead of the 2021 season" and "Duck shooters performed the worst, with just 20 per cent able to correctly answer questions about bird identification". The Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick is championing this push, backed up when Brighton MP James Newbury publicly stated, "My community thinks duck hunting is barbaric and I'd say modern Victoria thinks the same,'' Last time I checked, Brighton was a long way from the wetlands, which duck hunters have maintained and enhanced for generations. He added, "It's absolutely time to understand that modern Victoria expects something…

11 min.
red stags at roar’s height

We couldn’t see them, but the stags were so close you could hear their laboured grunts and the sound of antler clashing against antler. Ron scanned the bush below with his binocular, looked at me with a grin, and pointed. Farther down the rocky hill a pair of red stags were joined in battle shielded from us by the trees. We crept down taking care not to send any rocks rolling and caught a glimpse of the deer with antlers locked together, pushing each other forth and back in a trial of strength. Ron, a keen hunter, was statue-like as the shadow thrown by the rising sun closed in and made him appear indistinct and blurry from where I stood a metre off to one side. We squatted down and used…

12 min.
letter of the month

Single-Shot Or Repeater? QHow do you think a single-shot compares with a bolt-action repeater for hunting? I have a Ruger No. 1 in .30-06 and all my mates have bolt-action repeaters. They rubbish my rifle, but in my hunting career I’ve taken 24 trophy animals with a single shot. I believe when one goes hunting his purpose should be to land a well-placed shot in the vital area of his quarry and get the job done with one shot. What do you think? – Ronald Macintyre AIn all honesty, I think the type of firearm for use in hunting should be a personal choice. I have hunted with a friend who loves his Blaser single-shot and I’ve yet to see him lose an animal. To fans, a well-crafted single-shot might be handsome and…

8 min.
kimber’s fantastic classic select grade

KIMBER rifles fall into the custom production class of higher-end firearms, but they also fall into separate categories. The Montana, Adirondack, Mountain Ascent, Classic Select Grade and Hunters series are all ultralight mountain rifles; the Open Range and Open country models weigh slightly more but are generally rated as being all-purpose rifles. The Classic Select Grade, Caprivi and Varmint are top-of-the-range models. All three feature an elegant hand-rubbed A-grade walnut stock with ebony forend tip. Despite being production rifles, the walnut-stocked Kimbers are guaranteed to instil pride-of-ownership in even the most fastidious gun owner. The Kimber 84L action is well-engineered and nicely built, definitely customquality. The action size is minimal for the cartridges it chambers. Combining the best features of the Mauser 98 and Pre-64 Winchester Model 70, the action has dual-opposed…

8 min.
british columbia mountain goat

MOUNTAIN goats were one of the first mountain-dwelling ungulates to capture my imagination and encourage me to hunt outside of Europe. I saw a fully mounted billy standing on a near-scale faux mountain peak at my first Dallas Safari Club convention some 11 years ago. I was intrigued by this unusual looking white creature. I finally got around to planning a goat hunt and my friends at Hornady suggested Ryan Danstrom, of Quarrie Creek Outfitters in British Columbia was the man to talk to. When mentioning my plans to an avid Kiwi hunting friend, Davey Hughes, he promptly invited himself along – not to hunt having taken mountain goats before, just for a week in the wilderness, such is the awesome beauty of the British Columbian Rockies. This proves that…

3 min.
staying sharp in different ways

AN effective hunter usually has tools that are fit for purpose, and skills that allow them to use these tools. Maintaining both can be onerous, but I like to look at it as a way of always being engaged in hunting. When things might be slow, or opportunities are hard to come by, looking after some of your tools, or going through the motions with some of your skills, may just contribute to your next big hunting trip a bit more successful. I’m always incredulous when I spend time with another hunter and they are intimidated by the idea of sharpening a knife. A blunt knife is almost useless, while a knife that is sharp is safer, a pleasure to use and saves frustration. Whether it be an expensive custom knife,…