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Food & Wine
Super Food Ideas

Super Food Ideas June 2019

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

News Life Media Pty Limited
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6 Issues

In this issue

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a world of good

Last year my family was lucky enough to go on holiday for a few weeks to Mexico, and while the stunning turquoise waters, amazing Aztec ruins and hospitality of gorgeous locals completely blew me away, when I asked my kids the other day what they loved most, my daughter screamed “the warm churros!”, then my son rebutted, “No way! The cheesy street tacos were the best!”. It made me realise that comfort food not only satisfies us, but also creates wonderful memories that we often reflect upon time and time again. So this issue, we celebrate comfort food in all its glorious forms. We’ve got cheesy pasta bakes, super-hearty stews and heartwarming desserts, plus we’ve managed to ‘mash up’ a few comfort classics – imagine what you’d get if you combined…

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get inspired by…

“OUR SECRET? A CAKE PAN, CHEAT'S BECHAMEL, PLUS MORE SNEAKY SHORTCUTS!” #1 WINTER WONDERS We’ve taken the best produce that winter has to offer and turned it into stunning midweek meals that your family and friends are sure to love. #2 SWEET AS! With recipes including choc dumplings laced with Baileys and classic golden syrup dumplings with a twist of cardamom, let us take care of those sweet cravings. #3 PERFECT MATCHES Hearty Irish stew meets creamy colcannon, French daube meets potato gratin, and a chicken pasta bake meets cheesy tacos.…

2 min.
your food ideas

FEEL-GOOD TART This year our backyard lemon tree gave us many lemons. This Lemon Tart (February 2007, p20) was one of the few things that made me happy this week due to everyone in the house being sick with the flu. As I was typing this I had my fourth slice with a dollop of cream. Yummy… I was so happy! Emelyn How, via Instagram WINNER WINNER I made the Thai-style Barbecue Chicken and Noodle Salad (March 2014, p22) for my family. I love that the ingredients are standard items in my pantry and it had so much flavour – I will definitely make it again! Siobhan Jones, via Instagram BERRY PLEASED I made the Berry Mojito Cake (January/February 2019, p76) for my husband’s birthday today. It was divine, and looked amazing! I loved how easy it…

2 min.
super spy

IT STARTED WITH A KISS The Bacistory is as sweet as the chocolate itself. In 1922, a young chocolatier working for Perugina created a bonbon for her beloved. It was whole hazelnut covered in a creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread and coated in dark chocolate. She wrapped it in a love note and the bacio (Italian for kiss) was born. Today, Baci($7.65 for 143g) are still made in Perugia to the same recipe. Find them at selected supermarkets. LUNCH-BOOST For those of us who enjoy tuna and rice for a quick lunch, the new Protein+ range from John West is set to make meals tastier and healthier! Options include Omega 3 (salmon, sweet chilli, lime and red kidney beans), Fibre (tuna, sea salt, black pepper and beans), Iron (tuna, roasted capsicum & beans)…

2 min.

RECIPE KNOW-HOW: We use Australian standard measures. In liquid measures, 250ml = 1 cup. Dry ingredients are measured in level 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and1/4 cup measures. 1 tablespoon = 20ml (note NZ, US and UK tablespoon = 15ml). 1 teaspoon = 5ml. We use 59-60g eggs. We use 1100-watt microwaves, unless otherwise specified. NUTRITION KNOW-HOW: Heart Friendly: low saturated fat, high fibre, lower sodium with heart-friendly fats. Desserts that are based on low-fat dairy without fruit/grain ingredients don’t need to be high fibre. Diabetes Friendly: low saturated fat, high fibre, lower sodium with lower-GI carbs. Healthy: low saturated fat, less than 3000kJ and 800mg sodium per main meal. Vegetarian: no meat, fish or poultry but may contain eggs and/or dairy. Gluten Free: no gluten-containing ingredients (ie, wheat, rye, barley, oats or derivatives). High in Calcium: at…

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super food ideas

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