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Super Food Ideas December 2015

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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to better health

THE AUSSIE HEALTH DISCOVERY Vaalia and taste.com.au recently joined forces to create a national health survey – the Great Aussie Health Discovery. The mission behind the survey was to find out what is in the average Australian’s meal plan each day and ways to make daily meals more healthy. DAILY DAIRY INTAKE Out of the 6000 people who participated, the survey revealed that 83 per cent of Australians are not getting enough dairy. We should be eating three serves of dairy a day to meet our daily calcium requirements. The good news is that 200 grams of yoghurt provides one serve of dairy for the day. ARE YOU HAPPY ON THE INSIDE? According to the survey, two in three Australians are experiencing a digestive health symptom. You can help support your digestive system with a…

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Growing up, we weren’t big on Christmas traditions. Don’t get me wrong, everything was geared to making the day wonderful and the kids feel special, but when it came to the food, we ate what my mother was inspired to make. Always delicious, always amazing, but always different. At my place on Christmas Day, I am so wedded to my regular recipes that some might say (although not to my face) that the menu is a little predictable. There’s a fine line between tradition and recipe repetition, and I think I’ve crossed it. This year, I’m determined to mix it up. Really! I am! Goodbye, laborious glazed ham; hello, easy No-baste Cider Glazed Ham (p89). In this incredible recipe, the ham sits upside-down in the glaze, soaking in the rich flavours. Toodle-oo,…

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meet nagi

We’re thrilled to be working with Nagi Maehashi, the inspiring and passionate cook/photographer/writer and all-round lovely person behind Australia’s top food blog, RecipeTin Eats. Like us, Nagi believes you don’t have to compromise on flavour to create fast and budget-minded recipes. Perfect fit! I really urge you to check out her fabulous recipes, amusing musings and drop-dead gorgeous photography at recipetineats.com. You’re welcome. TWICE AS NICE: NAGI’S RECIPES USE ONE FLAVOUR BASE TWO WAYS TO SAVE YOU TIME, WHILE STILL CREATING INCREDIBLY DELISH DISHES pg 62 We thought we’d make it official! Look out for our new Tested and Trusted logo on features. They’re tested by us, so you can trust our recipes work.…

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christmas recipes…

SIDES, STARTERS, SALADS & SNACKS BEEF, PORK & LAMB CHICKEN & TURKEY SEAFOOD SWEETS COVER RECIPE All things bright and beautiful… This glorious trifle will be the star of the table at your fab family Christmas. Hallelujah! Sugar and spice and all things nice that’s what gingerbread houses are made of.…

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our recipes…

CHICKEN BEEF, PORK & LAMB VEGETARIAN FISH & SEAFOOD SWEET Super-cute and hydrating, perfect for the kids on a hot summer day…

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your food ideas

LOVABLE LITTLE MONSTER I made the Little Monster Cake (October, p94) for my nephew Luke’s 11th birthday, as he is a little monster but I love him to bits. I also made the Fergus the Fox Cake (September, p92) for my daughter Heidi’s birthday, as she is one foxy girl! Carolyn Gregory, via Facebook Baking outback The September cover – Cheesy Stuffed Pasta Shell Bolognese Bake (p16) – caught my sister’s eye and we knew we had to make it. We live in outback Queensland and couldn’t get large pasta shells, so we made them out of lasagne sheets which we filled with the ricotta mix. Miriam McArdle, via Facebook get in touch Email us at: superfoodideas@news.com.au Follow us on Instagram: @superfoodideas ‘Like’ us at: facebook.com/superfoodideas Follow us on twitter: @superfoodideas Follow us at: pinterest.com/superfoodideas Write to us at: Super…