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Super Food Ideas January - February 2016

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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ladies who lunch

Oh, to be that kid again – the one who roamed the sole-searing streets with a bunch of like-minded bare-footed children, for whom the summer days stretched endlessly into the hot, light nights. We were awake from dawn ’til well past dusk, but what did we eat? I do remember the joy of cold, ripe tomato on fresh white bread with a sprinkling of salt, sucking on a mango seed until there was nothing left but pale yellow fibre, and chomping through a bag of cherries trying to find the doubles to wear as ‘earrings’ Then the holidays were over and it was back to school, with days and days of stale honey sambos wrapped in greaseproof paper, warm milk that’d been sitting in the sun for hours, meat pies (top…

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cool pool!

As always, we’re completely overexcited about our kids’ party cake in the shape of a swimming pool. It was high time this style of cake had an update – we even toyed with the idea of trying to do an infinity pool, but decided that cute trumped modern. The food team had a ball dressing the tiny teddies in bikinis and arranging them in the water and around the deck. My favourite is the cranky one in the water wearing the yellow goggles! MAKE A SPLASH: THIS BRILLIANT SWIMMING POOL CAKE IS A REAL SCENE-STEALER.SEND IN A PHOTO TO SHOW US HOW YOURS TURNED OUT! pg 88 We thought we’d make it official! Look out for our new Tested and Trusted logo on features. They’re tested by us, so you can trust our recipes…

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your food ideas

Piping’s hot I made these Caramel-filled Barbecue Cupcakes (November 2015, p90) for my hubby’s birthday. It was super-easy to make all the ‘BBQ food’ pieces to top the cupcakes. The hardest part was piping the chocolate for the grills, as I am a complete novice! Julie Mason, via email EGGS SUCCESS I was so pleased to find the $3 Dinners feature (p38) and the delicious omelettes in the November 2015 issue. This was just what I needed to do something different for my husband (who doesn’t eat enough eggs). He said the omelette I cooked was the tastiest he’d ever had! I do feel at times I get into a rut with my cooking and it is such a relief to have Super Food Ideas to help with new recipes. Felicity Rooney, via email Involtini innovations Our…

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our recipes…

STARTERS & SNACKS VEGETARIAN BEEF, PORK & LAMB CHICKEN FISH & SEAFOOD EXTRA SWEETS COVER RECIPES You’ll score top marks from the kids when they find these cheesy scrolls in their lunchbox! Impress at your next kid’s party with this splashy Pool Party Cake.…

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tips and tricks from the test kitchen

Kim says: Wrap and roll back to school with our lunchbox tips, and check out the summer barbie bits and bobs we want TOP TOPPINGS You'll get top marks if you follow our wrap-making tips & tricks Stick it up: If you're using one, start with your spread, such as hummus or guacamole, as it helps the other ingredients stick. Nip and tuck: To keep fillings in place, half-roll the wraps, then tuck in the ends before you continue rolling. DIY: Prepare a salad bar at home with grated carrot, sliced cucumber and shredded cheese, and let the kids make their own wraps. Sweet tooth: Wraps aren't just for savoury fillings. Try combos such as sliced banana and honey, or ricotta, nutella and sliced strawberries. Snug fit: Roll up wraps tightly in plastic wrap so they hold…

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need it, want it!

Squeeze it How brillant is this Double Dog sauce dispenser, $29.99! The tomato sauce ‘hot dog’ bottle clips into the mustard ‘roll’ bottle so you can either squeeze separately or get the best of both worlds. Find it at yellowoctopus.com.au. Serve it Bright, beautiful and summery, these salad servers were a favourite of ours as soon as we saw them. Made from melamine, they’re part of the Ziggy range, which also includes plates, platters and tumblers. Find them at mozi.com.aufor $19.95. Check it This nifty digital thermometer, $49.95 from BeefEater, tells you when your meat is cooked how you like it. Plus, its removeable unit means you don’t get stuck by the barbie and miss the party! Visit beefeaterbbq.com.…