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Super Food Ideas July 2016

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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slowing down

KIM PATIENTLY EXPLAINED THAT YOU USE LESS LIQUID IN A SLOW-COOKERThere are times when I naively offer to help out the food team with recipes. “Oh, I’ll cook that!” I say blithely, “I’ve always wanted to make it.” At which point, there’s usually a hurried glance between them and a stifled gulp before Kim, our Food Director, says “Thanks, Reb, but I think we’ve got this covered.”Once (a long time ago) I did it anyway, thinking they just didn’t want to overload me with work. Off I toddled to the supermarket, picked up the ingredients and headed home. It was a slow cooker recipe, so I cut the vegies up, browned the meat, added the liquid, turned on the slow cooker and headed out for the day (that’s the beauty…

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bol bonanza!

USE IT UP DINNER’S HALFWAY DONEWITH THESE EASY RECIPES USING LEFTOVER BOLOGNESEPlenty of you reckon your bolognese is the best, and who are we to argue? Entries are coming in thick and fast for the Great Aussie Spag Bol Challenge.With so much bolognese on the boil, we figured it was a great excuse for a leftovers feature.Choose from curried hand pies, penne 'n' cheese, easy nachos bowls, comfortiing stew or (my personal fave) hassleback potatoes with spag bol! ■…

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our recipes…

Shredded Beef, Chorizo and Olive StewSIDES & SALADSCauliflower and Millet MashCheesy Pumpkin and Amaranth ‘Polenta’Herb and Raw Beetroot TabouliSlow-cooker Lebanese FreekehToasted Buckwheat with Lemon and ArtichokesBalsamic Lamb and Broad Bean StewBeef, Chickpea and Lentil StewBeef and Vegetable Curry Hand PiesBeer and Mustard Braised Osso BucoBolognese Penne ’n’ CheeseEasy Beef Nachos BowlsHash Brown WafflesLamb, Barley and Vegetable SoupLamb and Red Wine Pies with Mushy PeasMediterranean Meatball SubsMiddle Eastern Lamb Shanks with RhubarbMiddle Eastern Stuffed FlatbreadsMoroccan Lamb and Chickpea SoupPesto Bolognese Hasselback PotatoesPork Dumplings with Corn and Ginger Stir-fryPork Katsu CurryPork and Mushroom Casserole with GremolataSlow-cooked Pork and Lemongrass CurryBEEF, PORK & LAMBSlow-cooked on the stovetop until the beef falls apart, this one-pot family-favourite has rich Mediterranean flavours to warm you up on the chilliest of days SWEETSCaramelised Banana French Toast BakeChocolate…

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your food ideas

“IT WAS DELICIOUS AND WILL BE A REGULAR!”Easy cheesyWhen my kids saw the front cover of the May issue with the Classic Cottage Pie with Cheesy Bacon Mash (p31), they said “Mum, you have to make this!”. And so we did. It was delicious and will be a regular feature through the cooler months. My 11-year-old daughter took this picture and I think she wants a job with Super Food Ideas in a few years time! Rachel Kendon, via email CROWD PLEASERThe shepherds pie feature (May, p22) sparked a renewed love for an old classic in our house! With cool nights returning, a one-dish wonder that combines meat, veg and bubbling sauce really hits the spot. I baked mine in a large dish to feed a crowd! Sonja Ladbrooke, via…

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next month

Don’t miss:Imagine being able to cook a main and its sides all in a single pot? We put the ultimate cook’s dream to the test and it totally works! Say hello to beef stroganoff with pasta and beans (yes, all together) and Thai yellow curry with rice and vegies (you getting the hang of this?).We’ve made Brazilian barbecue easy and it’s the perfect meal to serve to crowds of friends and family.PLUS, we seed the idea of nutritious nutty sides! ■…

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twice as nice

Kim says: Two of our favourite sweets – self-saucing pudding and vanilla cake – are given a twist with a secret ingredient (okay, I’ll tell you, it’s custard!) EASY TOFFEE APPLE SELF-SAUCING PUDDINGTHE INFO+ CLASSIC MAKEOVERSERVES 8PREP 15 MINUTES (PLUS STANDING)COOK 55 MINUTES3large granny smith apples, peeled, cored, thinly sliced2cups self-raising flour2teaspoons ground cinnamon²/ ³ cup brown sugar1cup Pauls Double Thick Custard French Vanilla¹/ ³cup milk50g butter, melted, cooled¼cup golden syrup1cup boiling water½cup caster sugarExtra1½ cups Pauls Double Thick Custard French Vanilla1 Place apple in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover loosely with plastic wrap. Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 3 minutes or until softened. Drain.2 Combine flour, cinnamon and ½ the brown sugar in a large bowl. Make a well. Add custard, milk, butter and golden syrup. Mix well to combine.3…