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Super Food Ideas July 2018

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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gut instincts

STEW ON IT! Cheesy, garlicky, one-pot dinner, p28 CHEATS SWEET Best by the bundle, p71 As all my dear friends, family and co-workers can attest, I have always been a good burper. Well, when I say ‘good’, I actually mean bad – like embarrassingly often, very loud burps, usually accompanied by a sore stomach. It took me many years to finally realise that maybe my reaction had something to do with what I was eating. Since then, I’ve eliminated various foods from my diet, trying to work out what was upseting my stomach. Recently (and reluctantly) I’ve had to admit that gluten is not my body’s friend, and I’ve also come to realise that if I follow a low-FODMAP diet, the belching and belly pains go away. Lots…

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“LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY FODMAPS IN FOOD” #1 WONDERFUL ONE-POTS When it comes to cooking, there is truly nothing better than throwing everything together into a pot or pan and letting the oven or stove-top do all the hard work. Turn to p24 for a feast of easy.#2 HAVE A SLOW MO There’s no doubt the rebirth of the slow cooker makes mealtime less stressful. See p42 for ideas to get you through winter.#3 SWEET LIFE Five sweets get a modern makeover on p64, taking them from a tad drab to absolutely fab! The cheat’s baklava is truly divine! ■…

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Email us at: superfoodideas@news.com.au Follow us on Instagram: @superfoodideas ’Like’ us at: facebook.com/superfoodideas Follow us on twitter: @superfoodideas Follow us at: pinterest.com/superfoodideas Write to us at: Super Food Ideas, NewsLifeMedia, Level 1 Locked Bag 5030, Alexandria, NSW 2015 ■…

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Spicy Tuna Pasta Bake Baked Polenta with Kale Braised Peppers with Fetta, Lemon and Herbs Creamy Dairy-free Curried Potato and Pumpkin Bake Dairy-free Classic Potato Bake Dairy-free Creamy Colcannon Bake Miso Braised Eggplant Roasted Pumpkin and Broccoli Buckwheat Salad Sticky Sprout and Celeriac Mash SIDES AND LIGHT MEALS It’s time to start making hearty winter sides. No one has to miss out with our delicious low-FODMAP and dairy-free dishes. Jacket Potatoes with Lemon, Tuna and Herb Filling Super-easy Tuna and Crunchy Slaw Bowl Tuna, Broad Bean and Lemon Pasta FISH & SEAFOOD Budget-friendly tuna makes weeknight dinners easy. Carrot, Lentil and Coconut Soup Four-cheese Gnocchi Al Forno Turkish Eggs Vegetarian Pad See Ew One-pan Haloumi and Rice-stuffed Peppers VEGETARIAN From a warming soup…

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what’s in season july

PICK OF THE BUNCH CUSTARD APPLE | BANANA | BEETROOT | CELERY | JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE | TANGELO CUSTARD APPLE With its lumpy green skin and large black seeds, custard apple’s only edible part is the flesh — best consumed very ripe when it’s refreshingly gooey and sweet. When buying, look for fruit that is pale green and gives a little when pressed, in the same way an avocado does The fruit (an excellent source of vitamin C) has fragile skin, so it’s normal to find a few black spots on the exterior. Ripe fruit will keep in the fridge for up to three days, but allow it to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes before eating. PERFECT PARTNERS: Passionfruit,…

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your food ideas

USE YOUR LOAF: MINI MIXED BERRY BANANA BREADS “MY FAMILY HAS ENJOYED MANY HAPPY MEALS” LOYAL READER I have been loyally purchasing your magazine for 20 years, but this is the first time I’ve written in. Thank you for your delicious, affordable and easy recipes. My family has enjoyed many happy meals thanks to you! Esta Georgalli, via email PROUD APPRENTICE I have been trying to encourage my daughter to learn to cook with me. She went through the magazine and picked the Italian Tuna and Rice Bake (April 2018, p26). What a hit! I now have a very proud apprentice in the kitchen. Suzanne Thompson, via email BACK BAKE I love it when the current issue sends me trawling through my back copies for…