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Super Food Ideas May 2016

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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imagine that!

Favourite family dinners. There’s something so immediately comforting about those words. They conjure up an image of loved ones gathered around a haphazardly set table, the chatter of friendly banter, and food that everyone tucks into, except for that one kid who’s busy hiding peas. The reality may be nothing like this. If I hark back to my childhood, there was nary a set table in sight; the conversation mainly consisted of “Stop talking, I can’t hear Gilligan’s Island”, and the food was clearly less memorable than the TV show – I remember Mary Ann’s banana cream pie more vividly than the dinners I ate. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy as a clam eating in front of the TV, although as a consequence, I didn’t learn table manners until…

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At SFI we love a shepherd’s pie. And why wouldn’t we? They’re economical, easy to make and eat. We also know that adding mash to a dish increases its deliciousness exponentially. Eating is an occupational hazard around these parts, but I made it my business to try all eight recipes. My favourite was the cover recipe (of course), but the Indian-style Shepherd’s Pie was a close second. We thought we’d make it official! Look out for our blue Tested and Trusted logo on features. They’re tested by us, so you can trust our recipes work.…

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your food ideas

Summer delight The Sticky Chicken Sausages with Apple ’Slaw (March, p40) looked so delicious, I just had to make it! I love salads during warmer weather, and coleslaw is one of my favourites. It was sensational, with the lovely crunch from the celery and apple, and the addition of potatoes. I look forward each month to buying your mag! Simone Brain, via email SLICE OF HEAVEN I made the Nectarine and Macaroon Slice (Jan/Feb, p74) as a special treat for my husband. I don’t often bake things that turn out looking like the pictures in your magazine, so I was so pleased. Even better, it tasted great, too. Thanks SFI for your inspiring and, more importantly, easy recipe ideas. Cathy Nixon, via email Chef in the making Thank you SFI for making cooking so enjoyable for…

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our recipes…

SIDES, STARTERS, SNACKS & SALADS COVER This dish combines much-loved flavours to create the ultimate family dinner – it will be loved for years to come. BEEF, PORK & LAMB CHICKEN Inspired by zesty Middle Eastern flavours, this chicken is coated in cinnamon, orange rind and fresh herbs, and is just the dish to serve this Mother’s Day. FISH & SEAFOOD SOMETHING EXTRA SWEETS…

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tips and tricks from the test kitchen

Kim says: From cocktails to high tea, check out what we’ve been up to. Plus, we reveal our family favourite dinners FAMILY FAVES Here, we share the team's favourite family dinners, past and present: Kim: Corned beef with white sauce. My mum still makes it when I visit. Claire: Jamie Oliver's simple baked lasagne. It has a sweet, spicy flavour. Rosie: Malaysian satay stir-fry. It was from a bottle, but so good! Chloe: Spaghetti bolognese! Reb: We're fans of a roast chook with lots of gravy, peas and chips. Sarah: My favourite dinner was honey lemon chicken. Mum would double the quantity of sauce. Amira: I love my mum's freekahstuffed spatchcocks. She brushes them with butter so the skin is so crispy. Steph: Vermicelli salad with spring rolls. We only eat it on special occasions. BEHIND THE SCENES 1 Food director Kim…

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rewind may 2006

PESTO Pesto adds instant flavour and there are so many different varities you can make, from mint and almond to parsley, roasted pistachio and chilli. TV TREATS Remember the TV show Ready Steady Cook? We used to share the winning recipes and these lamb cutlets with gratin came from the then baby-faced Manu Feildel. CHOCOLATE Milk, dark, white, we couldn’t get enough of chocolate, and it’s safe to say not much has changed! These rich Triple-choc Brownies were drizzled with a hot chocolate fudge sauce – heaven!…