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Super Food Ideas October 2016

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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baking and decorating perfection

Perfect results since 1893. In 1893 in Bielefeld, Germany, Dr. August Oetker developed ‘Backin’, a superior form of Baking Powder, packed in small single use sachets. It guaranteed perfect results and became a huge success. Over time, the collection grew into a larger range of baking and decorating products and today, Dr. Oetker is loved by home bakers worldwide. The company is still a family business, famous for baking passion and quality products that help you to enjoy even better baking. Already a hit for Dr. Oetker across the globe, Mug Cakes are the latest addition to the Dr. Oetker range in Australia. A delicious single serve treat, baked in the microwave, ready in a minute. Innovative products to make baking easier and to add that special touch Jazz up your cupcakes by using Dr.…

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bolognese daze

“WATCHING THEM COOK, I WAS SO PROUD THAT THEY WERE BEING ACKNOWLEDGED” You must be so sick of eating spag bol,” they say sympathetically, as I boast to yet another person about how successful our Great Aussie Spag Bol Challenge was, and how much fun we had running it. “Yes,” I say, dissembling, when the truth is that I could eat a bowl right about now, especially if it was one of our four finalists’ versions. The Cook-off was a wonderful day (turn to p14 for the story), with four lovely people, each making their signature bolognese sauce: Melanie’s smoky chorizo and bacon bolognese, served with sliced avocado; Aubrey’s meaty ragu-style sauce, with tiny hand-cut pieces of meat; Lee-Ann’s vegie-packed version that she literally stirred for hours, sometimes with two spoons at…

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make it fresh

EASIYO – MAKE ONE KILO OF YOGURT IN AS LITTLE AS FIVE MINUTES * SUPER HEALTHY Making your own EasiYo yogurt means you get to eat it when it’s fresh – every spoonful is packed with live cultures that aid digestion and help counteract bad bacteria. It’s also rich in calcium, protein and vitamins. * ALL NATURAL EasiYo yogurt bases, such as EasiYo Unsweetened Greek Style Yogurt, are made with high-quality New Zealand milk powder. You won’t find any added artificial ingredients. * EASY TO MAKE For nutritious, creamy yogurt, all you need is an EasiYo Yogurt Maker and Yogurt Base. It only takes five minutes to prep, then leave overnight to set and you’ll have freshly made yogurt ready for brekkie. * BEST BREAKFASTS For recipe inspiration, visit taste.com.au and search for ‘yoghurt…

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our recipes…


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your food ideas

“WE HAD SO MUCH FUN DECORATING THEM TOGETHER” Puppy love I made these RSPCA Caramel Pupcakes (August, p88) with our three-year-old daughter. It was such a great recipe – so light and fluffy, and we had so much fun decorating them together. We love your recipes and can’t wait to try them all each month! Thank you. Daniel Booth, via Email HOOKED ON CLASSICS Back in 2005, I purchased an issue of your magazine and it has been one of my best-ever buys! The nachos recipes and pizza dough instructions are still a big hit even with my super-fussy kids. Thank you for the great content! Karen Cotte, via Facebook Ed says: I’m so glad you still love our recipes after all this time! Making memories I love your Recipe Recollection feature and the stories shared with…

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and the winner is...

Spoons are down and plating up begins. One by one, each dish is taken in to the judges After months of entering, testing, tasting and waiting, the date for The Great Aussie Spag Bol Challenge has arrived. The night before, the nervous finalists meet up with the SFI team for a lovely dinner, and to suss out their competition. Everyone gets on like a house on fire, laughing and joking the evening away, but today is the cook-off. It’s time to get serious and get cooking. 8:15AM The first two finalists, Melanie Kirkpatrick and Aubrey Bayliss, arrive early. Their recipes take the longest to cook so they need a headstart. They make their way to workstations fitted out with ingredients, cooking utensils and their recipe (just in case!). Hands are washed, aprons are…