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Super Food Ideas September 2015

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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fad-free zone

At Super Food Ideas central, we believe the hard way to get healthy is to deny yourself. We’re not here to tell you ‘don’t eat gluten’, or ‘eat like a cave-lady’, instead we want to help you make simple choices that make you feel good and are also good for you.Take our cover recipe, p16. Pretty much everyone I’ve ever met loves lasagne (including me), but here’s what we don’t like about it: making white sauce, messing around with the layers, and feeling a twinge of guilt ’cos we know it’s not that good for us. Our ‘new’ lasagne doesn’t have any of those issues. No white sauce, no layering, and it’s packed with vegies and is much lower in saturated fat than the classic version. Instead of saying ‘don’t…

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your food ideas

STICKY CHINESE LAMB SHANKS (P24), JULY 2015The comeback kidEnticed by the front cover of the July issue, I purchased my first Super Food Ideas magazine in quite some time and my family is very pleased that I did! The first recipe I made was the Blueberry and Custard Pancakes with Caramel Sauce (July, p18). They were an absolute hit! With many other recipes circled on the picture index page I need to get cooking!Sandra and Mark Jones, via email SKILLS AND THRILLSI have bought your magazine for six months or so and have recently become a subscriber. I’ve cooked so many recipes and have really broadened my cooking skills. My family love all of the yummy things I’m cooking – even my 13 year old has stopped complaining and eats…

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write in and win:

Write to us at SFI/Readers’ Letters, Level 1, Locked Bag 5030, Alexandria NSW 2015, or email us at superfoodideas@news.com. au. Letters may be edited. This month’s readers receive a Panasonic three-in-one Stick Blender MX-SS1, valued at $99.Entries open 13/8/15 and close 9/9/15. Australian residents only. Winners selected 16/9/15 at NewsLifeMedia. Total prize pool valued at $297. For full terms and conditions, visit superfoodideas.com.au. For the NewsLifeMedia Privacy Policy, see p98. ■…

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next month

Look out for:The sleight of hand in our magic-themed kids’ party will amaze with a ‘rabbit in a hat’ cake, a wand bar and surprise-inside biscuits.It’s not all for kids. Celebrate Octoberfest with schnitzel, potato salad, coleslaw and black forest cake if you’ve still got room.Looking for savoury ideas? How about 10 meatball recipes; from smart appetisers to filling mains, you’ll have a ball making them! ■…

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tips and tricks from the test kitchen

Kim says: A masterclass on meringues, what the team has snapped this month and our test kitchen wish listMASTERCLASSWhip up meringues with ease with these tips and the whys and why-nots.TIP If you can, avoid making meringues on humid or wet days.WHY The sugar in the egg white mixture absorbs moisture from the air, causing meringues to weep, crack and collapse.TIP Use eggs at room temperature.WHY Eggs at room temperature hold more air than chilled ones when whisking.TIP Break eggs into a small bowl before transferring to the mixing bowl.WHY The smallest fleck of yolk can cause beaten egg white to deflate. Break eggs separately so you don't spoil the whole batch if yolk lands in the white.TIP Use a clean and dry metal, ceramic or glass bowl.WHY Plastic bowls…

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enjoy the convenience of filtered water in your home

Gary’s chunky tomato soup with maple bacon grain crunch (NEWS LIFE MEDIA CREATIVE SERVICES)THE BENEFITS OF A BRITA TAP•Fresh, filtered water. There’s one lever on the tap for Brita filtered water and another lever for hot/cold unfiltered water.•Easy installation and filter change. Everything you need is in one kit.•Choose from four styles. European designed and made, there’s a stylish tap to suit any kitchen interior.•Replace your existing tap. There’s no need to drill additional holes into your benchtop.For the recipe pictured and more of Gary’s delicious recipes, visit betterwithbrita.comBRITA FILTER TAPS AVAILABLE IN FOUR STYLES•Available at Bunnings and Harvey Norman. For more details, visit brita.com.au“Quality recipes require quality ingredients – that’s why my cooking is better with Brita”GARY MEHIGAN ■…