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Super Food Ideas September 2016

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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cure-all cure

ANYONE FOR A TEASPOON OF GOOD OLD-FASHIONED SNAKE OIL? NO? Healthy eating seems to be getting more and more complicated. Not so long ago we were so sure that ‘healthy’ meant eating low-fat foods, that fat was removed from everything! Unfortunately, in many cases it was replaced with sugar. Now sugar is seen as the number-one problem. But is it added sugar, or processed sugar, or is it sugar alternatives and syrups? It’s a minefield! Then there’s the rise of the so-hot ‘superfoods’ new or rediscovered plant-based foods that are just the latest in a long line of ‘miracle’ substances that claim to be a cure-all for everything – anyone for a teaspoon of good old-fashioned snake oil? No, didn’t think so. At Super Food Ideas we do our very best to help…

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our recipes…

SIDES, STARTERS & SALADS BEEF, PORK & LAMB SOMETHING EXTRA A whole lot of love and just three ingredients are all that go into this cherished family recipe. SEAFOOD CHICKEN VEGETARIAN Packed with broccoli, green beans and silverbeet, this popular Thai dish is so much better for you than the regular one! COVER RECIPES Whether you’re entertaining friends or staying in on a Friday night, these golden, sticky chicken wings guarantee it will be a wing-ding. There are three crowd-pleasing flavours to choose from! SWEETS Don’t let this sneaky sweet treat deceive your eyes!…

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your food ideas

“WE LOVED EVERYTHING ON THE PLATE!” Flavour saviour For dinner tonight, I made Roasted Cajun Chicken with Corn and Capsicum Sweet Potatoes (p47) from the June issue and I must say that the beautiful flavour of the chicken with the hint of lemon was so scrumptious! We loved everything on the plate. Sarah Lewis via Facebook Ed says: It looks even better than ours! FOOD IS KNOWLEDGE Thank you for explaining old and new grains in the ‘A Bit on the Side’ feature in the July issue (p69). Some of the grains I didn’t even know how to spell correctly and now I can benefit from the high fibre and healthy mixes. The recipes are easy to follow and the meals look filling and wholesome. Good job SFI! Angela Gorman via email Sharing the love I bought…

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know your dates

1 SAFETY FIRST According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, foods with a ‘use-by’ date must be consumed on or before that date for health and safety reasons. You’ll find this date printed on perishable products such as fresh meats, fresh dairy products and fresh fish. It’s worth keeping in mind if these foods aren’t stored as directed on the pack, they can spoil even before the specified date. Always check that the food smells and looks fresh, and don’t use it if you are unsure. 2 FRESH IS BEST Different from the ‘use-by’ date, ‘best before’ is a guideline to indicate when a food product is at its best. These foods may be eaten up to this date and beyond, but they might lose a little of their nutrients or quality. This…

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“I find yoghurt has a bit of wiggle-room, but I wouldn’t risk unfermented dairy foods, meat or seafood.” Helen Nelson-Rash “It depends on the product and how I’ve cared for it at home.” Margaret Woodhouse “Yes – best-before is just a guide. Saves a lot of waste!” Kelly Asquith Kurtz “I don’t, but I know people who do. I just don’t trust it.” Amanda Uscanga “ Never.” Rebecca Cracknell “All the time. I give it a sniff first, though.” Leane Brittain “Absolutely! Especially if I’ve frozen it, such as meat. Cheese is best after the use-by date.” Shirley Hall “Yes – and I’m still kicking.” Dayle Howard “Yes to milk and dairy (I go by smell!). Mostly yes to the pantry and no to meat.” Rach Winter “It depends on what it is. If I’m not sure, I will…

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meet the finalists

There really is no other dish to rival the versatility of an Aussie bolognese. So many diverse ingredients, cooked in such a variety of ways – it’s the perfect dish for a competition to find the very best version! And when the entries started pouring in, so did all those signature twists. There were treasured family recipes with curry powder and Worcestershire sauce that bore more than a passing resemblance to old-school savoury mince. Other recipes started with the classic onion/carrot/celery base and had a more Italian flavour profile. Then there were entries with ‘secret ingredients’ that really piqued our interest: black coffee (gave it a rich colour); sweet chilli sauce (for a hint of heat); one fellow even added chopped Mars Bar! Lots of people shared lovely stories about…