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#347 Technique

Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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ed’s words

As I flew over the Andes Mountains en route to Brazil recently, I caught a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks outside, framed by the small Boeing windows. My mind immediately drifted outside and into the fresh winter air, where I found myself snowboarding (with perfect technique of course) down the snow-laden gaps in the sharp, rugged terrain. While I’m not a snow boarder per se – I have ridden a snowboard at Lake Tahoe in California for three days – the learning curve to go from beginner to competent is both steep and not without its perils. Ice is hard and way less forgiving than water, but at least you can stand-fall-repeat on a continuous cycle until you get it. The battering and bruising is a small price to pay to…

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up ahead

Mark Richards is an icon of our sport. From winning his first world title in 1979, to his fourth in 1982, to crafting some of the most beautiful surfboards you’ll lay your eyes on, MR is respected all around the world. When reflecting on their time competing against each other, Shaun Tomson recently referred to Mark as being ‘fierce in the water but humble on the land.’ Anyone who has met MR in person will attest to this, his unassuming nature is almost disarming… until you see him tearing a timeless line out on the open face with his unmistakable style. And the fact that he started shaping boards at the age of thirteen, and went on to be so successful in both careers is a testament to the legacy that MR…

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the family

ON THE COVER: WHEN IT COMES TO TECHNIQUE, REEF HEAZLEWOOD IS ONE OF THE BEST, ESPECIALLY IN THE AIR. We are super happy to bring you this cover from our very own event, run in partnership with Bersih Brand — The Bersih Puntorama brought to you by Surfing Life. The son of the legendary Chris Bystrom nailed the image. Josh is now paving his own way with the same passion and skill as his old man. AIRLINE PARTNER Big shout out to AirAsia. We would like to say thank you to our airline partner. As you may know things are a little tougher in the world of surf media these days, and without the support of partners like AirAsia to help us bring you stunning stories from far flung places, things would be a…

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surfing life

EDITORIAL EDITOR: Brad Bricknell: brad@surfinglife.com.au SUBEDITOR: Lystra Bisschop: lystra@surfinglife.com.au OPERATIONS BUSINESS MANAGER: Ray Bisschop: ray@surfinglife.com.au ADMINISTRATION: Angela Thompson: admin@surfinglife.com.au AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND DISTRIBUTOR: Ovato THE PROFESSOR: Craig Sims: craig@surfinglife.com.au PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTRIBUTORS Jack Barripp, Renato Bruzzo, Josh Bystrom, Ryan 'Chachi' Craig, Ted Grambeau, Tim McKenna, Ryan Miller, Trevor Moran, Domenic Mosquera, Shayne Nienaber, Luke Surplice, Josh Tabone, Federico Vanno, Peter 'Joli' Wilson. EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Brad Bricknell, Ray Bisschop, Craig Jarvis, Scott Johnstone, Candice Land, Mark Richards, Michael Saunders, Jed Smith, Luke Surplice.…

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collision course

It was one of those moments where everything went in slow motion… and lighting speed at the same time! Like witnessing a car crash, the ones you just can’t look away from. Fortunately no surfers were harmed in the making of this image. However, it came bloody close! It was in Coffs Harbour… Day One at Bersih Puntorama, an aerial event brought to you by Surfing Life, and the boys were just getting warmed up (read more about this event on page 60). The mid-air collision stopped everyone in their tracks, both on the beach and on the internet. Later that evening the clip went viral in a matter of minutes. Fortunately both surfers still kept their heads and lived to tell the tale. The two that tangled were Reef Heazlewood (aka Beef)…

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biggest crowd ever?

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then we’re not sure what you’d call the frenzy of Brazilian surf fans that lined the shore for this year’s edition of the Oi Rio Pro. The men’s and women’s WSL Championship Tour event took place an hour’s drive east of Rio de Janeiro last month, in the seaside town of Saquarema. The town, dubbed the capital of Brazilian surfing, may have witnessed the biggest crowd ever at a professional surf contest. If it wasn’t the biggest, then it certainly was the most passionate and frenzied. But I’m calling it the biggest, most passionate, and frenzied. For context and to set the scene, every event on last year’s men’s championship tour had Brazilian victors, bar two. The fly in the ointment was Julian Wilson, who…