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#352 Technique

Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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the drop

Technique is defined as the “method of performance”.1 So how can a method change our surfing from kook-crap to Slater-great? When World Surf League (WSL) judges hand out a perfect ten, does this also mean the technique is flawless? To nail a textbook ten, the WSL use these methods of performance: commitment and degree of difficulty; innovative and progressive manoeuvres; combination of major manoeuvres; variety of manoeuvres; and speed, power, and flow. This surfing criteria uses flow and focus, and when they’re in a harmonious state, we overcome plateaus and snatch fleeting moments of surfing greatness. There are two distinct styles of surfing: the first is the aggressive surfer who hacks and lacerates the face and lip, rockets white spray into the air, and with each muscle-rippling movement demonstrates power, strength, and…

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In this issue of Technique, we’ve asked the freshly crowned Coach of the Year in the 2020 Australian Surfing Awards, Glen “Micro” Hall, to weigh in on what’s up ahead in surf coaching. Glen has coached some of the greats in surfing including two-time world champion Tyler Wright and tonnes of other top-tier surfers: Owen Wright, Ace Buchan, Matt Wilkinson, Conner Coffin, Brisa Hennessy, Caleb Tancred, Molly Picklum, Riley Laing, Jett Schilling, and Lennox Chell. Suffice to say, Micro has a decent idea of what’s cooking right now. In recent years, has surf coaching changed much? Yeah, I think surf coaching has evolved so much in the last few years. It’s still super young really and there’s so much more that surf coaching can develop, but it’s definitely evolving more each year. What…

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bio epoxy resin

Over a decade ago, Sicomin and NOTOX began to address the untapped potential of bio-resins in the manufacture of sports equipment. In 2009 GreenPoxy® 56 was created and NOTOX was the first company in the world to use bio epoxy. Together the companies have created a formulation that offers as little environmental impact as possible and supports greener production methods. Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® 56 is now used to manufacture the entire range of NOTOX greenOne®; shortboards, longboards, and Korkos. The product contains over 51% carbon content which is sourced from plant and vegetable matter. We like to look after our staff, help save the world AND make boards that are still high performance. This process has been refined and developed in Europe and now available in Australia. Why do we use Bio Epoxy Resin? To keep this…

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the lineup

ON THE COVER: Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, Harry Bryant has been doing this since he was knee-high to a grasshopper on the Sunshine Coast. Although he now resides in NSW, he spent most of his time travelling the world, that is, before 'Rona did a dump on us all. COVER SHOT BY JOHN RESPONDEK HELPING HAND Big shout out to Mens Shred. Although we’re a unisex publication, we feel strongly about supporting this cause. We see the statistics and the epidemic that faces us daily. Surfing Life's goal is to help people escape into their love of surfing every time they pick up an issue. We know you can't put your head in the sand, but we recognise that everyone needs help and sometimes that help is to draw…

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EDITORIAL Josh Allen John Andrews Tim Baker Russell Bierke Chris Binns Will Bendix Daniel Brennan Brad Bricknell Michael Ciaramella Liz Clark Noah Cohan Chris Coté Belinda Crossman Andy Davis Keiran Deck Rambo Estrada Matt George Joey Griffiths Kaipo Guerrero Tim Hawken Lauren Hill Dan Holloway Jake Howard Brad Hutchins Craig Jarvis Jonathan Jenkins Scott Johnstone Candice Land Jesse Little Craig Macintyre Torren Martyn Mark Mathews Andrew McKinnon Kate McMahon Toby Mossop Graeme Murdoch Marcus Paladino Taylor Paul Chris Peel Rod Perez Derek Rielly Michael Saunders Steve Shearer Craig Sims Chas Smith Jed Smith Surfcore2001 Luke Surplice Alan van Gysen Roxanne Williams Kerry Wright Sam Zubevich PHOTOGRAPHIC Jack Barripp John Barton Scott Bauer Leroy Bellet Peter Bohler Peter Boskovich Chris Burkard Josh Burkinshaw Josh Bystrom John Callahan Tom Carey Kelly Cestari Jason Childs Andrew Chisholm Mitch Clark Antony Colas Ray Collings Ryan "Chachi" Craig Andrew Christie Mick Curley Hilton Dawe Jack Dekort Jeff Divine Damea Dorsey Matt Dunbar Sam Elsom Rambo Estrada Sean Evans Joel Everad Greg Ewing Kim Feast Ishka Folkwell Lynden Foss Pete Frieden Jorge Garcia Adam Gibson Stu Gibson Todd Glaser Mike Gleeson Pedro Gomes Woody Gooch Ted Grambeau Odell Harris Jules Hatton-Ward Ryan Heywood Dick Hoole Dustin Humphrey Pablo Jimenez Travis Johnson Calin Jones Peter Jovic Jordan Keir Jason Kenworthy Gorge Kettle Mike Killion David Kirkland Richard Kotch Kerry Langdon Mike Latronic Alex Laurel Nat Lawrence Steven Lippman Jesse Little Morgan Maassen Tim McKenna Juan Medina Ryan Miller Trent Mitchell Trevor Moran Lance Morgan Billy Morris Domenic Mosquera Rafael Moura Graeme Murdoch Trevor Murphy Shayne Nienaber Nathan…

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project nasi

Project Nasi feeds the needy of Bali who have been devastated by the COVID-19 lockdown. Wollongong ripper Sam Mahoney and Maroubra charger James Foley are the founders of Project Nasi. “Because we are both restaurant owners here [in Bali], we thought food would be the best way to help,” says Mahoney. “So, we have set up a distribution system that gives away bags of groceries to the local people who need it the most.” Already James Foley is looking to the future with promises of continuing their work when the pandemic is over. “We are here for the long haul,” Foley says. “Even when things get back to the new normal we will be helping those in need here, and we will be prepared for any disaster that may happen to…