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Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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Surfing fuses instinct with skill; technique with creativity. It’s a commingling of forces – physical, emotional, psychological and some say even spiritual – in one of nature’s most challenging environments. These shape our perspectives uniquely. You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a grommet just starting out or an old salt doing it for the love of the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior or whether you’re a full-time or aspiring pro. And it doesn’t matter if you are good, bad, or somewhere in between. We all love what we do and we all have an objective opinion of how that looks and feels. One surfer’s stoke may come from watching progressive airs, while another’s might come cruising through a high-line. Others may try and emulate the pros after…

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up ahead

It’s a privilege to sit and chat with influential people. Sometimes they’re famous, most times they’re more knowledgeable than us, and often they give a glimpse into what’s up ahead… lines on the industry’s horizon. This issue, we caught up with Wayne Rabbit Bartholemew to chat about all things professional surfing. As a pioneer, sometimes you have to have a look back to see how far you’ve come. With his history, vision, and passion for the sport, one doesn’t have to look too far into the future to know the legacy Rabbit started, should continue for a long time to come. Rabbit is a global ambassador for surfing. The former world champion was the CEO of the Association of Surfing Professionals (The ASP before it became the World Surf League) between…

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the family

TECHNIQUE ON THE COVER: Julian Wilson, Australia’s best chance at a world title in 2018. He’s locked in a battle with Brazil’s Filipe Toledo at the top of the rankings so we thought we’d start the hashtag now! #gojules PHOTO: TREVOR MORAN (@tallteef) 5 Editors, a Business Manager and a Professor walk into a bar… and the Technique issue is born! They say writers never die, they just return in different forms. For this issue of Surfing Life we’ve assembled some of the best in the business. Four former magazine editors, my young self (in magazine publishing years) combined with the passion of our business manager, Ray Bisschop and the experience of our professor, Craig Sims — the Technique issue is stitched together by a beautiful mix of personalities, views and experience. Chris Coté from California,…

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laurie’s day

On the 27th of May 2018, another monster swell rifled through the pacific corridor that leads to the island of Fiji. The swell, that grew in consequence as it rolled on, was en route to Cloudbreak and another historic day in surfing. Debate still rages on — did it match the colossal swell of 2012? Were they the greatest waves ever surfed? By now those conversations are inconsequential as we are left to ruminate on the campfire tales of one of the swells of the decade. A few days before the swell and some 3000kms away, a tiler named Laurie Towner was preparing for a not-so-common strike mission. Not so common, not because Laurie doesn’t charge anymore, but because he doesn’t have a full-time sponsor that allows him to ply his (first)…

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beware the wounded warrior

John Florence is a likable human. He’s got that soft nature and sense of calmness that surrounds him, yet when he’s on the open face or above the lip, he’s pure animal. If you don’t follow pro surfing, John Florence is a two times world surfing champion. Titles he won back to back in 2016 and 2017. He came into the 2018 season as a hot favourite to bag a hat trick of world titles, when the wheels seemingly fell off. After a string of uncharacteristically poor results, the reigning world champ found himself ranked 25th on the World Championship Tour, and the media went to town. And the questions followed: what’s happened to John John? Is he burnt out, lost interest perhaps? Yet the Florence camp remained resolute, nothing to see…

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the perilous parity debate

The subject of equality is one that has gained a swag of momentum in recent times. From mainstream media across the workplace to various pop culture niches, the debates have snowballed and indeed gathered even more pace (and sometimes ferocity), with the effects of social media. Gender equality, a subset of this basic human right, was set as law in Australia back in 1984. At its core, the Commonwealth’s Sex Discrimination Act 1984 sets out to promote equality between men and women and eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex. During a pro surf contest held in South Africa in July, a photo of two junior surfers – one male and one female, holding up their respective winner’s cheques – sent the media (mainstream and social) into a complete frenzy. What was…