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ed’s words

Surfboards start us off on this insatiable journey of riding waves and our fascination with them begins early. While at first we don’t entirely understand them, we feel them under our feet – sometimes sure, sometimes tentatively – but always with the sense of freedom that comes from flying across the face of a wave. I was eleven years old when I first started surfing, relatively late by today’s standards. I saw an ad in our local paper, advertising a state surfing event down at the local reef break and asked my dad if I could go and watch. He dropped me off at 8 a.m. and said he’d see me at 5 o’clock that afternoon. I perched myself on top of the hill and never moved a muscle the entire day…

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up ahead

IT’S A PRIVILEGE TO SIT AND CHAT WITH INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE. SOMETIMES THEY’RE FAMOUS, MOST TIMES THEY’RE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE THAN US, AND OFTEN THEY GIVE A GLIMPSE INTO WHAT’S UP AHEAD… LINES ON THE INDUSTRY’S HORIZON. Mark Price has been around in the surfing industry for a long time. His pathway to CEO of the global Firewire Surfboards business, included executive positions at Gotcha and the industry-disrupting, MCD brand. He also created his own apparel brand, Tavarua and started his fascination with sustainable manufacturing and the environment back in the early ‘90s. He’s also a former pro surfer and is a perfect candidate for a chat about the surfboard market. So what’s up ahead in the surfboard space? Price suggests we are in the midst of a number of changes, “The middle ground of…

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the family

ON THE COVER: Page 1 of a magazine is always an extremely sought after piece of real estate. This shot almost didn't see the light of day, lost deep in an un-used email folder. Lucky for Jack Robinson and Italian photographer, Federico Vanno, it was discovered by our business manager Ray Bisschop, who immediately sent it right to the top of the pile. Bali, 2018. PHOTO: VANNO (@liquidbarrel) QUESTION: OTHER THAN FOR SURFING, WHAT’S THE WEIRDEST/STRANGEST/MOST IMPROMPTU THING YOU’VE USED A SURFBOARD FOR? BRAD BRICKNELL Ashamedly, I’ve used a surfboard as a dartboard. At the height of boredom in my teenage years (when I didn’t know the true value of what I had in front of me), I lay in my bed and lobbed darts towards the swallow-tailed twinnie from the ‘80s… seeing how close…

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nias goes nuts

The Pacific Ocean has much to answer for this past winter, particularly when looking to the north of our Great Southern Land. First it was Cloudbreak that came out in emphatic fashion, searching for the ‘swell of the decade’ laurels. And just as we had all recovered from the heroic acts of some dippy ocean warriors, she roared to life once again. This time, some 4000 nautical miles to the east, when another mega swell hit the Indonesian island chain. Most spots maxed out at the height of the swell, but one famous right-hander held its own and produced another bone-jarring spectacle. Nineteen-year-old Burleigh Heads charger, Toby Mossop, was right in the mix, snaffling waves off some of the best surfers in the world. This is his account of the…

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love for lombok

In the early evening of August 5th, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale flattened the north-eastern corner of Lombok, Indonesia. A hundred kilometres south of the epicentre, an untouched Desert Point was firing – flawless and lacking its usual maddening crowd. An island away on the other side of the Wallace Line, Sunday session partiers in Bali felt the low rumble of the quake and watched on worried as their villas swayed, and sets broke in their swimming pools. This was a big one. It has been a strange season in Indonesia. The early season was fine and the world tour was blessed with reasonable, if not spectacular, waves in May. Then the plug was pulled for a couple of months and things went flat – in the ocean…

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when fair’s fair

The World Surf League recently announced that it would award equal prize money to male and female athletes for every WSL-controlled event in the 2019 season and beyond. While the announcement was widely lauded and well received, Lauren Hill, unpacks the process that got us to this point and addresses the many stereotypical walls that still need to come down. First, it’s key to distinguish between parity (what the case was with the WSL) and equality (what the most recent media celebration is about) and most importantly, you have to set a historical context for a gender wage gap. Women have tended to be paid less than men for doing the same, or similar work, across the world. There are lots of reasons for this, from biological determinism to access to resources, to…